Supermen is still horny and on his way to Star Labs

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Superman
Category M/F Male Dom
Previous Chapter he let Ivy escape and then is so horny that he fucks Lois in the Daily Planet only to infect her too with this strage lust

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Supermen arrived in the Star Lab and went straight to Dr. Volex. This Professor was one of the most trusted men of the Star Lab Group and had helped the JLA in the last few years. From all of the Scientists of the World he had Supermen´s greatest trust. Also he was one of the main experts for his own physiology. If something was wrong with him then he would find it. For some strange reason he wanted to go to his own Fortress. He wanted to be around other People. He wanted to talk to someone.

"Supermen. How are you?" the old men smiled at him and after a short Shake hand they both went towards his lab.
"I don´t know Jason. I feel kind of funny. After I left the Alien Ship I started to feel strange. Nothing like I ever felt. It isn´t some kind of Kryptonite or as if someone wanted to harm me but... strange. I just wanted to get a check up for me. I hope you have time?" the men of steel asked him friendly as they entered his Lab.
"No Problem Supermen. I will always have time for you. Mhm. Okay. I would say we will make a full Check of your Body and Brainwaves okay? We don´t know what the alien ship could have done with you. I must ask you to follow me into the Main Lab. Only there I have everything I need to check you through." He said worrying and looked at Supermen. It wasn´t something easy when Supermen said he was feeling strange. The worst thing for the world was a Supermen on a wild rampage. Only few heroes were able to stop him if he would run wild. So better be careful. They both went to the massive Main Lab and Supermen smiled as he saw the strange devices. He felt almost home here. He had helped the Scientists very often and had always been friendly to them. After all they just wanted to make the world better for everyone.
But this time his first gaze felt to the new Doctor on Doctor Volex side. There was a glorious woman in a normal looking Outfit. But the white coat wasn´t able to disguise her amble chest. She had a very hot body with long good looking legs and a nice looking skirt in a dark blue. Her blouse was a typical scientists white. Her fingernails were in a bright red and were matching her full red lips. Her face was one of the best parts of her. She had bright green eyes and a face that would let every Supermodel scream in envy. Her long red hair were falling free over her shoulders and put her face very nice in picture. In her green eyes he saw that she too was scanning him completely. He smiled at her and came to her shaking her hand.
"Hello. Never have seen you in here before. Are you new in this Lab?" he smiled and the young woman shivered lightly.
"Yes Mr. Supermen Sir. My name is Vivian Plant. Doctor Vivian Plant. It is a great honor to meet such a noble and mighty hero. I fear I am a little bit nervous around you Mr. supermen."
Supermen felt his cock starting to grow as he heard her arousing voice. She had this kind of Voice that could turn every men into a brain-dead zombie graving for sex. He looked down on her and only Dr. Volex voice was stopping him from abusing his X-Ray vision on her.
"Vivian is a great Scientist and is a real help for me in the Lab Supermen. You will see she is a very intelligent woman and very good Scientist. Okay now. Please lay down on the Tube now so we can look after your brain waves okay? We will start with your Brain and then will look over your body if everything is like it should be."

Supermen nodded and laid down on the steel plate. Then he felt himself moving into the Tube and how the Sensory Systems started to scan him. On the outside Dr. Volex looked over the Device and adjusted the System for Supermen´s physics. Dr. Plant went to the Computer and started the diagnostic Software so she could get a brain scan. She felt funny. It had almost looked like Supermen had starred at her chest. But that had to be a mistake. A noble Hero like him would never do such a nasty thing. She knew she was a good looking Woman but Supermen was more than a normal Men. He was her Idol. He would never see only the good looking Woman in her. He would notice her brilliant Mind and her great help. So she focused very hard in her task to find anything strange in his brainwave. And then she found something.
"Dr. Volex? Does his Brain works just like our Human Brain?" she asked and Voles nodded.
"Basically yes. But he is using much more of his brain than we are. He uses about 23% of his mind while normal Humans use only about 5%. Did you find something?" he asked her and she had to think for a moment before she answered.
"No. Not until now. I just wanted to know for sure Dr Volex. I will stay on alert until we are ready." she lied to him just to make sure Supermen´s reputation wouldn´t take any harm. She watched at the Video screen and it was clear that he was aroused. The Parts of his Brain where his erotic Centers were on fire. She could see that the activity in this parts were very high and she smiled at the Screen as she thought.
"Tz Tz Tz. Just a men supermen. Even you have notices my big boobs mh? It seems that you liked them as much as other men. You are such a bad boy!" she giggled shortly. But this was nothing to be alarmed. It was almost good to know that even the mighty Supermen had the same urges like a normal Person. In her Mind she pictured herself naked riding on his giant cock and how he would fuck her silly. For a brief moment she wasn´t concentrating on the screen. If she would she would have been able to see a tiny abnormality in his brain center. Something very small and yet inorganic that was patched on his brain like an parasite. She didn´t notice it and in the next second the picture went to another part of his brain and this was normal as ever. So nobody noticed this tiny alien machine.
"Dr. Volex. It seems his brain is working like it should. Nothing that shows any kind of mind control or a unnormal activity. It is just like a normal men´s brain."
"Okay Dr. Plant. Please delete every picture of this scan. We aren´t allowed to safe pictures of his brain so nobody is able to invent something that could attack his brain." he said to his hot looking Partner. For some reason Vivian felt strange too. She was sad that this great Scientist only saw her as a member of her staff. She had always been attracted to intelligent men and Dr. Volex was very intelligent. But he didn´t seen the woman in her. Maybe she should change that someday. But now she had to do what he told her to do. She made sure that no picture of this Brain was on the Server and smiled at him.
"Done it. No Picture and no data is left of his brain."

"Okay. Then we will do the body check now. I ... oh one moment please!" he said to Supermen as he just left the Tube and the Phone of Dr. Volex ringed. They both heard a bit of talking and Dr. Volex said to them after the Call.
" I am Sorry Supermen! I have to leave you for now. I hope Dr. Plant will be able to help you. But my Wife had an car Crash and is in the Hospital. I have to go now!" he said and run out of the Lab leaving Supermen and Vivian alone. It was Friday and most of the staff were already at home and so nobody was there to notice the strange gaze from supermen when he was looking at Vivian Plant.
But SHE had noticed his eyes wandering over her body. She smiled at him and asked teasing.

"So Mr. Supermen. When you are finished with undressing me with your eyes could we start now? My Boyfriend is waiting for me and I want to go into my weekend." she must smile as she said this. It was more than bolt of her. After all she was teasing the Men of Steel but to her surprise he just said in a deep lusty voice.
"Open your Blouse Dr. Plant!" He looked into her eyes while she said this and his eyes were glowing lightly green now. These were the most wonderful eyes she had ever had seen. They were magical and it was impossible to look away.
"Sure Mr. Supermen. As you wish." she smiled and her hands went to the top button of her Blouse and opened it one by one. After the third a nice black bra was visible and only two buttons later her great breasts were in full view. After she had all of the buttons open she smiled at him.
"Can we now start with the check up?" she asked but her mind was foggy. It was hard to think of her duty while she had such beautiful eyes in front of her. It seemed like they were growing bigger and bigger in her vision.
"No. First you have to show me your panties. Take them off and hold them up!" a sexual driven Supermen commanded. He didn´t know what was happening but he felt so hot. Something on this woman made him horny. After all he had saved the world a dozen time. He was in the position to get some reward and it seemed that this woman was just in the mood to do him the favor. He had just asked her if she would open her blouse and now she was standing in front of her with her big hot tits only hidden in this nice bra. His dick had went hard the moment she had started to undress. It was very erotic to see this hot slut standing there. Maybe she would even show him her panties. She had to be a great fan of him because she didn´t hesitate to obey him and only seconds later she was waving her black string in her hand.
"Mr. Supermen. I really have work to do! Please. Could you move to the table? I have to check your body!" she begged at him transfixed in his eyes. Unable to watch away she was lost in his gaze and wasn´t even aware that she waved her panties with her left hand.
"Yes Vivian. You´re right. You should check my body now. And I think the best way to make this check is to allow me to fuck you in the ass!" he moaned horny. He couldn´t hold his urges anymore. It was sure now that this bitch in heat would do everything to get fucked by him. It was her fault. He didn´t even notice her blank stare and her trancelike movement.
"Mhm. You are absolute right. This sounds logical. Allow me to take position." she smiled and bent over the table and looked over her shoulder."Okay Supermen. I am ready for the Body Check." She smiled and pulled her skirt over her bare ass. Then she spread her legs widely and waited for him.
Supermen put down his pants and put his hard in his hands. This bitch was asking for it! Nobody would believe her anyway if she would tell someone about this nice fuck! He pressed his hard dick into her waiting ass and heard her loud moan as he slowly let him enter her.
"Mhm... yes... a very nice ass you got there!" he hissed and grapped her ass to pull her onto his cock.
"Thank... ah... you... supermen.... I hope you... like... it.... it is... ahhh ohhh hellll my.. first time... and.. ahh h it is..ohhh yesss DEEPER... a honor for... meee toooooooooooooo ARGHHH YES YESSS OH YESSSSS check argh... your Body ohh yes!" she screamed louder and louder as the lust took over her mind. More and more she begun to like the feeling that his dick was causing in her. His cock was all that mattered and he was fucking her harder and harder. But she wasn´t used to such a massive cock in her and he fucked her into a deep coma like sleep before he could cum in her. But he didn´t cared. He fucked the sleeping woman until he came and gave her a slap on the ass.
"Mhm... You are no match for Lois! She is able to fuck me harder... but.. hell.. your ass was nice! I think I will visit you from time to time you horny whore!" With that he put her dress again in the right position and let her sleep. He walked out of the Lab and smiled. The strange feeling was gone. He felt good as he flew over the city. He then heard again a bank robberies and started to fly that way. Even when his mind was corrupted slowly his willpower was immense. So immense that the little alien parasite could only alter his way of life little by little. But would he be strong enough to fight this little demon inside his brain?

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