Glitzy moves on to her next victims

by Master_Kind
Storyline Glitzy the 5-th Dimensional Imp
Characters Black Cat Catwoman Cheshire Hellcat Harley Quinn Spider-Man Poison Ivy
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"I'm just sayin' Red, they'd make such a cute couple!" Harley sighed through the wall in her cell to her cellmate Poison Ivy in Ravencroft Asylum.

"Harl, let's put aside the fact that Two-Face only has two personalities and Typhoid Mary has THREE for a moment - she tries to kill everybody she sleeps with!" Ivy groaned.

"Welllll . . . so does Harvey! Half the time, anyways! It'll be all worked with true love! You'll see!"

Ivy groaned. This was almost as bad as the time she kept trying to set her up with the Green Goblin because they both wore green.

"I wish you'd stop harping on "true love" and use your head, Harley!" Ivy grumbled.

"Well, I wish I could just bust us out of here, Red! I'm so booooored! But if wishes was fishes only horses would ride! Or something like that." Harley replied in a huff.

Glitzy appeared with a grin dressed as a naughty nurse, snapping her fingers.

"Wishes granted! Have fun, ladies!"

"Huh? Who was that?" Harley said before moaning. "Red, I feel kinda funny! My head feels all tingly!"

Ivy stood up, trying to figure out where the weird pink haired nurse had appeared from and now disappeared to.

"What did she mean "wishes granted" - what wishes?" Ivy muttered, looking around.

Suddenly, she saw the guards stiffen and walk up to her and Harley's cell. They slid out their key cards and opened the cell with smiles on their faces.

"What in the world is-"

"Not to worry, Red! I appear to have this situation well in hand." cooed a cultured voice that sounded oddly familiar. It sounded like Harley but more like her old self - back when she'd been-

"Dr. Harleen Quinzell? Yes, quite. It appears all the brain cells that clownish oaf I've been brainwashed to love have been restored to me and then some."

Ivy blinked. The voice was inside her head!

"Not to worry, my dearest Pamela - you're not schizophrenic." Harley said with a smile as she slipped out of her cell and into Ivy's, giving her a lustful smile. "I've simply had my "head" boosted. I believe I now am the most powerful telepath on the planet as well as the smartest woman alive, thanks to our mysterious genie benefactor."

Ivy gaped in shock. Harley was a telepath now? And a genius?

"Indeed, on both counts, Pamela. And I'm also no longer obsessing on "true love", per your fortuitously worded wish. However . . ."

Harley gave her a sultry eye fuck, looking her friend's body up and down.

"Oh, my! I can now see exactly how you've secretly felt about me with my telepathy. Such VIVID fantasies, Pamela! And I daresay I'm now focused on satisfying luscious, carnal desires instead of childish romantic fantasies."

Harley leaned in and gave Ivy the hard, passionate kiss on the lips she'd always dreamed about. Shock held Ivy in place for a few seconds but she then returned the kiss feverishly. Harley- "Harleen, please, darling, from now on" a voice in her head purred - leaned back into the kiss and slid her hands all over Ivy's body expertly, pinching, caressing and squeezing exactly the way Ivy liked. She had Pamela panting and screaming her name in a matter of minutes.


Harleen slid her tiny fist out of Ivy's pussy with an audible pop, then smiled and slid her fingers into her mouth, sucking the green-skinned beauty's juices from her fingers.

"Mmmm, luscious. Tastes of strawberries. I almost cannot wait to enjoy more of this succulent nectar."

Ivy looked up at the new Harleen Quinn with a mixture of love, lust and awe.

"But, as much as I delighted in this appetizer of our future carnal delights, why don't the both of us abscond from this accursed asylum and find more palatial accommodations, hmm? I've mind controlled everyone in this place to let us go free and forget we were ever here. I'll have a limo pick us up in minutes and we can make our way to the airport. I think I'd rather like to live like royalty and I hear Symarkria is lovely this time of year."

Harleen smiled as Ivy stared at her, green eyes wide. She didn't need her newfound telepathy to know the redhead was utterly in love with her now. Not that she cared about love anymore . . . but Ivy would sure fuck like a minx if she were motivated by strong emotions and she really, really wanted to fuck! As many people and positions as possible! Well, that and Harleen couldn't help herself - she WAS rather fond of her dumb little friend.

"Whatever you say, Harly- er, HARLEEN!" Ivy sighed in utter delight, as she stood on unsteady bowlegged legs, leaning against Harley with love in her eyes and sweat all over her body. "You're the boss!"


"Second rate knockoff!"

"Cheap dye-job skank!"

"No powers Bat-groupie!"

"That's rich, coming from Spider-Man's pet WHORE!"

Spider-Man raised his hands up defensively as Black Cat and Catwoman slashed and kicked at each other in front of him on the roof of the New York Museum of History.

"Hey, don't drag my name into this!"

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" both women snarled at him before continuing to viciously punch at each other, rolling across the roof and nearly into the skylight.

Spider-Man sighed. He'd have to get them apart, web them both and then figure out which one of them stole the golden statue of Bast . . . and that would involve plenty of scratches and bruises, even with his powers. Plus, knowing these two women, he'd still somehow get shafted and made to look stupid even after he thought he'd figured out what was going on.

"Just once, I wish that me coming across any sexy cat-themed chicks would end up with them playing nice, not making me look like an idiot, maybe even some kind of sexy times in a jacuzzi or something. That'd be nice. Impossible, but nice." he muttered sadly as he prepared to leap into the (admittedly sexy) fray.

Glitzy giggled and purred as she floated above the tussling thieves and the oh-so-boringly-moral Spider-Geek.

"Oh, I bet his WIFE is going to love this! Not just granted . . . but double triple granted!"

Spider-Man flexed and prepared to leap.

"Okay, ladies break it up or I'll have to get the-"

Suddenly, Felicia Hardy and Selina Kyle both rolled away from each other, looking ashamed. Felicia had nearly cut Selina Kyle's top of her costume clean off and her improbably huge tits were on display. Meanwhile, Catwoman had neatly sliced off one of Black Cat's leggins from hip to ankle, leaving one plump ass cheek and one lovely leg fetchingly bare.

"Yes, Master!" they both intoned. "Sorry, Master!"

Spider-Man blinked.

"Yes, what? Sorry, WHAT?!?" Peter Parker choked.

"SORRY, MASTER!!!" both women shouted, mistaking his surprise for anger.

Both women fell to their hands and knees in front of Spider-Man, asses high in the air.

"I'm SO sorry, Master! I stole the statue and started the fight!" Black Cat sighed, pulling the statue from deep in her cleavage and leaving it at his feet. "May I please, PLEASE make it up to you with a blowjob?"

"Now, now, Felicia - it takes two to tango!" Catwoman said in an equally ashamed tone of voice. "I didn't listen to Master and disrespected him! May we both blow you at the same time, Master?"

Peter Parker gulped.

"Uh. What? Hold on, this is weird-"

"Hold on? Like hell! Time for the REAL party to start!" Glitzy giggled, snapping her fingers.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light and Hellcat, Tigra and Cheshire appeared on the roof too!

"MASTER!" all three beauties cooed as they fell to their knees behind Catwoman and Black Cat, licking their lips as they stared at Spider-Man. "How may we pleasure you?"

"Shall we fuck one another for your amusement, Master?" the Asian assassin Chesire cooed, licking her pouty lips and giving Catwoman's raised ass a lusty glance.

"How about fucking me in the ass?" the redheaded model named Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat chirped cheerfully. "You can put it anywhere you want, Master!"

"Mrrrrworr! Or does Master want a nice tit job from his pet sex kitten?" the Avenger known as Tigra purred, casually sliding off her bikini top to reveal her firm, perky C-cups. Spidey was surprised to see her striped fur literally went all over.

"Shh! Catwoman and I upset Master! That means we must be punished first!" Felicia said in an utterly serious tone of voice.

Spider-Man gulped and tried to ignore the stirrings between his legs at the sight of these beautiful women panting and begging to fuck and serve him.

". . . I don't know why this happened, but MJ is TOTALLY going to KILL me!"

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