Spider Man realizes he's transforming and tries to resist long enough to get both women to the mansion.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter The remaining heroes have a meeting

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When Spider Man and the others awoke and redressed they left the safety of the barn and continued to travel, as Felicia and Mary Jane held on to him as he swung from tree to tree they noticed that his body was more defined, much more than yesterday.

Peter suddenly had to stop as he felt a wave of dizziness overtake him, leaning against a tree to steady himself.

"Pete, what's wrong? Are you ok?" Worreid MJ as she put a hand to his shoulder and gasped as he suddenly began to swell larger with muscle. A groan escaped his lips as he grew taller and stronger, his fingers breaking through the cloth of his gloves reveiling sharp claws.

"Can't... hold it in... I'm turning into one of them..." Grunted the Web Slinger as he fought the changes.

"Oh my god! Wha... What do we do?" Asked a terrified Black Cat as she and MJ were taken under arm by Spider Man as they continued to travel, faster than before.

"Got to... get to the mansion... before I do something horrible..." Growled Spiderman as he continued to grow larger, the seams of his costume splitting as they covered more ground.


"So how long has Thor been gone now?" Wondered Cyclops as he looked over head at the skies, he was told earlier Thor didn't fly away so much as teleported but the act gave him a sense of direction to look for.

"At least an hour dear, I swear I have no idea what's going through his head." Huffed Emma as she sat near Scott outside.

A roll of thunder called out from the sky as Thor appeared on the front lawn of the mansion, in his hand was a basket covered over with a silk cloth.

"I have returned my friends, and with me the salvation of our former allies." Called out the Asgardian as he smiled walking back to the entrance.

Garnering the attention of the entire campus everyone went outside to see what Thor had brought back with him from Asgard.

"So whatcha bring? Some kinda uber powerful thingy to stop'em dead in there tracks?" Wondered Shadowcat as she stared at the basket.

"Aye young Kitty, I bring these..." pulling the cloth away he unveiled the basket filled with pies, tarts, a drum of mead and several apples.

"You get hit in the head last time you fought those things blondy?"

"Nay friend Logan, the golden apples of Asgard are known for their gifts of vitality and health, a single bite can cure the grievous of pain or madness." Chuckled the large man as he admired an apple in his hand.

"Oh yeah? Then how do you explain your cross-eyed crazy brother Loki?"

"My dear brother was never fond of apples." Smirked Thor as Kitty rolled her eyes.


Landing heavily at the lawn of the Xavier Institute Spider Man let Mary Jane and Felicia on their feet as he stumbled back.

"We're here Peter, just hold on a few minutes more, please! we'll get help." Mary Jane watched helplessly as her husband tried painfully to hold back the changes and failing, his bare skin showing through the tears of his costume as he grw larger and stronger.

"Can't... hold on.. any mmMOOOOOAAAAAAR." With a final roar of pain the transformation took full force as he nearly burst out of his cloths, growing larger as his skin turned green and scaley. Four additional arms spouted under his original ones as they grew spikes on each forearm, sharp talons formed on his feet and hands as a ridge of spines grew from his back.

Standing to his new 10 foot height Spider Man looked around before focusing on his wife, licking his fangs as his eyes narrowed.


Spider Man lunged for MJ, but before he could claim her as his first victim he was pinned down by the combined might of Thor, Colossus and the Thing.

"You von't break free from the grip of Colossus Spider Man, that I assure you." Grunted the metal skinned mutant as he struggled to contain the Abomination under him.

"PLEASE! Save him!" Cried MJ as her husband snarled under their strength.

"We shall madam, as soon as I test a theory." At that Thor pulled out one of the apples he had on hand and shoved it in Spider Man's mouth, causing him to choke before gulping the golden fruit down whole.

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