he let Ivy escape and then is so horny that he fucks Lois in the Daily Planet only to infect her too with this strage lust

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Superman Lois Lane Jimmy Olsen
Category M/F Corruption
Previous Chapter Supermen comes home after the ship is away only to find himself strangly horny and it is hard to look at hot woman like Wonder-Woman without the vision of a good rape

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Supermen watched as most of the woman undressed at once and begun to suck every possible cock in their reach or even to throw the males to the ground to ride on them like they were on some strange drug. He saw how the men let it happen after all it wasn´t the worst that could happen to them. He had to interfere at once but strangely it was arousing him. It was on a very scary way very hot how easy it was for Poison Ivy to manipulate the emotions of Humans. He had heard from Batmen that her Pheromones were very powerful but he had always thought it could only get someone to fall in love with her. But then he reminded himself that the woman was doing this because of their deep love for Poison. He saw a busty woman with a fine gold ring on her finger riding an older men with deep lust and love in her eyes. It was clear that she was doing this only to impress Ivy.
Poison had what she wanted. Supermen was distracted. He had only eyes for the hot orgy in front of him and she had to say it was truly a nice show her lovely slaves was performing. She smiled and felt her own nipples hardening. She would masturbate later but now she had to escape. She took a last look on the men of steel and was surprised to see his pants bulge out. It made him almost as horny as it made her. It would be so much fun to see him like this. Her Pheromones hadn´t any effect on him but this hot orgy had done the same. The men of Steel had a cock of steel right now. She looked at his face only to see him transfixed on the hot fucking couples in front of them. He was gazing at one woman with massive tits and like she had three men alone. She was fucked by two men and was sucking a third dick with pure lust in her eyes. As she noticed that her beloved goddess was watching her she waved a new male to her side and was jerking him off with one hand.
It was a wonderful feeling to see the love in her eyes. But she had to leave her soon. Her Pheromones weren´t lasting very long. But she couldn´t stop her. She sneaked behind Supermen and laid her arms around his perfect body. He didn´t even react to her. His body felt so strong and warm. He had such a nice and majestic body. Surely he would be the world greatest lover as well as he was the world greatest hero. Her fingers trailed down his chest and followed his Symbol. Then her hands run deeper and she felt his enormous cock under the tight pants. It had to be the biggest cock of the world. She had sometimes the opportunity to lay her hand on the cock of Batmen or his little sidekick Robin. Robin wasn´t very impressive after all but Batmen had a nice big cock. It was hard to made the dark knight horny enough so that is cock was fully erected but she had managed it a few times. But the problem was that the dark knight wasn´t losing his self control when he was hard. He was still able to fight her spell. But this strong hard and nice cock in her hands now was something different. It was the cock of Supermen. She followed his proportions with her fingernails and then she groaned loud in his ear.
"I am soooooo sorry lover boy. But I fear that I have to leave you now. But be nice and remember me like I will remember your hot dick." she kissed his cheek and then turned away. She couldn´t let her lust take over and then get caught by him. After all she had something to steal here. She quickly grapped her bag and run to a back door.
It took several minutes for Supermen to regain his mind. He was watching how the orgy went into something like an gangbang party and looked around. This damn bitch had made a escape while he was watching. He signed and then blew out a massive stream of air into the fucking group. He was able to disable all of the remaining Pheromones in the air and slowly the People was able to stop. But now he had to explain what had happened and everyone looked at him. Because he didn´t want to lie to the people who was trusting him he just told them that he was unable to stop the effects of the poison. He told everyone how deeply sorry he was for not been able to stop it and he wasn´t even lying there. But he had been able to do something about it. But he didn´t wanted it. So he just burst into the air and fly high into the air. The cold air would take care of his massive erection but it didn´t helped him. He had seen way to much of hot tits and way too much of filled pussies. He couldn´t get the sound of screaming woman out of his ears. Every whore in this room had loved the feeling of getting fucked! They would try to explain it with the Poison he knew that they had loved it. They would surely miss some of the hot dicks in their wet pussies this night. He HAD to do something!
As fast as he could he flew back to the surface and with hypersonic speed nearly crashed into the Building of the Daily Planet. He managed to stop short before the wall and scanned the Building. Quickly he found the Lois in the Storage Rooms looking for some of the old files. He moved faster than a human eye could notice and only 2 seconds later he stood behind his hot girlfriend. He wasted no time and pulled her around. She screamed surprised as she was pushed around so suddenly but as she saw who was doing it she smiled.
"Hey Clark! How abnormal for you to be so... " she couldn´t end her talking as he pushed her against the wall and his hand searched her breasts. She felt his strong hand massaging her big amble breasts as his tongue entered her mouth almost aggressive. It made her very horny to feel his unused wildness. He felt her blouse been ripped open and his hands quickly went under her bra so she felt his flesh on her tits. He grapped her tits now directly and pulling on her hardening nipples. A soft moan escaped her as she felt his hard cock pressing against her belly and she could feel his strong and perfect dick pressing against her. Then in only a heartbeat she felt her pussy lay free before him and her slip had been ripped away with one motion. Before she even could beg him to fuck her she felt his dick slamming into her. She had been wet from the first second and could feel his deep pushing deeply inside her body and couldn´t be quiet in this moment. a loud scream resonated through the basement as she was getting what she needed. It was every time like a vivid dream for her when he fucked her but it was strange for him to be so direct and hard. But she liked this side of him. When he was so horny that he was forgetting his good breeding. She laid her legs around him so he could penetrate her easier and she looked into his eyes. She liked what she saw.
"Yes Clark! Take me! Take me harder! Come on! I don´t know what is turning you on like this but MORE FUCK ME MORE!" She almost screamed as he could feel her first climax. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and played horny like never before with her own forcing her to be silent. It was everything needed to let her cum and she felt his hard cock explode in her Cumming pussy and she felt his hot cum filling her out.
"Yes Clark... mhm that was so good!" she hissed breathless and gave him a deeply passionate kiss and he returned it almost as passionate as her. But he knew that she wasn´t able to get him the full release. After all she could not match with his hyper improved stamina. But it had felt so good to fuck her. He felt her cunt Cumming around his cock and how it milked him.
"Mh. I just missed you so much honey!" he told her as he rejected his throbbing dick out of her. If she knew why he had been so horny she wouldn´t be so happy. He kissed her another time and smiled.
"Shall I fly home and bring you a new slip?" but she hissed arousing.
"Why? Maybe you should bring me home for another ride mh?" she let one finger run over his breast and smiled but her breath was fast and deep.
"I don´t think you would be able to take a new round with me honey. But if you want to run around like a little... slut.. I don´t mind!" he kissed her hard and then burst out of the room so fast that her skirt was pulled up by the wind.
"Did he just call me slut?" she looked confused but then she felt a hot tingle between her legs. She pulled down her skirt again and grinned. "I think I like this new Supermen! Mhm.. If he want me to run away without panties mhm... who am I to not obey the men of steel!" she smiled and went back to work. It felt truly hot to had her shaved pussy exposed under her dress still filled with his seed and wet and ready for another round. She would be a little slut for him but only for today.
As she entered the office she saw all the other journalists greeting her friendly without knowing that she was still horny. As she sat down on her chair she looked around and spread her legs a little bit wider then normally: It made her somehow hot to risk the fact that one of her co-workers could see her pussy.
"Hey Lois! Hey? Hello? Someone there?" came a familiar voice out of nowhere and she saw Jimmy wave a hand in front of her eyes. She had been daydreaming and hadn´t even noticed the young men came to her desk.
"Oh hey Jimmy. How are you do?" she smiled at him and for some strange reason she took a deep breath so her massive tits pressed against her blouse. She could see the young reporter gaze for a second on her massive tits and blushed.
"Oh.. ey... mhm I have the photos of Lex Luther you wanted. Shall I show them to you? Some of them are really good! And you know how much he hated the fact to see his face on the papers." the young men smiled proudly as he told of his work. BUt she hadn´t followed his talking. Her eyes had been gazed at his pants and the bulging there.
"Yes Jimmy. SHOW me!" she hissed and the way Lois had said the way "Show" made him shiver. He followed her like he was in a mild trance. Her ass was so perfect as it swung back and forth. He starred at this hot piece of ass and felt his cock even more raising in his pants. He was happy that they entered the dark room so she couldn´t see his erection. But then he heard her locking the door and the dim light let him see her in a very hot looking stance.
"So Jimmy. You wanted to "Show" me something! I can´t wait to see everything!" she whispered almost erotic and she walked towards him like a hunter looking on its prey. He felt his legs gone weak and he stopped his breath.
"lo..Lois?" he stammered as she had reached him and she looked at him and smiled.
"Be a good boy Jimmy. I want you to take a picture yes? Could you do this for me?" she whispered in his ear and let her fingers caressing his neck. He was pudding in her hands and with shaking hands he reached for his cam.
"What... shall I do Lois?" he could hardly say as she answered him softly but very quiet.
"I want that you take a picture of my pussy. I want you to have a good picture of my hot and wet pussy. I will let you see my swollen lips and my hot clit. So you can jerk off every night dreaming of my wet and ready cunt." He couldn´t believe what he heard. Was he dreaming? did LOIS LANE just asked him to picture her pussy? No that was a dream! it had to be a dream. His eyes rolled back as the mere thought of this made him cum. He felt his body falling to the ground as he was overwhelmed by his climax. His eyes closed and with a silly grin he laid before her.
"Damn! This is so Hot!" she said as she saw him losing his conscious and took his camera. She put one leg on a chair and reached between her legs. Then she spread her lips and aimed the camera on her pussy. It was just a short flash but she was sure he would watch it very often. Then she laid the Camera on his chest and left the room. She wasn´t sure why she did this but it had felt wonderful.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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