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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Amazing Woman Wonderboy Susu (Countess II)
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With the recent revelation in the forefront of her mind, Amazing Woman was focused as she began to rush to main hall as the maid and butler informed her of the days ceremony. Everything began to make sense, the legion of thugs and villains that had plagued her in the past few days were all part of the revenge of the Countess Dante. The vile woman was so horrible as to mind control her own daughter as a backup! If her daughter managed to marry Timothy Langstrom……than the entire city would be in her hands without firing a shot! Suddenly at the end of the hallway she saw a large breasted blond woman in a ruby red bridesmaids dress. It was that bitch VCR! Using her stealth training she snuck behind her and karate chopped her into unconsciousness.

“Hey what are you doing? Seeing a quartet of armed men approach from a room along the hallway Amazing Woman reacted and swiftly disarmed them and slammed them against the floor until they stopped moving. She began to move when the sound of a radio made her blood run cold.

“This is Captain Jones, Officer Ramirez come in repeat Officer Ramirez come in….dammit what about the video feed.”

Looking above at the ornate lighting Amazing Woman caught sight of the camera…..she had just viciously beaten 4 police officers.

Dammit, this is beyond a rookie mistake, even if I stop Countess Rei my live will be ruined…it doesn't matter, stopping her is all that matters, everything else comes second.

Security Control Room

“Hahahahahahaha, that could not of gone better if we tried….now for the grand finale.” Countess Rei sipped her wine in her skintight red dominatrix suit. Normally she liked to avoid the clichés but what better outfit for the occasion? Besides she was not going to dirty the dress for her daughter’s wedding. Seeing Amazing Woman approach the door she took her stance. “Ready ladies?”

Behind her stood all of the remaining Knights…and her newest servants in Pink Maiden and Ebony. Each clad in skintight kunoichi combat gear that showed every curve well simultaneously revealing nothing but the users eyes.

A door slammed open and everyone in the room could feel the fury coming from Amazing Woman.

“Countess you will pay for your crimes!”

“The only crimes I see being committed are your own…..but a little roughhousing wouldn't hurt.”

The blacked clad woman pounced on Amazing Woman who was immediately on the defensive. The past few days had pushed her to her limits already and the effects of pollen were still in her system. In a less exhausted condition Martha Knight may have recognized her sister and most certainly her protégé, but she was too tired to notice and unable to understand how she so was so easily countered. Pain wracked her body as her back was shredded by a pair of claws. One of the attackers outfits had ripped apart to reveal two claws and a long wave of auburn hair, the woman licked her claws and gave her the come hither look.

“What can I say, I like to dig in with my nails during foreplay.”

“I’ll get you for that you bit…AAAAUGh” Distracted by Hound, Akainu had jabbed a kunai directly into her leg, forcing her to her knees, Pink Maiden using the moment of weakness to twist her arms into a lock.

“Bloom be a dear would you?” A pair of vines surrounded Amazing Woman, her injuries and exhaustion hitting her full force, her anger keeping her defiant even as she was firmly trapped by the servants of Countess Rei.

“Damm you, you vile bitch, you brainwashed your own daughter into sin and you will destroy thousands of lives and for what, petty revenge?.”

Countess Rei slapped her savagely and motioned Hound to retrieve the object.

Boring her eyes into Amazing Woman’s, the Countess prepared to shatter the last of Amazing Woman’s will to fight.

“I never hypnotized my daughter to free me from prison.  I had a hundred different agents who were assigned to that job, Susu was merely trained to lead them. No everything that has happened here, WAS YOUR FAULT!”

“But the maid told me of the change, of the actions of your daughter!”

Smirking at her foes confusion, Rei began to rub Martha Knight’s cheek with a mocking expression on her face.

“Ah, young love did more to my daughter than years of my actions as a mother. Susu would have gladly never seen you again even after my servants freed me, but when you threatened Wonderboy…..you threatened her love.  Susu cares for Timothy Langstrom more than any man or soul on Earth and your night of combat convinced her he would only be safe and happy by her side. Suzette and Vincent never realized how much of this was the wrath of a woman scorned.”

Everyone in the room sneered at the sheer horror of the revelation of Wonderboy’s identity on the beaten heroine; her will to fight was almost completely broken.

“Here it is Mistress” Dante grabbed the final tool of Amazing Woman’s destruction, a cotton candy pink bikini.

“As Wonderboy has a problem with killing, I have decided to let you live as a wedding present…but for the humiliation I’ve suffered you will be thrown onto the stage in nothing but a little tiny bikini…..oh and the warrant for your arrest” To seal her victory Rei Dante kissed the now weeping woman, who  barely felt the pinch in her neck before succumbing to darkness.

“Time to change ladies, we don’t want to be late for the wedding!”

Wedding Party

“Say cheese” Mary Langstrom took yet another picture of her son and his new wife, she was surprised by the abrupt wedding, but she wasn't surprised by whom her son ended up with. Amy was a wonderful girl but both her and Rei had noticed their children’s relationship when they were little. She didn't quite understand how they hooked up again so quickly but Rei had assured her Susu had known this was coming for a while. And she had definitely made all the preparations! Jasmine Knight and Jane Park reporting for Metro News, close friends of Susu and Rei gathered and a full assortment of maids and butlers. Even the actions of the vigilante Amazing Woman had not tempered the moment. She was still a little confused on how Rei was pardoned but when Rei took her hand on the dance floor, she did explain things, but Mary could only remember pleasant feelings, feelings she had not had since Jim…….Susu’s voice broke her out of her thoughts.

“Oh Timothy, I just want to talk to my mother before we leave, say goodbye to your mother…you won’t be seeing her on the honeymoon.”

Countess Dante smiled as her daughter approached her in her white dress which was more conservative than she expected but in hindsight chosen with Timothy in mind. He was not a prude but he was old fashioned.

“Congratulations Susan, I may have disliked your relationship with Timothy when you were younger, but I honestly cannot imagine another man by your side.” The hypnotic triggers I still have implanted make him all the more wonderful as a member of family, oh Wonderboy Susu will not be the only woman you enjoy.

“Thank you Okaa-san, did our final gift to Amazing Woman take effect yet? B worked especially hard on that hot little number.”

Countess Dante smiled, Martha Knight would be a threat to her no more. The mind altering effects of the custom cotton candy-pink bikini were directly tied to the wearer’s adrenaline, every pulse sapping just a little bit of intelligence.  With no other clothing keeping her embarrassed and a massive manhunt for her arrest, the adrenaline would push her hard! Within a day or two Amazing Woman would be nothing but a dumb slut….one she would relish in enjoying for the rest of her life. Really who would be there to stop her?

Metro City Strip Club

Where…where am I?

“Dance Beautiful, you got it flaunt it!” Martha Knight couldn't understand what was happening, her arms were chained to a pole, load music and scantily clad men and woman were cheering her on to dance, why was happening who did this….why did this feel so good?


A lone figure stood outside Metro City.  It took time but he managed to escape the City unnoticed, his pod had barely been visited since that Woman disappeared.  Jim Ross was awake and Justice would be served!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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