Supermen comes home after the ship is away only to find himself strangly horny and it is hard to look at hot woman like Wonder-Woman without the vision of a good rape

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Superman Poison Ivy
Category Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter Lex Luther is informed about Supermens fight and wants a bit of the Ship for himself.

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Supermen was happy to leave this creepy Alien Ship finally. He had been in many fights with very scary alien races but something in this ship was creepy. But now it was the problem of the Elders. They would do what they think would be the best. And Supermen was sure it was okay this way. After all the Elders had protected the Universe long before him with the Green Lantern Corps. But he felt strange. It wasn´t bad or like he was under the effect of Kryptonite. But Strange.
He entered the Watch Tower and stretched his body. It felt good to be at home. He was often in his own fortress in the white cold lands but he was always in a good mood when he was here too. He followed Wonder-Woman to the Briefing Room. They would disgust about the ship and then the weekly mission briefing. Nothing special. But as he followed Wonder-Woman his eyes went down her body to her nice looking ass. It was very hot to see her in her Superhero Dress and he asked himself how it would feel if he would slap this nice ass a few times. It felt normal for him to have thoughts like this. After all he was only a men and men had urges they wanted to life out. And every Male wanted to fuck this nice woman in front of him. But he couldn´t do it. He was Supermen after all.
A loud groan escaped him and Wonder-Woman looked at him friendly.
"If you want we can make the briefing later Clark. You had to stay down there for two weeks and I know how it is to leave the loved ones behind. I am sure Lois will wait for you." she smiled at him friendly and Supermen nodded.
"I think this is a great Idea. I think I will have a nice time with Lois and then be back for you my dear." he smiled and already was dreaming of a naked Lois under him. After that he would feel better. Much better. He teleported right down into Lois bedroom and waited for her. But he was horny right now. All these half naked woman in the Watch Tower had made him horny. Why had every Super heroine in the world had to be a living sex dream?
He walked up and down and finally he felt like something was wrong with him. It wasn´t normal that he thought thinks like that. Maybe he was under the influence of a mind controller or magic. After all Magic was the most potent Weapon against him. He had to be sure. He lifted into the sky and flew towards the Star Labs. But before he got there he heard an alarm of a museum. He stood still in the air. He was sure that something was not right the more he thought about it. After he had left the Alien Ship he felt the influence of something in there more and more. Maybe it was some kind of self defense system. But he was Supermen after all. He had to intercept this robbery. He smiled and nodded to himself. It would be an easy job for him. He flew right into the Museum and he saw many of the visitors smiling at him. It felt good to be their champion. But then they run at him and tried to knock him down. It was almost funny as this normal humans tried to knock him down. He lifted up in the air and looked at them. All of them had now something to throw in their hands. Then he heard a softly and nice voice.
"My. My. My. How can you nice people be so bold to attack your local hero. After all he is here to save all of you!" he looked at the corner where he had heard the voice. There stood Poison Ivy and waved at him.
"Hey Supermen. How are you? It is so nice of you too come and help me with this hard work!" She waved at him and he saw a purple cloud coming out of her red full lips. He smiled as the Pheromones surrounded him and said.
"Poison Ivy. This isn´t Gotham City. What are you doing here? Visiting a new Play ground? You know that your Power isn´t working on me." He waved his hand and the cloud of her pheromones was away. But he had the strange idea to play a little Role for her and maybe he could fuck this hot looking woman. Everyone would believe that he was under her spell and so nobody could be mad.
But after all Lois would be very mad at him and just the Thought of her hot body made him horny. He landed in front of Poison Ivy and smiled at her. She on the other side had lost her smile after seeing the men of steel was unaffected by her powers. She wouldn´t be a enemy for his might and asked herself how she could get out of his way without any harm. But she had no ideas how she should escape him but then an idea popped in her mind. She smiled at him and looked at the woman in the room.
"My dear ladies. Why don´t you show your boyfriends how horny you are!" she breathed a strong wave of her pheromones into the mass and wondered why Supermen hadn´t interacted this event. He would have been able to breathe her Pheromones away with his famous breath. But he just looked at the woman in the room who got horny in an eye blink. The sheer pleasure of Poison Ivy´s Pheromones made all woman´s horny and with pure lust in their eyes they looked at the next male or even female in range. And then the orgy started.
Supermen could only watch as ....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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