Wanda Maximoff and Carol Danvers are transformed into supervillainesses

by LesLes
Storyline Good Girls Gone Bad (Marvel)
Characters Captain America Ms. Marvel Scarlet Witch
Category Marvel Change of clothes Corruption F/F
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Captain America struggled through the howling winds, trying to reach the woman floating in the centre of the maelstrom. He gestured for the Avengers and their allies to fall back. He was team leader, he was responsible. Small rocks and bits of debris tore at his clothes and exposed skin as he used his shield to deflect the large rubble. He could feel his shield vibrate like a bell each time it was struck and yet could hear nothing over the wind.

Captain America could see Iron Man and Captain Marvel circling round. If he failed Tony or Carol would be ready to rush in. He gritted his teeth, and pushed on, muscles straining, eyes on the woman whose uncontrolled powers fought to blow him away.

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, floated in the calm at the centre of the magical whirlwind. Her scarlet cape and long brown hair billowd in a mere gentle breeze. Her head was turned upwards and her arms were outstretched, untouched by the wall of storm carried debris just beyond her fingers. She was illuminated by bolts of scarlet lightning on the inner edge of the maelstrom, raw chaos magic that was fed by beams streaming continuously from her hands and into the tornado.

"Wanda," Steve Rogers bellowed with every breath that remained in his lungs.

Captain America wasn't sure if the Scarlet Witch had heard him over the noise of her tempest, but she blinked and looked at him as he struggled toward her. Her cheeks were wet, but there were no more tears in her green eyes. Instead Steve Rogers could see an insane wildness greater than that of the unnatural storm in their emerald depths. He had ignored the signs too long, allowed his faith in a fellow Avenger to cloud his perspective...

"I am a good girl," Wanda's words carried clear and sharp to Steve Rogers. Doubtless some small magic.

"I behaved, I said sorry, I took the insults from the mutants. I was a good girl. I was so careful, I didn't break the law. I was a good girl. I let another woman take the Vision and I didn't say anything. Because I was a good girl."

"I've been a good girl. I've been such a good good girl."

Captain America was pushed back inch by inch by turbulent mad winds that were almost strong enough to pick him up. They tore the words of comfort he wanted to give Wanda from his throat unspoken.

"We all try to be such good girls. But we're not good girls. We're not superheroines."

The wind began to rise, to grow wilder still.

"We're fools! Look at us! We're fools!"

Captain America hunkered behind his Vibranium shield as it rang with impacts.

"You wanted us to be like this, like you, and you destroyed me!"

Eyes wide with fear, Captain America managed to croak "No" into the gale.

Suddenly the winds became completely still and there was a moment of almost painful silence.

"No more good girls."

Captain America's eyes flooded with blinding golden light tinged with flashes of scarlet. The flashes seemed familiar, like they were about to cohere into images but they never did. Instead a few seconds later his dazzled vision cleared enough to make out Wanda again.

The storm was gone and with desparate speed Captain America raised his shield over his head. The debris and rubble that had been swept into the sky rained down in a thunderous roar of destruction. Quietly and deliberately Wanda Maximoff floated down behind it, her body still crackling with small roaming bolts of scarlet lightning.

With his trained super-senses Captain America watched as the Scarlet Witch's breasts swelled while her waist narrowed and her hips widened. The chaos magic coursing through her body was transforming her from a curvaceous woman into a voluptuous one. But the change was subtle compared to the transformation of her costume.

The supersoldier out of the past blushed as the fabric flowed like red mercury over her skin. Her smooth belly was exposed as her one-piece bathing suit separated into two scarlet parts. The bottom evaporated away as it became a tiny thong, a narrow triangle of red barely preserving her modesty hung from a small red band that drooped from the now exaggerated curve of her hips. The top became a scarlet corset, big open rings of red lace  exposing her entire cleavage and joining two scarlet panels which mashed her sorcerously-enlarged breasts together.

As Wanda's feet touched the ground in thigh-high boots with six-inch heels, black snakes of corruption raced from her feet to her unaltered headdress and were gone. Along the side of Wanda's boots and corset they left a pornographic karma sutra of figures which twisted and animated into positions potent for sex magic.

"No more good girls. I'm a bad, bad girl now."

The Scarlet Witch strutted over to Captain America, her hips swaying. Her lush lips were painted with scarlet lipstick and twisted into a superior sneer as she dug a heel into America's champion's shoulder.

Captain America didn't waste the chance. He leapt up and took a firm grip of Wanda's arm. He wasn't going to let go till she was better.

"Wanda we can help y--"

Carol Danvers had been wearing her new costume as Captain Marvel. A dark blue spandex suit with a yellow star on the chest, shoulders and upper chest in red with gold trim. Now all that remained of that costume was the red sash draped around her waist.

The Carol Danvers who had flown at high speed into Steve Rogers back, sending him flying head over feet and bouncing twice before he came to rest, wore the black one-piece bathing suit, thigh-high boots and opera gloves of Ms Marvel. Except that this new costume was made entirely of figure-hugging tight shiny black latex. And where the golden lightning bolt was normally was bare skin, visible through the thunderbolt cutout in the latex. Carol's breasts were mostly exposed by the horizontal bar of the lightning bolt, it's sharp tip pointing lewdly at her latex-covered crotch and ending just above her mons.

Carol Danvers landed gracefully beside the Scarlet Witch. Her face bore an expression of sadistic pleasure as she watched a groggy Captain America try to push himself up from the ground.

"Naughty girl," the Scarlet Witch giggled proudly.

She pulled at Carol's costume and one of the former superheroine's big boobs slipped easily out of the black latex at her chest. Carol shivered with pleasure and began to stroke, fingers entwining with Wanda's, the nipple rapidly stiffening

"Naughty girl," Carol repeated in an ecstatic whisper. Then more loudly she called out, "That's right Avengers, there's a new supervillainess in town. Ms Menace is going to have fun with you, though you might not agree."

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