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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Amazing Woman Susu (Countess II) Wonderboy
Category Female Dom Mind Control
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Coast City Beach:

A pair of beautiful woman lay on the beach underneath a large umbrella, undisturbed except for the bodyguards at their perimeter.

A enchanting young woman of Japanese decent in a scandalous purple bikini lay on a towel in deep thought. Months of planning were about to come to fruition. She finally turned to her servant and lover to go over the plan one more time.

Beside her, a stunning blond woman in a golden bikini was going over the latest reports when her Mistress asked her a question.

"B, are all the Knights of the Countess in position?" The blond woman nodded in the affirmative.

"Yes, first of all Bloom has infiltrated Metro City University as the Botany professor and works part-time as a consultant for the police. Her flowers are slowly being spread throughout the city, entire neighborhoods will be at the mercy of the pollen's various effects such as sleep or amnesia, though the pollen is only temporary. More complex effects require a more intimate session with her plants.

VCR has begun committing a string of thefts across the city, the police are no match for a woman who can alter time in a 200ft radius. She has yet to engage Amazing Woman directly again as per your orders. Her actions have successfully brought the thief who aided Amazing Woman whose real name we have discovered as Esperenza out of hiding. The crimes however have completely masked the movements of your other Knight as planned.

Hound has converted what few criminal gangs that remain in Metro city into her pack. We have an army of feral soldiers who are ready to be unleashed at any moment. Hound has been tracking Pink Maiden for months and can move on her at any time.

Finally the Assassin Akainu has just been hired as the new lead anchor at Metro News under her given name Jane Park.  Jasmine Knight can be tracked at virtually any time and with virtually no suspicion given that she now answers to Park.

"And the current status of the targets themselves?"

Martha Knight is completely unaware of the dangers approaching. Her crime-fighting career has never been more successful and the death of Jason Lance has removed many of her inhibitions in her personal life. The conflict with Wonderboy has however shaken her confidence in others, only Pink Maiden remains in her confidence. She lacks backup as S.W.O.R.D is in lock-down following the reveal of the mole and subsequent security sweep of the organization. 

'Serves the Bitch right"

"Excuse me Mistress?

"Pay no mind, move on"

"The lesser targets Jasmine Knight and Pink Maiden have not deviated from there routines and should be easily dealt with when the operation begins."

"And the most important targets?"

Timothy Langstrom aka: "Wonderboy" has settled into Metro City University with his current lover Amy Bell AKA Mimic whom under unknown circumstances regained the ability to return to her original form through what we hypothesize to be unknown factor of the abilities granted first to Max Wonder and than Timothy. The influence of Mimic in maintaining a low profile combined with his fight with Amazing Woman has led Timothy to refrain from heroics. Given that he easily overpowered Amazing Woman when he tapped forcefully into his powers and reconstituted DNA within Mimic, Timonthy Langstrom is currently considered the most powerful metahuman in Metro City even though his powers seldom manifest as more than a granting above average human speed and strength."

"Inform Bloom to keep Mimic and Wonderboy occupied as soon as the operation begins, under no circumstances are they to intervene in the plan. I trust Timmy with my life but he is too much of a boy-scout for his own good and will get in the way, he IS NOT TO BE HARMED unless it it absolutely necessary. Mimic is to be introduced to your brand of special attire at the first opportunity.

"Yes Mistress, as you command"

SuSu smiled to herself as her plan would soon begin. The situation at S.W.O.R.D in the fallout of the moles' discovery had allowed one of her mothers thrall's deep within the organization to access the files over the Manor incident. She could break her mother out at any time but required the hypnotic necklace to undo the affects it had on implanted on her. Luckily her mother's greatest hypnotic triumph, the programming and subjugation of the her loyal lover and slave B gave SuSu a unique ability to enthrall and control women that made them completely immune to the mind control of others, the only control that mattered was hers.

She would have her revenge and when Martha Knight was mindlessly enthralled at her feet, she would be Queen....and could finally have her King.


Long time lurker, posting for the first time on the new website. I had registration issues with the current site for a while but it works fine now. I know the previous Amazing story (Amazing Women VS. Wonderboy) is unfinished so I intentionally tried to tie up as many loose ends well keeping the actual plot up in the air. I have a definite plan for this story but as always welcome other people adding there own chapters and twists. Long time readers of this site (and its predecessor) will likely have already figured out who "B" is.

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