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by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Amazing Woman
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A lone figure stood outside Metro City.  It took timebut he managed to escape and make it to the city unnoticed. He looked to betwenty-eight years of age, very athletic with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His posture and mannerisms seemedto even scream solider with every step he took. He dressed in civilian clothesthat he stole along the way from Japan to America.

His mind was still adjusting to every sight he saw. Thingshad certainly changed since the last he visited Metro City in 1945. The yearwas 2014, the technology of the world in cars alone was enough to marvel him, butcombined with the city had grown three times in size and the population was nowover four times the size made Jim Ross feel he was lost in Wonderland.

Jim’s thoughts keep flashing back to the 40’s, and his finalmission. He had sneaked aboard the alien invaders space craft and taken outmost of the alien androids that now threatened the whole planet. He knew theship was programmed to begin admitting a transmitting transgender biopulse thatblanket the plantet and in massive numbers would turn every man into a woman.They’re was for conquest was simple, turn every man into a woman and waiteighty years for the human race to die out. A world filled with no men, meant aworld where no child could be born.

The American legend had sneaked aboard the alien craft,taken out most the female androids and seized the control room of the craft.After taking it off auto-control he tried pilot it as best he could, but thecontrols where completely alien to him. The alien ship was in a tailspin andwould dive-bomb into the Sea of Japan.

On the radio, he connected to his life-long friend andsidekick Matthew Morison aka Freedom Boy. Both he and Morrison joined the armythe same day and both had received the experimental Super  Warrior Serum that transformed them intoheroes during the world. Morison was dubbed Freedom Boy not because of his agebut because he was a foot shorter and also had more of a babyface complexionthan Jim.

“It’s going down and it’ll crash into the sea, I can’t stopit,” said Jim over the shield. “These androids are just as dangerious as theNazis. Hopefully this ship be buried forever. I dropped my shield beforeentering the craft, find it Morrison and continue on in my name. Justice out!”

Just as Jim switched off the radio he noticed a pod in thecorder of the room. It was one of their status pods that the aliens used to puttheir prisoners into frozen suspended animation. Seconds before the crash heactivated it and ducked inside hoping it would enough to shield him from thecrash.

It did just that, but the price he would pay would bewaiting. Although frozen in animation his eyes and mind remained awake, awakein a dark empty room underwater for over seventy years. It was enough to drivea Pope mad. When Rei’s men finally discovered the pod he rejoiced, but theyreleased him, instead he became put on display in Rei’s trophy room for years.

He overheard many of Rei’s schemes and evil plots over theyears while no one suspected that the man frozen inside the pod could see andhear everything. Then after Rei was captured he eavesdropped on the schemes of herdaughter SuSu. It seemed so hopeless, than just as his mind was ready to sinkfurther into despair the pod completed a routine hibernation cycle anddefrosted him. It was like destiny calling him back into action. His pod wasrarely checked on since SuSu returned to Japan, escaping unnoticed was easy.

It took him days to make it Metro City, if SuSu’s plan had succeededthen Amazing Woman was already brainwashed into a stripper. He needed an allyMetro City and the world could be in danger, but SWORD and Morrison werealready under Rei’s thumb.

Jim finally arrived at the nightclub called the Pink Pussy.That’s the place he remembered hearing that Amazing Woman would end up workingher ass at. He walked up to the front door and two bouncers who felt that Jimlacked the certain criteria to be allowed entrance into the club. Jim left themunconscious at the door.

The war legend scanned the room, the vulgar patrons and thehalf-naked women dancing on the bar. The room was filled with an overwhelming amountof cigarettesmoke, it seemed everything about this place made Jim want to puke. How thehell was he supposed to find Amazing Woman in this mess, hell he didn’t evenknow what she looked like.

“Can I help you find something sugar,” asked a woman’svoice. Jim turned to see tall blonde woman dressed as scantily clad dressed ina fantasy schoolgirl costume.  Her longblonde hair in pigtails, short plaid skirt, white shirt, thigh high whitestockings, black heels, to everyone in the room she looked sexy.

“Sorry I’m looking for someone in particular,” said Jim.

“Are you sure it’s not me,” said the stripper placing her fingerson Jim’s shoulder and tracing them over his chest. “For twenty dollars I candance for you at a table, for sixty we go into a private room for a privatedance where you can see everything you see here.. and everything you don’t,”she said with a wink.

Jim held up a one hundred dollar bill, “Can you find me thestripper that looks most like Amazing Woman?”

“Oh, you want the new girl, Black Candy,” smiled Candytaking the dollar bill from Jim. “We still training her the ropes, but she’sreally hot. Wait in that room over there and I’ll send her your way.”

“Thanks Ma’am,” said Jim as he headed to the room he wasdirected.

“Wow sweetheart, your Mom sure trained you proper,” said theschoolgirl examining the dollar noticing it was a very old one hundred dollarbill from the 40’s before stuffing it inside her bra. She knew she had just hitthe gold mine that bill was nearly mint and had to be worth twice as much than whatwas originally printed on it. She turned her head back to him and said with awink, “Sure you don’t want to see me in that room… I’m already paid for.”

“I’m here on business, next time,” said Jim.

“Well just remember to ask for Barbie,” she said beforeseductively sauntering off.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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