Zatanna gets the pussies licking!

by Blue_Man
Storyline Glitzy the 5-th Dimensional Imp
Characters Zatanna Black Cat Catwoman Shadowcat Superman Titania She-Hulk Dr. Psycho
Category Bondage Corruption Female Dom Harem Male Dom Marvel and DC Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Parker Jameson gulps as her "husband" locks the door to his office and advance on her with a leer

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"Hmmm... Something's missing." Mistress Zatanna wondered aloud as she walked around her newest fucktoys, casually flicking her riding crop against the catgirls' inviting bodies. The former superwomen took the abuse with relish, happy to serve their Mistress in any way she deigned to use them. "Something to tell the whole world that you're my property, to be enjoyed and tormented at my whim. Something..."

The witch dominatrix stopped in front of the slave that had once been Shadowcat, roughly pinching the girl's nipple between two perfectly manicured fingernails, smiling at the pained yelp that followed. "Of course. Tilc dna selppin decreip evah seissup uoy lla." Mistress Zatanna took a moment to savor the following yelps and yowls before adding "Sgnicreip lla ot stnadnep Z hcatta." Instantly, grape-sized Zs made of solid diamond appeared at each piercing, prompting yet another round of meows of pain mixed with pleasure for being claimed by their Mistress. "There. Like it?"

"We love it, Mistress, we love it, thank you for having us, thanking you for hurting us, please, allow us to serve you forever!" they wanted to say, but Zatanna's previous command left them capable only of desperate, wanton mewling. Judging by the witch's delighted laughter, tough, she undestood her pets perfectly.

With a vicious parting tug at Kitty's newly-pierced nipple, Mistress Zatanna moved to stand in front of the entire crowd, vanishing all of her clothes except for her high-heeled boots and trademark fishnets. Black Cat, Catwoman, Cheshire, Hellcat, Tigra, Vixen, Shadowcat, Critter and Cheetah stood before her, their gorgeous bodies writhing against each other, begging for the chance to pleasure their owner. It was clear to all who could see that the domineering, callous way Zatanna treated them was driving them mad with desire, at least judging by the pool their combined juices made of the floor, and the sight of the dark witch naked form had whipped them up into an even bigger frenzy, but the catgirls made no movement without Mistress' explicit orders.

So broken. So obedient. Zatanna thought, rubbing her naked slit with her own riding crop. Just the way she liked them.

They weren't enough, of course. Not even close. There were sill other runaway slaves out there, waiting for her. But they would do for the moment.

"Come cunts" she sneered. "Come to me, and show all your gratitude for the privilege of being under my heel."

That was all the catgirls were waiting to hear. The dominatrix cackled as nine rough tongues worshiped her body.



'Well, she certainly is passionate.' She -Hulk thought dryly as she jumped back into the place the the bizarre Superman doppleganger  (That could hit as hard as the real one. Not that he had hit her before, but...) was having his way with her archenemy. A crowd had formed around the wall were Titania was being pounded into cloud nine, and she could make out the various smartphones and cameras filming the event from afar. 'Great. Just what we needed. I can already see the news "First super-hero amateur porno goes viral". I wonder what the real Superman will make out of this'. She hoped her back-up arrived soon. Maybe they could confiscate all of the copies before they were uploaded. Even if most of them were probably being uploaded at this very moment. The idea made her annoyed. Even more, that is.

"Move, you bunch'a creeps" She shoved her way through the crowd, angry. "Listen, Mr Supermacho or whatever you are, you better stop this right now and crawl back to whatever hole you came out from. No matter who you are, no matter how much of a bitch she is, nothing gives you the right to just rape her on a main street, so you better..."

She lost her voice. Superman had apparently finished with Titania, who was now slumping against the wall, babbling incoherently about being a happy slut concubine while Super-cum leaked off her well-used pussy, and was turning to her. The way the sweat dripped from his muscles, the way his 15-inch godcock waived while he walked towards her... She felt her mouth watering despite of herself. Her pussy was already watering ever since the situation had started, what had a good deal to do with her short temper.

In seconds, she was made to kneel before the former boy scout, his cock hover a mere couple inches from her face. He was still steel-hard, tough she wasn't exactly surprised by that

"You can be a good girl." He said, his voice hoarse "Or we can do it the hard way. What will it be?"

This close, his musk was overpowering. And God, that cock looked so superior...

Licking her lips nervously, Jen found herself saying, her voice small "I will be a good girl, sir."

Superman smirked. The crowd roared.


Somewhere on the island of Aeaea, Dr. Edgar Cizko masturbated furiously, colorful revenge fantasies passing before his eyes like a especially detailed movie. Due to their mutual enmity towards Wonder Woman, he and the immortal sorceress Circe sometimes collaborated in plots to destroy the Amazon princess, but such occasions were no walk in the park for him. Being quite unappreciative of men herself, Circe never lost an opportunity to humiliate or belittle her partner, and, as the weaker half of the team, he just had to go along with it. It was more, much more, than what the misogynistic dwarf could bear.

"Oh, fuck, of, fuck, take that, you stupid whore, take my fucking cock in your stupid ass, you disgusting bitch. Beg for it. Beg for my cum. You are such a little cumslut, aren't you Circe? Aren't you? Acting all high and mighty when you are is a stupid fucking cock sleeve."

As the litany of curses wen on, Dr. Edgar Cizko never noticed the unearthly giggle that sounded through Aeaea, nor had any hint his luck with women was about to turn around, in an spectacular way.


"Hey! HEY! Pay attention to me! What the fuck are you doing spacing off like that?" An indignant Captain Cold shouted at his impish interlocutor.

"Oh. Sorry. Tee-hee." Glitzy waived her hand in a dismissive manner. "I was just eavesdropping on something. And making some... Alterations in Themyscirian culture. You should hear about it soon. You were saying...?"

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