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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
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Metro City University:

Amy Bell was bored out of her mind.  When she and Timothy had chosen to go to University together she jumped at the chance. If she was honest with herself,she adored the time they had together in their apartment right off campus.Timmy was a very attractive man before the abilities of Max Wonder gave his body amazing stamina and flexibility in bed. Combined with the dozens of gorgeous woman she had copied they never got tired of each other. She still preferred to be in her original form as much as possible, that of young attractive Caucasian brunette with a gymnast’s body, she was knockout before she got her powers and she delighted in reminded Timothy of that fact. Unfortunately she quickly realized S.W.O.R.D had taught her basically everything she could learn in an under grad when they trained her which left her bored out of her mind. She couldn't exactly tell Timothy to leave though, he was actually getting an education.

“Alright students, the mid-term will be next week and I will have extended office hours to deal with any questions.” Amy smiled at one of the few distractions she had on campus. Professor Nadiya Rani was both brilliant and beautiful, tall, short raven hair, always dressed in some variation of a business suit with a tight blouse that straddled the line between professional and flirty in a delectable Indian package. Her studies in plants were cutting edge and it was a surprise to most when she chose to move to Metro City. The setup of her own personal department probably helped.

“Miss Bell, could you come over here please?”

Amy approached the woman’s podium and was once again overcome with Professor Rani’s perfume. She could never figure out if it was an expensive scent or personally cultivated from her own plants, either way it was intoxicating and only a few months ago she would have jumped at the chance of a night with this woman, but she wouldn't leave Timmy.

“Yes, Professor what do you need?”

Nadiya smiled, her special perfume was designed to lower inhibitions and release tension, a woman of Mimic’s history would recognize mind control very quickly, but not feeling a little aroused and relaxed in the vicinity of a beautiful woman. Looking her prey in the eye she already knew how to please her Mistress in carrying out her orders so quickly.

“Miss Bell, you and Mr. Langstrom are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the class and I have no doubt you will both pass the mid-term and the final with flying colours if you took them today. I have a proposition for you;I need some help on an experiment this evening. It is nothing too complicated mostly data entry and observation of a new species of plant I cultivated. My 3 TA’s are unavailable and if you do this I will pass you and Mr Langstrom with A’s,you do not even have come to class for the rest of the semester.

Sensing Ms. Bell was a little hesitant, she closed the distance between them and flooded Amy’s senses with her scent.

“Don’t be worried Ms. Bell you and Mr. Langstrom are clearly going through the motions in this class and I’m sure there are other things you would rather do then sit here for hours every week.” Amy smiled at the thought of more free time with Timothy.

“Sounds like a plan Ms.Rani, I’ll tell Timmy and meet you tonight”

Nadiya Rani watched her two targets leave the class and smiled deviously. Her experiment was simply a powerful strain of plants that constantly released her personal hypno-pollen into the air. The duo would be rendered helpless to resist anything they are ordered to do in minutes. Mimic would soon join her other three flowers in servitude and Wonderboy would be kept nicely indisposed per her mistress’s orders. She was Bloom and no one could resist her once they had tasted her nectar.

That Evening,Downtown Metro City 

“Are you sure she will be here Esperanza?”

Black Tiger smiled at her companions comments. The months after the S.W.O.R.D affair had been hard on Amazing Woman, her loss to Wonderboy had greatly affected her confidence, though she did not show it and frankly overcompensated by beating the snot out of criminals. More and more Martha leaned on her and Pink Maiden for companionship, an arrangement she encouraged. Tonight she had finally managed to track down the new thief in town, some big breasted blonde punk on rollerblades. As much as she was tempted to call her another hotshot Bimbo, she had evaded capture for weeks and was photographed intentionally, not by chance. She was no pushover. Turning to her companion she took in her appearance one more time. An Ebony Goddess in a green bustier with a golden A at the center with matching green gloves and boots with a beautiful face framed by lustrous black hair.

“For the last time Martha, my source informed me that she will hit the diamond exchange any minute now.”

As if on cue, an alarm sounded and Amazing Woman sprang into action and dashed toward the bank.

Black Tiger prepared to follow her when she noticed 3 young women approach her from the side. All were identically dressed in short emerald green dresses and matching stockings that seemed to be made of plants, the only difference was their faces and hair.  One was dark haired and clearly Asian, the second was a red head and the third was a tall blonde. They introduced themselves almost simultaneously.

“I’m Lotus”

“I’m Rose”

“I’m Lily”

“Sorry girls but I have no time to play with you." Black Tiger barely finished her sentence when she realized she could no longer move.

The trio giggled “Play with us? Looks like someone pressed Stop.” Rose threw some seeds at her feet that quickly grew into thorns that entangled her. Lotus followed by paralyzing her with pressure points. Finally Lily approached with her palm right in her face and blew her a kiss. The powdery substance washed over her just as she regained the ability to move, only to quickly start to lose consciousness. She barely registered the Thief VCR approach with congratulations for the trio. Seeing she was fighting the powder the three girls surrounded her and each blew another dose of the pollen into her face, knocking her out almost instantly.

“Nighty Night”

“Sleep Tight”

“You will serve the Mistress by the end of the Night”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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