The Scarlet Goddess instructs Shadowcat

by LesLes
Storyline Good Girls Gone Bad (Marvel)
Characters Shadowcat Scarlet Witch Black Cat
Category Body Modification Corruption F/F Female Dom Marvel
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Kitty Pryde screamed till her lungs were empty. But even as she screamed she could feel the cause fading out of her mind to leave behind only an impression of flames and the half-remembered smell of sulphur. As she came to her senses she found herself sprawled naked on a polished marble floor in front of a daise on which sat a bejewelled golden throne.

"Welcome back, my little kitty," the Scarlet Witch told her.

No, Wanda's hands still blazing with scarlet fire Kitty realised the woman in front of her was not a witch but a goddess. The Scarlet Goddess. Kitty's body trembled with lust. But Kitty's mind was on fire too. She could feel that she was faster and smarter than before. She could see a dozen ways to attack the women in front of her, using skills and martial arts she'd never learnt. But she would never do such a thing - even as her body desired the Scarlet Goddess's touch, her mind yearned to be caressed by her words and to obey.

"Mistress," Kitty began as she had addressed Emma and Jean. It wasn't enough. She had been resurrected by this gorgeous woman. Kitty was intelligent enough to know her obedience was part of Wanda's magic. Nevertheless mere 'mistress' was not enough. "My goddess! Thank you."

Memories were coming back to her. The way she had wasted her life before the scarlet light had washed over her and the rest of the women at the school. Afterward she had gone straight to Piotr Rasputin, phased her hand into his chest and threatened to kill him if he didn't pound her pussy like a metal fucktoy. Why hadn't she done it before? She had wanted to fuck him and that was all that had ever mattered. Sweet Piotr had resisted until his eyes rolled back in his head and from his mouth Emma had offered Kitty a deal. Piotr as obedient mind-wiped fucktoy in return for Kitty's willing service to the new White and Black Queens. When she had agreed Emma in Piotr's body had stretched her painfully as he/she had impaled her on a warm metal cock worthy of a colossus.

"Shadowcat. An appropriate name for one of my wicked little pets," Wanda mused as lounged sat back on her throne. "Don't you agree?"

"Yes, my goddess, yes. I am Shadowcat."

And she was. She'd answer to Kitty Pryde, of course, but she thought of herself as Shadowcat now.

"Good kitty. So tame! And there's another beyond the veil of death for you to play with."

Scarlet fire erupted beside her, to be tinged with the red of magma and what sounded like the shrieks of the damned. Then as suddenly as it had appeared it was gone and on her knees on the hard marble was Felicia Hardy. The Black Cat screamed as naked as when she was born. Shadowcat loved the sound of a woman in pain. But even better was the way Felicia's big boobs bounced as she took juddering breaths to refill her lungs. She could see her appreciation of pain and tits and ass was mirrored in the Scarlet Goddess who licked her lips at what she had summoned forth.

"Blackcat and Shadowcat. Killer and spy. Almost a perfect team but maybe you need a little more. Cats ought to have claws after al, so let's give you both all of Wolverine's powers."

With simultaneous snikts adamantium claws erupted from their hands. Shadowcat briefly admired hers before her attention was caught by the Blackcat. Felicia was licking her knife sharp claws with intense pleasure.

"My magic changed the Black Cat more than most. All her memories were remade. She became a predator, a serial killer. She loves the sound and feel of blades slipping into flesh now. Such an exquisite sexual thrill for her."

Kitty nodded, a little scared of the gorgeous woman with the mane of white-hair.

"You could do with a little more changing," Wanda mused as she looked over Shadowcat's body.

The Scarlet Goddess's hands rose. One bolt of scarlet energy struck Shadowcat, the other Blackcat. Shadowcat gasped as pleasure washed over her tits. As she looked down she saw them swelling as scarlet fire enveloped them. Fuck! Maybe they'd be as big as Frost's and Shadowcat had always envied the bitch's funbags. The pleasure continued to mount until they had grown to the same size as Blackcat's breasts and Shadowcat came in an orgasm. Her cry of pleasure was swallowed by Blackcat's lips, Felicia's tongue plunging hungrily into Shadowcat's open mouth. Shadowcat's enlarged tits must have been more sensitive too because it felt unbelievable good to rub them against Blackcat's soft globes and hard nipples.

From her throne the Scarlet Goddess watched her naked puppets' lesbian show for a while before her own cunt demanded attention.

"Come my tame pussies and pleasure mine."

The two women broke their kiss immediately and ran to kneel before the throne. Shadowcat phased the Scarlet Goddess's thong away and took a slow feline lick from the bottom of Wanda's slit to the top. It tasted divine and apparently her new tits weren't the only improvement, her tongue was as long and rough as a cat's. She could feel Wanda enjoying the extra stimulation it supplied her wonderful cunt. Adamantium blades cut their way through the corset covering Wanda's breasts as Blackcat freed them to suck on first one nipple and then the other. 

Shadowcat's worship of Wanda's pussy was cut short as Blackcat pushed her aside. She pushed her own tongue deep into Wanda's cunt, lapping up the cream like a cat. Shadowcat phased one hand through Blackcat's head and with the other solid hand drove three fingers into Blackcat's wet cunt. Taken by surprise Blackcat jumped and her head came away from the Scarlet Goddess's crotch. Shadowcat's fingers were already perfectly placed and two fingers became solid again to laready penetrating Wanda's hot slit and began to piston.
Shadowcat laughed as she made to suck Wanda's clit and slipped on the marble. With a slurp her fingers pulled out of Wanda to be replaced without a pause by Blackcat's. The other hand still had fingers buried in Blackcat's pussy. Shadowcat cursed. Apparently Blackcat's probability manipulating powers were powerful.

"Don't worry, I still love you Shadowpussy," Blackcat laughed as she bent over and pushed her rough tongue into the prone Shadowcat's snatch. Shadowcat had heard Blackcat was bisexual and she could certainly believe the thief turned serial killer knew her way round a woman's body.

"I'm, oh fuck yes, I'm still not beat," Shadowcat vowed as she surged up Wanda's legs to lick at her asshole and wait another chance to seize the right to pleasure the Scarlet Goddess's cunt.

Finger and tongues attending to her Wanda was carried swiftly to organise. But it was the way that her slaves fought to fuck her that made the sex even better than her first lesbian sixty-nine with Ms. Menace. Eventually the Scarlet Witch was satisfied and the wounds her playmates had cut in each other with their claws were already regenerating. Bloody was so sexy as long as it was someone else's.

"Find the resistance and any others who might oppose me. Spy on them and report what you find to me. Then kill like predators, cull the weak from the herd. I imagine you'll want to give special attention to Logan and Frank."

Shadowcat's last memory was of speaking to Logan. Trying to persuade him to come back with her and Laura. Shadowcat had ridden him like a cowgirl while Jean had fucked him in the ass, Laura had slashed his chest and Jubilee had sat on his face. All the girls he'd paid attention to and he was so ungrateful. And then he'd escaped and when she'd tried to bring him back one of Wolverine's associate had blown Shadowcat's fucking head open. A girl could keep a grudge over that.

Blackcat growled in wordless anger. Apparently she had a similar story with the Punisher.
With a sickening tearing noise the Scarlet Goddess distorted reality and a portal to what both resurrected puppets recognised as New York opened. Smoke filled the skyline and the sounds of alarms and gunshots seem to come from everywhere.

Shadowcat and Blackcat stepped through, still naked and with pussy juices leaking down their thighs.

"Kill someone for your clothes."

The rift sealed leaving behind them leaving a ragged scarlet cut in space that had barely faded when they leapt from the top of the roof four storeys to the alley below.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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