Captain Cold's Wish

by Master_Kind
Storyline Glitzy the 5-th Dimensional Imp
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Dr. Psycho came with a sneer all over the throne Circe had been using to lord over their team-up.

"Sit on THAT, you fucking cum dumpster."

Circe appeared in a flash, her eyes flashing with what Dr. Cizko thought was fury. He turned at her, eyes hot with rage, ready to defend himself if need be.

"Oh, THANK YOU, Master!" cooed Circe as she knelt down to start licking the cum off of her throne. "Thank you for your seed, M'Lord!"

Doctor Psycho blinked in surprise as the purple-haired beauty slurped down the cum on her chair with a furious hunger. She stopped only when all the cum was gone, licking her lips like a cat with cream.

"But- I don't understand? Did I displease you, Master? Why did you not use me like the worthless cum rag I am?" Circe mewled as she approached him on hands and knees.

Before he could react, he heard a female giggle and suddenly both of them were in Themyscria in the Queen's throne room . . . with him on the throne. Amazon guards holding spears, shields and swords reacted as if shocked, loud gasps coming from every woman in the room.

He began to react to defend himself but found the women around him falling to their knees and staring at him in utter adoration and lust. Several of the guards tossed away their weapons as if utterly disgusted to have touched a weapon.

A chorus of lust, terrified moans and shouts assailed his ears.

"Master! Please forgive us for being clothed in your presence!"

"My Lord! I am a worthless cumwhore who should never have even thought of violence! Forgive me! PUNISH ME!"

"Oh, Master! Great Lord of the Amazons, PLEASE show mercy on me! Use my slutty body as violently as you wish!"

Circe, meanwhile got on her knees and casually tore the green unitard she wore off with a fanatical zeal until her body was completely nude save for some heels and scraps of cloth. She spread her legs wide, cupped her big tits and opened her mouth in a perfect "O", panting with lust and fear. Every other Amazon in the room mirrored her actions, the clatter of armor and clothes being tossed aside almost overcoming the sound of dozens of Amazons begging for his forgiveness and cum.

Dr. Edgar Cizko then did something he almost never did.

He cried with joy.

"It- it's all so beautiful." he whispered in delight.


Glitzy snickered. Sure, the little dwarf didn't actually make a wish per se but, fuck, it wasn't like she was an actual genie or anything. Plus, the idea of all those humorless Amazon bitches now being devoted to spread the word of their Lord and Master, Doctor Psycho . . . spreading their ideals that all women must serve men as sex objects? Fuck, that was HOT!

"Themy- wait, that's Wonder Woman's thing, right?" Captain Cold said.

"Oh, totally!" Glitzy said with a grin. "I'd let the changes affect her too but, hell, it'll be WAY funnier if she comes home to see Mommy Dearest sucking Doctor Psycho's cock! Mmm, speaking of . . ."

She snapped her fingers and Captain Cold found himself and Glitzy no longer in the Stacked Deck but in an opulent bedroom in someone's mansion.

"Where are we?" Cold asked.

"Oh, just Batman's bedroom." purred Glitzy. "I thought it'd be hilarious if we used it for something that sad-sack loser never has."

"Jesus! The BAT? Look, lady are you cra-" Snart began but then, she snapped her fingers, and the form-fitting blue and white snow suit she was wearing disappeared.

Snart had dealt with women he thought were stunning - Circe, Titania, Poison Ivy - and he'd seen heroines whose bodies he thought were perfect - She-Hulk, Power Girl, Emma Frost - but Glitzy's body . . . JESUS! One look and he was instantly rock hard.

She looked like Jessica Rabbit come to life with a naughty schoolgirl twist, naked except for a tiny plaid skirt that covered exactly nothing. Pixie cut pink-hair framed hungry blue eyes and luscious lips but the rest of her - he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The biggest tits he'd ever seen defying gravity without looking fake. An impossibly tiny, taut stomach and waist leading to an ass so perfect it made his mouth water with legs that seemed impossibly long on her tiny frame. Her pussy was pink, like her hair, but hairless and glistening - he could smell it and that alone almost made him cum. She winked at him and sauntered toward him on pink stiletto heels.

"I promised myself that the first one of you bad, bad boys to figure out what was going on would get a special present from me - my cherry." she cooed as she sauntered up to him. "To tell the truth, I'm kinda glad it was you and not Doom or Joker. Those weird bastards would probably pussy out if I asked him to fuck me. Probably have to make myself look like Reed Richards or Batman to get them hard. Mmm, but not you, huh, stud?"

Captain Cold swallowed hard and tried to stay focused as she walked up to him and smiled, tracing a finger down his chest. He grabbed her wrist hard and pulled it away, despite every inch of his dick screaming at him to just fuck her senseless.

"Wuh-wait. One thing before we, uh, shit! Before we fuck." he panted out in gasps.

"Ooh, rough!" she purred, glancing down at the hand on her wrist. "And smart! I like it. What's that, stud?"

"A wish. Any time me, or any of my friends try to do something and anybody tries to stop us, some, uh, something sexy happens to stop them from stopping us and they let us go scott free."

Glitzy moaned with delight. This was gonna be SO much fun! She slid her wrist out of his hand and shoved him onto the bed with a growl of lust.

"Your wish is my fucking command!" she said, snapping her fingers before kissing him . . . which made all of his clothes literally blow off of him like an explosion as he came for the first of many, many times.


Heat Wave thought he'd had a good thing in Madripoor burning up anybody who stood up against Cyber and Roxxon but now this clawed freak Wolverine had shown up and literally torn everyone else in the room to pieces. All his heat gun seemed to do was make the tiny clawed freak mad.

"You done it now, Bub. I'm gonna cut you and that damn gun of yours into pieces." snarled Wolverine as he advanced, claws shining in the light.

Sure that he was going to die, Heat Wave's last thought was that Snart was right - he should have stayed in Keystone City. The Flash never killed anybody.

Wolverine's claws raised up . . . and then a flash of light filled the room.

Heat Wave blinked and stared at what was in front of him. Where once a singed, hairy mutant killing machine stood, there was now an extremely busty brunette teen with long, tacky silver nails and handlebar pigtails. She was wearing nothing but a pair of Daisy Dukes, cowboy boots and a smile. The only things she had in common with the the man who had stood before him a second earlier was her height and brown eyes.

"I'm, like, Wolverlene! And Ah'm totally the best at what I do!" the girl giggled with a hint of a Texas twang in her low, sultry voice. "An' what I do . . . IS GIVE TITTY-FUCKS!"

She skipped over to him and looked up at him eagerly as she hefted up her tits, which had to be a E-cup minimum, absolutely fucking huge on her tiny frame.

"Ya want one, darlin'?"


She-Hulk knew she had to fight this horniness. Not become some mind-controlled slut of Superman. Not be fucked by his amazing cock that was just inches away from her face, not have his rock-hard body she'd always lusted after against hers. Not just let him do whatever he wanted to her, fuck her so hard she'd probably cum more times than she had with any other man she'd ever been with.

She took a deep breath.

"I will be a good girl, Sir." she whispered as her mind fought her body.

Humor him. She had to humor him. Buy some time.

And that was all she was doing? Wasn't she?

"Good." Superman, or whatever he was, rumbled approvingly. "I need at least one concubine who's smarter than the others, able to command these useless supervillain whores while I'm away and raise my Kryptonian spawn in a way I see fit. My Head Concubine should be a good woman like you Jennifer. The criminal whores I will take by force but you? You're a heroine. So, I'm going to actually ask you first - will you become my Head Concubine, She-Hulk?"

God, he sounded just like Superman when he praised her . . . and he was so close and so naked and had SUCH A BIG COCK! But concubine? Fucking her in public? Spawn? She closed her eyes and swallowed, tried to focus, but that just meant her being overwhelmed by the smell of him. The musk of his cock filing her nose.

"I- I . . ." she said in a shuddering breath, eyes opening. Titania was just outside of her line of sight, happily cooing and rubbing her stomach, not caring as everyone took camera pictures of her naked body and the cum dripping down her thighs out of her redheaded pussy. Mind-controlled. Mind-controlled by his Supercock.

The 15-inch mammoth right in front of her face, still hard and bigger than anything she'd ever seen on a man. His piercing blue eyes staring down at her with approval and desire, his strong hand in her tangled locks of green hair.

Fuck it, Jennifer Walters thought. She could just blame the mind control and take some Plan B after somebody fixed this, claim temporary insanity due to mind control. No way was she not getting to FINALLY fuck Superman! Just maybe get away from all these cameras first . . .

"Yes, Sir, I'll be anything you want me to be!" she groaned, unzipping the top of her costume and licking her lips. "But, uh, could we do it someplace more private? Please? If that's okay with y-"

There was a blur of motion and suddenly she and Titania were in the air, one under each of Superman's muscular arms. In a matter of moments, they were flying over an icy wasteland, then through a giant door into a crystal palace of some kind. In one last blur of wind and motion, she suddenly Superman's big hands tearing off her clothes and found herself tossed hard onto a large bed. This was his Fortress of Solitude, she realized dreamily. This was the real fucking Superman! She moaned and hoped he'd be rough with her, like in all of her dirty fantasies, spreading her legs wantonly and groaning with lust.

"Thank you, Jennifer Walters . . . my Head Concubine." Superman said with his cock still throbbing as he tossed Titania in a corner. He looked at the redhead over his shoulder and barked an order at her.

"Whore. Stay there and touch yourself, wishing you were my Head Concubine, while I fuck a baby into your beautiful Mistress."

"YES, MASTER! OOH!" Titania screamed, pulling at her nipples and shoving a hand into her twat as she stared at Jennifer with a mixture of lust, obedience and envy . . . a look Jennifer barely had time to register before Superman was on the bed with her, kissing her roughly . . . and sliding his giant cock into her soaked and ready emerald snatch!

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