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by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
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Meanwhile at a secret SWORD military prison locatedsomewhere in the Nevada Desert...

Countess Rei Dante flipped the pages of the MetroTimes newspaper as sat alone in her prison cell. She knew she wasn’t “alone”,SWORD had at least twelve hidden cameras on her right now and two more in plainsight outside the barred windows of magnetic gravitonic cell door.  


The former Countess, who had to be in her 40's, wasgorgeous! 5'9" tall woman, dressed in a standard SWORD Prison suit whatconsisted of a skintight white body suit that seemed tailored made to show offher trim-yet-curvy figure.


She was reading an article on one of Amazing Woman’s mostrecent victories over Metro City’s most ruthless street gangs. The victory wasa crushing blow for the gang of young punks and bikers as it’s core leadershipwas caught red-handed of various felonies including drug trafficking, illegalgun distribution, and running prostitution rings.


The doors to her cell hissed open and to allow time forsomeone to talk in. A small wicked smile appeared on her face as her green eyesmomentarily glanced up at the well-built man that towered over her. He wastall- at least 6'4", and looked like a retired athlete who still workedout regularly. He was bald, with sharp features, dressed in SWORD militaryuniform.


“Why Captain Justice, whatever do I owe the honor,” she askedsmugly.


“I know what you’re up to,” said the legendary hero coldly. “Iknow you’ve somehow managed contact with your daughter and that you’ve usedSWORD’s current crisis to your advantage. I know what you’re looking for andwhat you need to find it.”


“Why my dear captain, I have no idea what you’re talking about,”Rei said innocently.


“Than you have no problem with me destroying this,” said thehero opening the palm of his hand to reveal a familiar emerald necklace, withdiamonds surrounding it.


Rei instantly sprang to her feet and lunged for it, but herhands through it as soon as she touch. In fact her hand phased through the armof Captain Justice.


“A hologram, you’re really not here,” said Rei. “Well playedCaptain. So it was you Martha entrusted my necklace to.”


“I find it more interesting that you go to such effort toget it back,” said Captain Justice. “With your skills as hypnotist any shinygem could work in its place. In fact combined with beauty and seductive skillsyou hardly even need the necklace at all to lure people under your spell.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere dear captain,” said Countesswith a smile.


“This necklace didn’t come from Japan, it came from anotherplanet,” said the hero. “In fact I believe I know which one.”


Countess smiled. “I heard rumors that Captain Justiceprotected Earth from little green men back during World War II, but I’m surethey’re just stories. Silly stories, of little green men, or was it littlegreen women, or was just women from Mars in bikinis. Such silly stories,although I’m they didn’t come from Mars.”


“I’ll cut to the chase, you found their spaceship,” said theCaptain. “This necklace is actually fragments of the ship’s power source. I’vebeen looking for this ship before you were even born. So where did you findthat necklace?”


“Pulled from the wreckage years ago from the ocean nearJapan,” said Rei.


“What else did you pull up,” demanded the hero.


“I might have found something in a status pod,” teased Rei.


The hero’s eyes widened.


“If you’ve activated any those… those things.. Earth isgreat danger!”


“You so-called superheroes are so over dramatic,” said Rei. “Ibet you sounded even cornier during the world, most teen sidekicks usually are.Right Freedom Boy?”


Matthew Morrison scowled angrily. It had been overhalf a century since the last time anyone ever called him that. Somehow she hadlearned his and SWORD’s greatest secret. A secret he had carried his entireadult life, a secret so few people knew and those that did where sworn to thehighest level of secretary.


“That’s right soldier,” smiled Rei, “I know you’re not thereal Captain Justice! I learned that secret when I found the ship!”


Matthew Morrison closed his eyes as joy and ragefilled him. At long last his search for his friend and mentor was over. “If youfound his body, you had better have treated him with the up-most respect andgiven him a decent burial. That man crashed landed that ship scarifying his lifeto save this whole planet!”


“I want my freedom,” said Rei. “…and the necklace.”



(Author’s note)


This was pretty originally written to be the shocking endingof Amazing Woman vs Wonderboy


(granted I had to replace Jason Lance with Rei)


Coming soon: The Return of Jim Ross: The one true CaptainJustice

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