Supermen enters the Necron Ship and fight the last living Necron

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Superman Mister Fantastic
Category Marvel and DC
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It had been a long time that the Complex had inactive. The last activation had been 65.832.212 Years and 23 Hours ago. It had been crushed on this Planet after the fight with the last of the Old Enemies. The Ship was one of the last of its race. The Former Race Necrontyr had been changed into the Necron Race. Now the Necron were more Robot then men. But even with their all mighty Power, even with their advanced Technology they weren´t immortal. The Necron´s had been a galaxy wide imperia long before other Races had managed to form the first words or anything else. There had been only few other Powers in the galaxy that had been able to match their advanced knowledge. And after they had left their bodies of Flesh behind they had been walking gods. But these Times were long ago. The Core of the Ship had tried everything that was possible to reactivate the sleeping Necron. But the damage was to great even for the Nanotechnology that was the main force of the Necron.
But now the last of the Lords had been deactivated and it was impossible to receive him. But there was something else. It had scanned an intruder. A strange primitive Device that was working its way to the ground right to the Ship. It felt as the giant Drill was cutting through the hull and opened way for some of the primates of this world. But this Primate was not in line with the other Primates. It had another DNA Code then the Primates of this World. On the security Screens the KI saw a men in blue and red dress. It wore a red cape and had an S on his Chest.
"Activate Sentry Unit 4 and 8." was the silent command that was only heard in the little Room. On another Screen it saw the giant Spiderlike Robotic Creature awaken. There were the last defense line of the Ship. While the mighty Gauss Integrator Cannons of the Ship weren´t function able these weapons were strong enough to defeat this primate. No other Species were allowed to get the Information of this Ship. The Power of the Necron was too great for such stupid beings.
On it screen it saw how the two weapons engaged the Men and shoot their prime Weapons at it. The Primate reacted with nearly impossible Speed dodging both attacks easily. But the Sentry Units had a high advanced Combat System and quickly adapted to the physical Powers of the Primate. He was able to dodge two other attacks but the a green Gauss Flare hit him in the Chest. But he wasn´t Disintegrating. Normally this Weapon system should be left nothing of him. But even as it seemed that the living being had pain it wasn´t dead. No it seemed only that this primate was angry now. It charged into one of the Sentry's and ripped it into Pieces. Then a red Particle Beam shoot out of his eyes and cut the Second Sentry into halves. This shouldn´t happen. This living Thing could not be able to create a Particle Beam Level ALPHA ALPHA SECONDULUS in his body. After another Scan of the Humanoid Primate it was sure that this was no Robot and didn´t carry a Fusion Reactor in his body. How was it possible that this Primate had such great powers.
Helpless the Last Necron had to watch how the Men of Steel destroyed his whole Army of Sentry's. Now it was right in front of the Door and was punching against it. With his bare Hands it was able to deform the massive Plaratur Wall that should have been able to withstand an orbital crush.

Supermen had been called from the Star Labs. They had found a unknown Space Ship deep under the ground. It was buried under 3 km of Stone and it seemed that it was there for over 60. Million years. After he had asked other Superheroes like the Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. They had like him knowledge of greater Civilizations then the earth. J´ronn hadn´t any helping information about this Craft. It was not known to his old Culture. Only impossible old legends told about a time before the time were giant God´s had fought between the Stars. Green Lantern had been very alarmed but hadn´t told him anything. But it seemed he knowing something. He had told Supermen to wait until he had returned from the Eldest. But it was one thing to wait and one thing to let villains get the possibility to enter the Ship before them. So had asked Reed Richards to help him with the Problem of the Deep. Reed had managed to build him a modificated Rocket and an diamond hardened Drill. So he had been able to get into the ancient ship. He was used to high advanced Ships but this one was very impressive. Everything was black and in a dim green light he saw very strange symbols. None of them were familiar with him. He hadn´t sawn them in his fortress or had ever saw them on his travels. But they looked familiar somehow. Like the runic of Krypton had been made out of this old signs.
How old was this ship really? Were all passengers dead? Right in this moment he saw 2 giant mechanic spiders crawling towards him. They aimed with to weapons at him and he saw green blasts trying to hit him. But they weren´t fast enough for him. But soon he saw that these enemies were very dangerous. After only 4 Shoots out of their weapons they were able to calculate his movements and one of them hit him right in the air. He felt like something was trying to tear him apart. His normally indestructible Flesh was burning like hell and the pain was almost too much for him. He was sure that he could die here if he was hit too often. Even he wasn´t able to hold out much of this firepower. He rushed into the first Robot and his fists slammed into the Armor. These Things were very hard armored but nothing could withstand him when he was slamming near light speed. The Second Weapon was cut into pieces by his heat vision. He saw that the Weapons tried to repair themselves but he quickly destroyed them so it was impossible for them to repair this damage.
He walked through the empty ship and everywhere he saw corpses on the ground. They were humanoid and out of a strange metal. Nothing Supermen had ever saw before. They were like skeletons out of metal. He put out a Scanner from Mr. Fantastic and scanned the dead Bodies. None of them was active. Everyone had a kind of Reactor inside his chest but it was impossible to say on which kind this reactor was working. But they were all dead. After he walked through the Ship he finally found the Bridge. After he smashed through the Door he saw the only living Thing on this ship. But Living wasn´t the right word for it. More.... the only functionally thing on this ship.
Integrated in a control chair he saw one of the dead corpses only that this one was still active. It turned to him and he saw a green light in his eyes and out of his rips. First he feared that this was some kind of kryptonite but he didn´t felt his powers fading. He raised his hands and said loudly
"I am not here to fight! We can help you!" But the Necron only turned again to the monitors and was ignoring him. But on the Screens Supermen saw strange readings boosting up.
"SUPERMEN! STOP THIS ALIEN! HE IS OVERLOADING THE POWERCORE!" he heard Mr. Fantastic out of the communicator. Supermen didn´t liked the idea of destroying this maybe last survivor of such an old race but then Mr. Fantastic screamed again.
"Supermen! I scan a massive energy mass! It will create a black hole right in the center of the ship! It will destroy the entire Sun System! You have to stop this!" This was enough for Clark. He rushed into the Chair and took the Necron´s Head. With all of his Might he was able to rip it off his body and all the Screens went black.
"Perfect timing Supermen. You did it. The energy measure is falling to normal levels. But I fear that we have to find a way to bring this ship into a save place now. I will need some time to translate this language. I would be proud if you would allow me to handle it?"
"Sure Dr. Richards. After all you are one of the brilliants mind of the earth. But I have to tell you that the JLA is in charge here. I fear that this Ship holds unknown technology. It could be the most dangerous thing on this world. I will stay here until you find something the bring it to the surface."
"Ah... mhm this could be a problem. My readings say that this ship is almost one mile long. It will be hard to bring it up."
Supermen smiled.
 "I know you will find a way. You can count on the Help of JLA in this Case. Maybe we can teleport it up. Supermen out." 

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