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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
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The instant Amazing Woman entered the bank she knew it was a trap. There were no hostages nor guards and the alarm cut out as if it had been  deactivated…not cut off.  Not ten seconds into the building and she knew she was surrounded. Once she locked eyes on the thugs surrounding her, she knew something was up.

Members of the Triad, Bloods, Bikers, even the remnants of the various female gangs which were cultivated under Countess Dante approached from every direction. Normally she wouldn't be troubled, but their eyes and posture, it was positively feral.

“Enjoying the muscle Amazing Woman?”

Turning around Amazing Woman took in the original target of the nights events. If she did not know of her exploits, one would not expect much of the woman in front of her. A petite young woman with short blond hair in a black tank top and faded jeans on roller skates was hardly the picture of a master thief. Adopting a battle stance she turned to her foe.

“The jig is up young lady, you’re going suffer if you do not surrender”

VCR simply smirked and pointed to her various underlings before answering.

“Have to disagree with you on that. My associates here are going to have some fun well I deal with your thieving friend, she has something in her possession that certain parties would pay a king’s ransom for.”  Closing her eyes, VCR began to glow.

Amazing Woman tried to take advantage of her opponent’s lack of sight but she stopped for just a moment and could not understand why her body acted so. At the same time the various thugs pounced on Amazing Woman. She punched, kicked and clawed through the largely uncoordinated thugs until she managed to escape. The battle seemed to take mere moments but when looked around, VCR was long gone.

“Where did she go, she was just…..” Amazing Woman looked at the clock above the ATM’s and realized 20 minutes had passed, the thief was long gone. Something was very wrong; she never got caught up in the heat of battle to such an extent. Suddenly the thief’s words ran through her mind.


Several Hours Later,at the Former Dante Estate

“So the Tiger did not have claws after all” VCR smirked as the Latino thief was moved towards Lady B’s private chambers. Once Mistress and Lady B were done with Tiger, she would be a key asset in their plans.

“Of course she did not, I always found canines superior to their feline counterparts”

Without looking away VCR could not help but retort. “What possibly could have clued me in on that?”

Hound smirked behind her fellow knight.  In nothing but a leather pants and a red t-shirt she was a beauty. Auburn hair over a slightly freckled face, only her teeth and unusually sharp nails gave away her alter-ego. She always had an affinity for dogs, she was born Sarah Lupine for god’s sake.  Her father was another in a long line of heroes descended from an incredibly ancient and unusually noble werewolf.She had inherited his abilities and was for a time a great hero in Europe. Not that most people knew, she was a werewolf and often ate or shredded her enemies.  She often turned weaker and low level criminals into lesser wolves (essentially human brutes with canine attributes and slightly enhanced strength and reflexes) to clean up the streets for her.  True werewolves have to be born.  Werewolves were fierce pack animals and it was almost impossible for anyone turned to disobey their leader unless a stronger wolf arose. Given that Hound was the descendant of the strongest Werewolf to ever exist; only a blood relative had any shot of challenging her.

Unlike the rest of the Knights who were deeply controlled thralls of her Mistress, Hound was almost entirely here of her own free will. Her father was gravely injured after her mother had betrayed his secret to the mob to get out of gambling debt. Only the intervention of Countess Dante, a schoolmate of her father, saved their lives.  From that day forward she served the family as their most loyal soldier and killer. In turn the Countess Dante treated her second only to her daughter in esteem for her service. The only control over her was the personal commands of the Countess and the results of Lady B’s special clothing, making her the de-facto leader of the Knights.

“Once we acquire the location of the necklace we can move onto the next step of the plan, Lady Rei will be returned and Amazing Woman will face a battle on every front. Her allies will be eliminated or made her enemies and the only man who can help her will be quite…entertained for the foreseeable future.”

Hearing moans from Lady B’s chamber, the two knights smiled as everything was going to plan.

Meanwhile, Metro City University.

Dozens of plants filled a large and secluded greenhouse on campus, seldom was it used by anyone but its caretakers. An odd mix of elevator and techno music permeated the building. 

“Once again, thank you for doing this for me. Despite me giving you a reward, I really do appreciate your help, I was in a bit of a pinch to get this work done.”

“No problem Dr. Rani, how could we refuse?”

Amy chuckled at Timmy’s exuberance; she didn't’t have the heart to tell him that the special project was probably going to involve staring at plants for several hours, the TA’s probably scheduled tasks on purpose to avoid doing it themselves.

Making sure to keep her voice calm as she spoke, Bloom put the final touches into her plan.

“These dream-stems are an artificial breed of plant I designed,they naturally contain medicinal properties when they fully bloom and I need exact measurements of when they do. They should start to in roughly ten minutes, there are dozens of them, and so this will take a while.  Keep in mind the smell they release is quite potent and for the sake of the experiment the ventilation system cannot be altered, so you may feel light-headed. When it’s all done, just place the report on the desk and you can leave. My TA put the Music on a loop and until she gets back, I cannot turn it off, so you will have to bear through it. “ Or in reality until the pollen takes effect and the music turns into commands…..

“Piece of cake professor”

Bloom smiled, by the time she changed into more fitting attire and met her flowers in the basement, Mimic and Wonderboy would be in dreamland and well on their way to the bliss of serving the mistress.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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