Bouquet Frees the Countess

Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Susu (Countess II) Wonderboy
Category Female Dom Mind Control
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S.W.O.R.D Prison Nevada Desert.

“Inntruuuuuuuuderrrrrrrrr:” Captain Justice could barely whisper out the warning as the woman in front of him shoved a blanket of fine powder into his face, he barely even registered her hands feeling around his pockets. It was impossible for Captain Justice to move and took supreme effort just to maintain coherent thought. He could do nothing as he heard the woman bark orders to guards in his voice. Suddenly she came over to his fallen form and blew another palm full of powder into his face and all he knew was darkness.

Giggle “Here we are” Bouquet made her way to Countess Rei’s cell, sneaking into the facility had been child’s play and the security cameras would be on loop for the next 20 minutes, more than enough time to make the switch.

Hearing footsteps, the Countess assumed the Captain had returned for more information and was mildly surprised at who arrived.

“So Captain, come here for more…..oh my why aren't you a delectable little flower.” Rei was impressed at the speed of her daughters' plan as well as the abilities of her latest slave. Long brown hair with a delightful gymnast’s body, Amy Bell was a sight to behold even in her true form.

My my Timothy first my daughter and now her, you really are a Wonderboy.

“Your necklace mistress and the fake as well.”

Rei took the real necklace and gazed deeply into its jewel. She mentally laughed at how true the Captain’s words were. Her skills as a hypnotist meant any focal point was a weapon, she had reduced hardened killers to little more than harmless puppies with nothing more than a manicured finger.No the power of the emerald jewel lie in the peculiar makeup of the crystal, it vibrated naturally at a frequency that resonated in the subconscious. Normally people would not notice its powers, but if their conscious mind was distracted in any way, commands could be sent directly into a victims mind and be almost impossible to reverse unless the same method was used in meditation or directly removed by the hypnotist. Her daughter had a similar necklace, but it had to be the same one used to reverse the effects. As she meditated into the crystal Countess Rei…no Countess Dante once again could feel the mental chains Amazing Woman had placed on her disappear.

‘AHHHHHHHHHH so much better. Time to join my daughter, we do have a big day together coming up” The Countess grabbed Bouquet and pulled into a deep kiss well caressing her body, the girl was going to be bored out of her mind for weeks if things go as planned, a reward was the least she could give. All that was left was to make sure the Captain remembered nothing of the knockout, Captain Justice was too much like his mentor to hypnotize deeply in such a short time but with the necklace in her possession she could alter his memory to rationalize the guard movements and his blackout as nothing but a relaxing nap.

“A mental suggestion to a dream a little dream of me wouldn't hurt either.”

She was free, Amazing Woman would soon be destroyed and no one was the wiser.

Dante Manor:

“Am I ready or do you think I should change into something else?”

“Your already irresistible Mistress”


“Susu you practically gave him a heart attack in a skirt and a t-shirt, he will not be able to say no now.”

Susu sighed, everything was going as planned but like always Timothy made her feel different. B and Bloom thought she looked good in anything and Suzette was politely trying to say stop worrying without speaking against her. She loved Suzette for her friendship and because among all her mother’s servants she had long learned to speak without disobeying.

Susu had planned every piece of her outfit for their reunion. Mary Janes, dark stockings with a dangerously short purple dress and with a string of white pearls surrounding a lone sapphire sphere around her neck.  Her hair was left down and only subtle makeup was applied to enhance her beauty without being distracting. Everything was meant to evoke a sexy housewife look well deliberately avoiding the fetishistic tastes of her mother. Even his time under Bloom’s pollen had been spent hearing her voice and reminding him of why he loved everything about her. Timmy had told her a year ago about the powers granted by the Box of Wonders, the user had to be pure-hearted and have the soul of a hero. As pissed as she was, the stripper incident taught Susu that the intention mattered for the Wonder Powers. If he truly believed he was doing the right thing; he could use his powers for any act to the fullest.  He would wake up any moment and she would remind who his true love was…..and why protecting her was the only thing that mattered. She would be Queen, and with Wonderboy as her King no one on her could stop her.

“Mistress he is waking”

Susu smiled as she saw Timothy wake from his bed, naked as the day he was born. “It’s been a while Wonderboy” Realization dawned on Timothy’s face.

“Waaaat Susu!” Looking down at himself he realized the other surprise. “Wowzzers! Why am I naked?” Timothy couldn't tell if he was dreaming, the woman who haunted his every dream and who he secretly wished Amy would change into more often was right in front of him. And he was stark naked! This was not how he planned to see her again.

“You had an accident at the University, the pollen was a bit stronger than Dr. Rani thought, I had just returned to Metro City when you were sent to a hospital, I offered to take care of you”

“Where’s Amy? Why am I naked?” Susu smiled, he was so predictable sometimes in his actions. He was naked, confused and tipsy from the pollen and she had him right where she wanted.

“We had to wash all the pollen off silly, your clothes are in the dryer. As for Amy…Timmy she knew you never had the same feelings for her as she did for you” Susu deliberately began sliding her hand up and down Wonderboy’s thigh as she began weave her spell.

“That…that’s not true.” Even as he said it he couldn’t stop thinking about Susu, Amy even seduced him the first time looking like her.  And the way her hand felt against his thigh……

“Amy knew that you would always come back to me, she gave me her blessing and left us alone…together.Susu made sure to practically purr as she said it. Flipping her hair she deliberately had Timothy breath in her scent. Kicking off her heels, she slid out of her dress and lay beside him.

“You always loved me Timmy, remember the night last year, I was your angel….you loved it as I guided you to heaven” Susu smiled, he was already enraptured by her every word, now to make him hers. Delicately she began playing with his erect member well guiding him further into a trance. “Let me guide you again Timmy, to a wonderful place you dreamed of.”  Slowly increasing her pace, she took off her necklace and began swinging the sapphire in front of his eyes.

“Look into the jewel Timmy, it’s a lovely blue just like my lovely blue eyes, let it guide you….get lost in the lovely blue colour, let it guide you into your memories. Such a lovely blue colour….so deep and beautiful. Let the blue encase your mind….nothing but the blue…….such a sensual wonderful blue” Feeling his body become totally erect, Susu quickly straddled him, her necklace replaced with her eyes.

“Let my voice guide you along the blue, my words have always made you happy, always told you the truth, powerful absolute truths. Remember your angel….remember….the pleasure…remember what you promised the day I left for Japan all those years ago.”

Timothy was completely lost in the colour, he only felt the power of the gaze on his mind and the pleasure of Susu lowering herself onto him, the blue of her eyes felt like they were penetrating his soul. He remembered…a night alone and a childish promise Susu made him swear.

“To marry you…. To cherish you” Hearing the long forgotten memory spoken, Susu pushed him towards climax and bore her eyes into her lovers. Increasing her pace, SuSu timed his climax in time with the most important memory.

“To Lovvvvvvvvvvvve you.” Timothy could barely breath as he was overcome with the most powerful orgasm of his life. His conscious thought had long since been lost into Susu’s voice, her scent…her deep sensual blue eyes. He knew what he needed to do, what he HAD to do for the woman he loved.

Susu caught her breath, even in her dreams she did not expect the plan to go so well…..or for her to feel so good, she hadn't cum like that since that night a year ago.

“Susu……..willl….will you marry me? Timothy could never remember ever wanting something so much in his life.

Susu smiled at Timothy and softly kissed him.

“Yes Timothy Langstrom….I will”

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