And what is Lois doing while Clark is in the Starlabs?

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Perry White Lois Lane
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Supermen is still horny and on his way to Star Labs

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While Superman was fighting a well equipped Group of Bank robbers Dr. Plant slowly awoke again. In her mind it had been only a hot daydream that the Man of Steel had fucked her. But even now she felt horny and had to admit that it was great to have such a great body like herself. She had spend years to get the reputation she had now. Her hot body had always been a problem because most of the male Doctors had only seen the hot woman in her but now it didn´t bother her anymore. She had gained a very good reputation after all and now she was clever AND sexy. She went to the computer to analyze the Data from Superman as she saw the strange symbiotic in his brain. But as she looked on it she only smiled and one hand wandered to her left breast slowly massaging it.
Something in her just told her that this mechanic thing in Superman wasn´t something to be alarmed. It was nothing to be afraid of and without thinking she deleted the Data from the mainframe. She stood up and smiled. Her hand still on her breast she had started to feel the wonderful feeling between her legs and slowly she got horny. As she left the building she saw the 2 good looking Security Guards and felt her Pussy arching with need. She had just to drive 10 minutes to arrive at home and fuck her beloved friend but these 10 minutes seemed so long. So she went to the 2 guards and smiled at them.
The only thing the 2 guards saw was the hot Doctor coming to them and her green eyes seemed to glow. A short time later all three of them were naked and Dr. Plant was screaming as she let herself go between her lovers infecting them like she was infected by Superman.

Lois had been nervous all the day since Clark had fucked her silly in the basement. The little teasing with Jimmy had been great but this damn Idiot had not the willpower to give her what she needed. He had just collapsed in the Dark Room and left her alone horny. So she walked up and down trying to concentrate on the work. But her mind traced of again and again picturing very hot scenes of sex with Clark and even with other People. She felt her Pussy free under her skirt and from time to time she couldn´t help and played with herself but only for seconds. She liked the feeling of constant wetness between her legs and the loud voice of Perry caught her by surprise. She went quickly to his office as he instructed her and smiled as she saw that they were alone. Something in her was arching for a good hot fuck and maybe her old friend and mentor Perry could be just what she needed. But she had been much longer without sex then Supermen and the need grew almost to an unbearable level as she watched him talking about something stupid. All she could focus on was the dick in his pants and the semen in his balls. She pictured how he would spray it in her face and how she would lick every bit of him. Then she saw him waving his hand before her eyes and asking
"Hey! Someone there? Lois! Hello? Stop Sleeping wouldn't you?"
Lois looked at him and smiled. She felt wonderful. It was like someone had put a trigger in her and now she felt calm and focused. She looked into his eyes and smiled.
"Sure Perry. Sorry. Just had to dream of your dick!" she hissed slowly and it felt wonderful to tell him about her needs. Hopefully he wouldn´t be mad on her but to her surprise he just looked at her and nodded weakly.
"I am sure you won´t get angry won´t you?" she asked unsure and he smiled at her and nodded.
"Why should I? But could you stop thinking of my penis and start to focus on the work again?" he asked and a little part of him was wondering why Lois had green eyes all of the sudden.
"Sorry Perry. But I cannot stop thinking of your dick. But if I could suck it a bit I would surely be more convinced to listen to you!" she smiled at him and it was like she was burning now with lust but Perry shacked his head and said slowly but full of authority.
"Lois! I am your Boss and I won´t let you suck on my penis! I find this cross and you should be ashamed!"
"But Perry! I am sure you would love it! I swear you will like it!" she protested but started to feel a bit ashamed as a little part of her knew he was right. But then he said slowly and calm.
"I would like it" it wasn´t his normal voice. Almost a whisper and he just looked into her eyes as she started again.
"Yes Perry. I know you would like it if I suck you. Or do I lie to you?"
"I would like it if you would suck my penis Lois. I don´t think you would lie on me." he said weakly and the lust in her eyes made him weak. Her eyes were so wonderful green and it was so hard to think by now. But she was right. Maybe it wasn´t so bad to get a woman down on his best member.
"Yes Perry. I knew it. Every Men in the world likes to get a good blow job. And you are a Men. Come on. Let it happen! Why don´t you want me to suck you dry?" she asked as her pussy started to burn and her nipples pressed again her bra. She wanted his cock now and she felt he was feeling it too!
"Because I am your boss Lois and someone could enter this room while you do it." he tried all he could to focus on his thoughts but it seemed like her eyes were everything in his vision. Her voice was so soft and logical that he had problems to follow her words.
"Then lock the door Perry and after that I will you give you the hottest blowjob of your life! All you must do is to lock the door and put your dick out. Come on Perry. You want it! I know it!" she whispered arousing and Perry started to move. With slow motion her went to the door and locked it twice. Then he turned around and opened his pants so his dick sprung to action. But he wasn´t aroused so it was hanging down and still she looked at his dick with unbelievable need.
"That’s good." she moaned and went to him so she could kneel down in front of him. Then she looked up and smiled as her hands started to jerk him hard.
"You like my eyes Perry?" she asked as she felt his dick harden in her hands because he only watched into her eyes and not on her hands.
"Yes. They are so beautiful Lois. It seems as if they would glow." he said dreamingly and he felt her soft hands around his dick. It had been Years that he had felt something like that.
"Mhm. What a nice man you are Perry. But I like it rough today. Mhm Stop being the gentleman. I know you want me to suck on this hot dick here. Say it! Come on! I want to hear it!" she hissed still unaware of her hypnotic powers.
Perry smiled at her and grapped her Hair. He had worked with her for years and now he finally had her where she belonged. On her knees! he wanted her so bad that it hurt suddenly and he finally took the leadership again.
"Shut Up Lois! I don´t pay you for talking! I Pay you for working! And if you´re so good like you say maybe I pay you a bonus this month." With that he pushed his hard dick into her mouth and felt her hot tongue on his shaft. Her soft full lips pressed around him and she started to blow him like a bitch in heat. He started to moan loudly as her hands started to massage his balls and sucking on his dick. He felt like a god as this hot woman was working on his shaft and it had been too much years since he had been intimae with an woman. After he had shoot his semen into her face he felt to the chair and was out of breath. He looked at her and smiled as she stood up only with lust in her eyes. But for some reason she didn´t wanted to sleep with him now. it was like he was not worthy for her. So she left the room smiling at him and grinned
Lois had been nervous all the day since Clark had fucked her silly in the basement. The little teasing with Jimmy had been great but this damn Idiot had not the willpower to give her what she needed. He had just collapsed in the Dark Room and left her alone horny. So she walked up and down trying to concentrate on the work. But her mind traced of again and again picturing very hot scenes of sex with Clark and even with other People. She felt her Pussy free under her skirt and from time to time she couldnbr

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