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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
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“She is ready Madame; Miss Bell has fully embraced her Mistress.”

Nadiya Rani also known as the Indian super-villainess Bloom grinned at how well the plan had succeeded.  Wonderboy was so far into dreamland he would not wake for hours even if they stopped the pollen now. All he heard was the sweet-nothings of Countess SuSu in his ears, the apparent history between the two making the hypnotic suggestions considerably more potent than they would be normally. Whatever the Countess had planned clearly involved her former lover.

The fate of Mimic or in her new identity of “Bouquet” was afar more immediate issue.  Once she awoke she would be sent to the S.W.O.R.D prison in Nevada and temporarily replace Captain Justice to allow a window of escape in security. In all the chaos following the reveal of a high placed mole (an operative of the now deceased Kingpin “Fatman”) in S.W.O.R.D certain files were“lost” over just how many agents Mimic had copied in her career. Mimic would infiltrate the facility, whose layout they had long since observed and knockout the Captain with her patented dream pollen and retrieve the necklace. Once they switched, the necklace would be used to reverse the hypnotic commands of Amazing Woman on Countess Rei who would walk out of the prison….with Mimic in her cell and Captain Justice hypnotically convinced that nothing happened.

Bouquet was raised from her chair, clad in the same clothing as her other flowers with the only difference being a bright green bikini peeking out from under her dress. “What are your orders Madame?”

Bloom approached her new flower and kissed her deeply well placing a letter in her hand.  Making sure that no resistance remained with her last kiss, Bloom spoke, “There is a helicopter waiting outside which will bring you to your objective.  The letter contains your instructions and objectives, do not disappoint me, and DO NOT disobey our mistress.”

Watching her newest servant leave, Bloom turned to the other flowers. “Ladies return to VCRs’ side, Amazing Woman will strike against her soon, make sure the plan continues on schedule. I must meet with the other knights of the Countess to begin the next phase.”

Giggle “Yes Mistress.” Giggle

Amazing Cave

Martha Knight was furious. The little bitch VCR had clearly lured both her and Black Tiger to the bank. She was angry for falling into such an obvious trap and even angrier over failing her friend.  The Amazing Computer had detected at least 4 woman including VCR on their roof top and the plant residue was unknown. Esperenza was the target and they got her. Suddenly the police band caught her attention

“This is Officer Jones to all units; we have a major shootout in the lower east side, requesting all available backup….its damm near anarchy.”

Amazing Woman sighed, no rest for the righteous. She had a feeling the collection of thugs at the bank were involved.

Lower East Side Industrial District

Jenny “Pink Maiden” Powers had never felt so much sweat against her skin in her pink and gold body suit than in this fight. These thugs were everywhere and they seemed to have no clear objective.  It almost seemed like anarchy for chaos' sake. Luckily these thugs did not seem like anything special and besides being a resilient bunch did not seem able to do much.

“Something is very wrong here” Not a moment after she finished the sentence Pink Maiden was pounced on from behind.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Jenny screamed as an unnaturally large wolf bit into her shoulder. “Get off me you BITCH”

The wolf seemed to respond to her plea and quickly dashed away back into the darkness.

“Dammit, the wound is bad….I hope the police can handle it from here.” Pink Maiden injured and bloody got to her Amazing Cycle and hoped she did not bleed out by the time she was back to the cave.

Dante Estate

Countess SuSu clad in her custom made and quite scandalous royal purple bikini stood before her gathered knights with her servant and lover Lady “B” by her side.

“Report my knights”

VCR in her usual attire rolled forward. “The bank ambush went perfectly, Amazing Woman is focused on me and not the Flowers, she has no clue Black Tiger is here”

“Excellent, Hound?”

Hound who was for once out of her usual casual clothing and wearing a flaming red bikini, smiled at her nights work. “My pack is completely keeping the police distracted and Pink Maiden has already been bitten, it is only a matter of time before she comes to me and begs to be made whole.”


Still in her Anchorwoman attire, the bronze skinned Brazilian stepped forward, “Jasmine Knight will be sent alongside myself here tomorrow morning on a “story” over the life and times of Countess Dante, she will be easy prey to the touch of our Kunoichi.”

Susu smiled at Akainu, the greatest of mother’s hypnotists beside herself, so talented in hypnotizing men and woman that she was named “Red Dog”in honor of her ability to reduce her prey into little more than animals in heat.

“And finally Bloom?” Susu made no secret of her increased interest with her gaze at the Indian Knight.

Smiling triumphantly in her tiny black bikini Bloom made her report, “Amy Bell has now joined my garden as Bouquet and is already in the process of freeing Countess Dante, Wonderboy has been moved to his private room in the basement of manor and will be kept in dreamland as long as you’d like.”

Susu was tempted to break out into maniacal laughter at how well the plan was going but stopped herself; the biggest piece of the board had yet to be taken out.

“You all have your orders for the second phase, failure will not be tolerated” Obeying their Mistress, the knights left to their tasks.

“All is well my love?” Susu turned to her lover B and smiled, it truly was.

“Lady B” was once the greatest Super-Villainess of all time, Bikinibot. In the 50s and early 60s this bio-droid almost single handily won the Earth for the Female Martian invasion turning legions of women (and men for that matter) into beautiful bikini clad slaves. Only the sheer will of Captain Justice and a very young Max Wonder had saved the Earth. Her mother found Bikinibot badly damaged and almost beyond repair when she salvaged the Martian ship. B only reached full power two months after the Metro City Manor affair and thus was unavailable to aid her mother. Through study of her and the wreckage they created the hypnotic necklace and even discovered the “Martian Women” were merely time-travelling criminals from Earths future who were hoping to conquer over easy prey.

Susu sighed as B began to massage her body and plant kisses alongside her neck. The long recuperation and care Susu and her mother had given Bikinibot had changed one fundamental tenet of her programming; Bikinibot had genuine love and loyalty for the family which made any attempt to alter her mind impossible outside of SuSu and her mother.

“My lovely Lady B, let us move to the bedroom,” B smiled, no one ever treated her with such care as her Mistress Susu.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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