Mxyzptlk is banished - say hello to Glitzy!

by Master_Kind
Storyline Glitzy the 5-th Dimensional Imp
Characters Lois Lane Superman Ms. Marvel Mr. Mxyzptlk She-Hulk Zatanna
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"For your crimes tormenting lesser beings, we care not . . . but your meddling nearly undid existence this time, foolish imp! We hereby banish you from the lower dimensions, Mr. Mzyzptlk!" cried out The Living Tribunal, The In-Betweener and other cosmic beings.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know that replacing the gems in the Infinity Gauntlet with candy woulda led to all that kerfuffle?" the tiny all-powerful imp screeched in protest.

"SILENCE!" shouted the cosmic beings. "WE HEREBY BANISH YOU FROM THE EARTH PLANE FOR 500 CENTURIES!"They focused their power on the irritating imp.

Mxyzptlk gulped and tried to protest but he didn't have time to explain."Hey! You guys don't know what yer doin'! I'm the NICE one in the family, believe it or no- YEEEOOOWWCHHH!"With a scalding blast of energy, the beings exiled Mr. Mxyzptlk back to the 5th Dimension.

A smoke-covered Mxyzptlk popped up sudden next to a shocked Ms. Gsptlsnz, who dropped her magazine and ran over the the very nude and slightly scorched imp."Baby! You're home! And dressed for fun!" she purred."What? I ain't dressed at all! I gotta get warning before that crazy niece of ours slips in to fill the void I left or- MMMPH!"

Gsptlsnz shoved her tongue down Mxy's throat and began doing 5th-dimensional things with her hands.

"Or, uh, maybe we can wait!"


"IT IS DONE." boomed The Living Tribunal. "NO IMP CAN ENTER AND EXIT THIS DIMENSION AGAIN FOR 500 CYCLES."The weary, grumbling cosmic beings vanished, having used up much of their power . . . ignoring a pink haired teen girl smirking on a nearby asteroid. In black leather short shorts, pink leather driving gloves, six-inch black stilettoes and a pink leather bustier that flattered her 40's bombshell figure, she stood up and dug into a pink clutch at her side. She had dark mark-up that contrasted with her neon pink hair and alabaster skin.

"Ha! Nice job, losers! Too bad I snuck on in before you closed the gates!"

Reaching into the clutch she pulled out a red glowing gem - the Power Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet!

"AND I got the best snack in the world! Down the hatch!"She popped the red gem neatly between her pouty lips and gulped.

"HA! Let's see those boring old fogeys stop me now! Time to have some XXX-rated fun!"

With a snap of her fingers, Glitzy (like she'd tell any of these losers her real name and risk getting sent back) appeared in Metropolis, hovering outside Clark Kent and Lois Lane's bedroom.

"I can't believe I nearly lost you again, Clark." whispered Lois as her husband held her gently.

"I know, Lois. I know. But I'm here now."

Glizy rolled her eyes and made a vomit face.

"I get it, Smallville, I do. I just wish . . ."

"Wish what, Lois?"

Dollar signs appeared in Glitzy's eyes. Sure, she could just use her power plus the Power Gem to make any permanent changes she wanted to these stupid mortals but what fun was a game without rules? She'd at least need to give these losers a starting chance . . . like only granting wishes! Well, until that got boring of course.

"I wish we could start a family." Lois whispered.

"DONE!" Glitzy said with a snap of her fingers.The big blue boy scout went rigid than suddenly let Lois drop to the bed, flying away in a blur. Lois blinked a she saw most of his costume left behind, fluttering around the room."What in the hell?" Lois asked, stunned. "Smallville? Where'd you go without your clothes?"

Glitzy strode in with a laugh."To start a family, you big dumb mortal! She-Hulk and Titania are fightin' 50 miles northeast of here but the moment Superstud shows up and they touch his junk, they'll start being nothing but his devoted little babymakers! Slaves to his Kryptonian seed!"

"What? Who the hell are you? Superman would never do that!"The teen smirked and snapped her fingers. Lois suddenly found herself wearing nothing but a purple slingshot thong and glass high heels with her long, black hair up in pigtails. She gasped and raised a hand to cover her tits.

"I'm Glitzy! And hey, you were the one who didn't specify HOW he started a family! Oh, man, I can't wait to see everybody's faces when the Boy Scout starts banging chicks in public and turns his Fortress of Lamitude into breeding factory for every superstrong chick on Earth!"

"THAT is NOT what I wanted! I said I wanted us to start a family!" Lois snarled, stomping up towards the girl, wobbling in her heels.

"Uh, nope-a-roonie! You wished you could start a family - nothing about starting it together! Speaking of . . . your biological clock must be ticking pretty loud, huh?"

"What? I- ohh, what are you, mmmm, no, I don't, uhhh-" Lois moaned as she felt her pussy start to churn and her nipples harden. What was this? She needed a man inside her so badly! She whimpered and tried to fight the sudden nyphomania rushing through her body.

"Well, guess what Lois? Your boring mortal pussy can get knocked up by anybody mortal - you just gotta get 'em to fuck you without a rubber!"

"Can get knocked up by anybody." she murmured dreamily "Anybody mortal- uhhh, no, I shouldn't, you, ahhhh! Fuck!"

Glitzy smirked.

"Wow, strong willed little minx, ain't ya? Don't worry! You'll stop worrying about anything but getting preggers the moment we put you in front of a mortal man . . . like, oh, I don't know - THIS GUY!"

With a snap of the evil teenaged imp's fingers, Lois Lane found herself nearly naked in Lex Luthor's office. Her eyes locked on him. Suddenly, all of her memories and knowledge about how much she hated the man didn't matter. Lex Luthor was a mortal man. Mortal men could get her pregnant. She had to get pregnant right away!

"LEX! FUCK ME! FUCK A BABY INTO ME NOW!" the panting reporter groaned as she jumped onto Lex's desk in front of him and spread her legs wantonly, tearing off the flimsy thong.

"Mercy? Hold my calls." Lex said dryly as he stood up and smiled, raising one eyebrow.


Glitzy giggled. That was hilarious! Screwing with these boring humans until they started screwing really got her hot AND it cracked her up! Of course, she was just getting warmed up! She cocked an ear and listened hard for the word "wish" across the universe.


In a cafe near Avengers Tower, Ms. Marvel sighed as she ate lunch with Jessica Jones and Zatanna, Zee and Carol not bothering to change out of their costumes.

"You really don't miss being a superheroine?" Zatanna said with a shake of her head.

"Well, I sure don't miss dressing up in crazy outfits." Jessica said with a smirk.

"Hey, my fishnets are fashionable! Besides, it isn't bad to show off your best feature! That's why Carol here runs around in that swimsuit with a sash dangling above her booty."

Ms. Marvel wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"What? You've GOT to be kidding! I hate when guys stare at my fat ass! I wish everyone would pay way less attention to it, as a matter of fact."

"You're either nuts or a liar! I wish I had an ass as nice as yours!" Zatanna said with a smirk.

"Whatever, I just wish the waiter would come soon!" Jessica grumbled.

Glitzy smirked and snapped her fingers three times.

Jessica stood up suddenly and took off in a mad rush towards the kitchen. Ms. Marvel and Zatanna gave each other a look of puzzlement.

"What was that about?"

Carlos, their waiter, was just about to come out with their lunches when Jessica Jones barreled into the kitchen, licking her lips.

"Uh, is there a problem, miss- WHOA!"

To the shock of everyone in the kitchen, Jessica Jones tore the waiter's pants clean off, yanked down his boxers and started sucking his cock like her life depended on it! As she began deep throating the waiter's surprisingly thick cock, Jessica knew it was wrong but she'd just said couldn't stop herself! She needed this waiter to cum! SOON!

"Do you think she's all right-" Carol began, standing up when suddenly there was a flash of light and she wobbled forward.

"What- what the HELL?!?" Ms. Marvel gasped as she looked down and saw her one-piece bikini vanish, only to be replaced with a bikini bottom, leaving her tits uncovered . . . and what a set of tits!Her C-cups had been replaced by at least a H-cup rack, bigger even than She-Hulk or Power Girl's famous assets, with nipples the size of her thumbs - each thick pink nip pierced by a gold stud with lightning bolts dangling off either end. She turned beet red and tried to cover them up, only for her hands to tug on her piercings, causing electric jolts of pleasure to tingle through her entire body.

"Good thinking, Ms. Mammary! Activate your powers and we'll go see what spooked Jessica."

"Ms. WHAT? Excuse me?" Carol sputtered. "I'm Ms. MARVEL, not Ms. MAMMARY!"

Zatanna rolled her eyes.

"Right, whatever. Like we all don't know your giant boobs are the source of your powers! Let's hurry up, Jess might be in trouble!"

Carol grabbed Zatanna's shoulder and spun her around.

"There's already trouble RIGHT HERE! Hello?!?" she said pointing at her newly enormous chest.

Another snap of the fingers was heard.

Suddenly, Zatanna's face turned furious.

"Bitch, did you I just hear you TALK BACK TO YOUR MISTRESS?!? Lacigam gnidir porc raeppa!"

Carol's eyes widened in even further confusion."Mistress? What are you- OW!"

Out of nowhere, Zatanna had produced a riding crop and slapped it against Carol's ass - hard!

"Sounds like somebody needs a reminder that HER ASS is MINE!" snarled Zatanna. "NOW BEND OVER SO MISTRESS CAN GIVE 10 SPANKINGS BEFORE WE GO SAVE JESSICA!"

What Carol wanted to say was "Like, hell!"

What came out instead was a weak "Yes, Mistress!" and she found herself bending over in front of everyone in the restaurant, her newly giant tits knocking over everything in their path.

Zatanna raised her riding crop and smiled wickedly.


Glitzy gasped from laughing so hard as she watched the sexy chaos ensue. This was going to be even more fun than she'd imagined!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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