VCR and the Flowers have fun with Amazing Woman

Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Amazing Woman Susu (Countess II)
Previous Chapter Bouquet Frees the Countess

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“Who are you working for!”

“For the pack…that’s all I know. ”Amazing Woman was getting angrier by the minute, between her and police, the massive collection of thugs,including a multitude of these “Wolf Pack” were on their last legs but refused to go down easy despite defeat being assured. Her anger only intensified when she realized this was simply a distraction for something else. The thugs said nothing when pressed but their confidence clearly implied they knew how this would end in the beginning. Poor Jenny would be unavailable for some time. A trained wolf, no doubt part of the “Pack,” had bit deeply into her left shoulder. The only upside was the police were firmly on her side for the first time in months. Fighting for breath, it was time to head back to the cave.

“Ahhhhhhh getting tired Amazing Woman?”

Turning around Amazing Woman saw the thief VCR and a trio of women in matching slutty green dresses.

“Tell me where Black Tiger is now!” Amazing Woman threw a slew of her Amazorangs at her opponents and was flabbergasted as they all barely dodged….and how VCR eyes seem to glow.

“Well that’s not nice, what do you think girls?”

The Trio responded by moving all around her and holding seeds in their hands. Vines began to grow and Amazing Woman could not understand how in a moment they had grown all around her from all directions….plants do not grow that fast! Thinking back to the bank…..VCR had fast-forwarded time!

Noticing the realization on her targets face VCR began to gloat, “And the dumb slut finally figures it out. Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward….time is mine to play with and combined with my lovely little assistants here were 100 times stronger than you could every hope to be. Finish her girls, Im sure some young punks would like a hour or two alone with her.” Lotus, Rose and Lily surrounded their prey and each blew a stream of a special brand of dream pollen into Amazing Woman’s’ face.

What a pathetic sight”

“Multiple failures in a single night”

“Won’t she be surprised when she sees the light?”

Amazing Woman lost consciousness to the sound of her enemies giggling over her fallen form.

Meanwhile at the Amazing Cave

Uuuuuuuuuuuugh” Jenny “Pink Maiden” Powers was struggling to stay conscious. By the time she got back to the cave she knew something was wrong, the wound had already healed! But she barely had time to think over that fact when she began to feel sleepy. Visions of feral men and women filled herv ision, a woman's voice saying things she could not quite understand. A deep primal part of her pressured her to relax and embrace the voice well her training screamed at her to stay a wake.

Must figure out what that wolf did to me.

Thinking of wolf had been a mistake…suddenly she saw that wolf….or was it a beautiful woman? A hallucination, a vision…she did not know but she felt every sensation of the werewoman's breath on her skin. The words in her mind became clearer…..the message simple.

Come to me…come to the pack…..Cum for me….Cum for the pack…come to me….come to the pack…Cum for me…Cum for the pack.

Jenny finally closed her eyes and came at the message. Moments later her eyes opened….glassy and filled with lust. She moved towards her Amazing Cycle and began driving….driving to a place she knew she had to go……….

Dante Manor

“Any expected delays Countess? The maid Suzette inquired over the phone.

From her helicopter, Countess Dante answered. “No tell my daughter I am to arrive on schedule for the ceremony…do tell Susu that I am proud her will you, if I knew her relationship to Timothy could made her so focused and driven, I would have done this years ago”

“Yes Countess, I will” Suzette could not help but agree with Countess Dante’s assessment of the change in Susu. A year ago her world was shattered when her mother was arrested; she blamed herself for allowing her love of Timothy to distract her during such an important time. She threw herself into finding her mother and was preparing to wage a war when the incident surrounding Mimic and the Fatman occurred. If Susu felt guilty over what happened to her mother, she was furious that Amazing Woman was as self-righteous as to fight Timothy for protecting a woman he loved. Suzette wisely chose not to comment on how Susu was clearly projecting her own situation onto Mimic’s.  Her love for Timothy only magnified Susu’s hatred of Amazing Woman, it was no longer revenge….it was a vendetta. The fallout at S.W.O.R.D made what happened next so much easier, freeing the Countess Dante was only a matter of time and Susu could now have everything she wanted.

“Suzette are all plans proceeding as planned?”

Susu was being fitted for her wedding dress (she literally had gone through a hundred designs over the past few months) and was positively glowing after her Timothy’s proposal. As Suzette knew from saying goodbye for her a year ago, hypnosis only intensified their laying together, everything Timothy said was still of his own free will. Susu had never commanded him to do anything that he already did not think, she merely guided his emotions to a profound conclusion. Suzette stifled a giggle, she still believed Susu had used a cruise missile when a match would do, Timothy’s feelings for her were long since ready to explode. Remembering her orders, she answered,

“Your mother will arrive on schedule and will personally bring Mayor Langstrom to the ceremony. Timothy is currently with Vincent being fitted for his Tuxedo and still cannot believe last night happened, the grin has not left his face mistress.”

Giggle “And the knights?”

“Hound report’s Pink Maiden will arrive shortly and will be ready before the ceremony. Bloom has returned to the University and is finalizing preparations for the final phase. Jasmine will be Ebony once again by tomorrow at noon; Akainu has been slowly preparing the trap for a month with Jasmine’s mind far closer to breaking than she is aware. VCR and Flowers report the ambush was successful, Amazing Woman will wake up the day of the ceremony, if I may ask why did you not merely kill her?”

Susu grinned devilishly; it was time to reveal her masterstroke.

“A year ago Amazing Woman had allies. S.W.O.R.D, BlackTiger, Det. Major and to a lesser extent her Sister and soon after the Pink Maiden. By tomorrow? Pink Maiden will be my loyal bitch, Black Tiger will be on a “vacation” with the dear detective, her sister my loyal slave and law enforcement firmly against her.”

“The Police? How?”

“What do you think B with all her power has been up to? Every female cop on the force has developed a certain fetish for her brand of clothing. The male officers have been subjected to her home videos and are now helpless to their female superiors. And whatever resistance remains will be shattered when the vigilante attempts to ruin the wedding the of the Mayor’s son. She will never get close to the ceremony of course, I am not ruining my own wedding day, but the hounds watching her have explicit orders to inform her of the event at this estate tomorrow evening. Her exposure to Bloom’s pollen will also make her more uninhibited than usual…and the pollen to be released across the city will only intensify her already vulnerable state. I will crush Amazing Woman, I will humiliate her and all the world will see me as the poor victim of a vindictive vigilante. My mother failed when stepped out of the shadows, I will not make that mistake....but I have no problem blinding others of my true self by shining in the light.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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