Ms Menace and Rogue fight and fuck, both equally destructive to New York

by aspiringactor
Storyline Good Girls Gone Bad (Marvel)
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“Bring her to me!” The X-Queen shouted in all of her powerful glory. Around her stood her court of X-women, each poised to kill anyone who interfered with her victory. Such as the remaining Hellfire club soldiers, who scrambled inside, away from the impending battle. But they couldn't run away fast enough. Because Ms Menace was quick to take up the challenge by crashing through the top floor of the Baxter building, and thunder down onto the pavement. 
“Rogue,” Ms Menace said in a husky tone as she smiled. She had looked forward to a re-match some day. “It's about time.”
“New York is mine,” the Queen of Mutants roared aggressively. “You can either accept that, or die. Personally, I'd prefer the latter.”
“I know you would,” Ms Menace replied sharply as she readied herself for an enjoyable fight.  She was outnumbered six to one, and Rogue thought that she held the advantage. So that was why the X-Queen signalled for Talon to attack, figuring it would be an easy kill. Acting fast, Ms Menace grabbed the young mutant by the neck and activated her power-draining ability. In an instant, she had taken all of the girl's vitality, as well as her ability to regenerate. She slammed Talon's body into the ground, as a warning to all the others.
“Take her down!” Rogue screamed as she charged head-first into the fray. Surge sprinted on her left side, and let loose a powerful attack, which only empowered Ms Menace, who know almost cackled with power. “You idiot!” Rogue growled as she grabbed Surge's shoulder, and began to drain the woman into a dead husk. “No energy attacks! She'll absorb them!” Rogue continued as Armour tried to tackle Ms Menace. This attack caught her off-balance, and Ms Menace crumpled to the ground slightly, with her nude body pressed against the ground. Unfortunately,  Ms Menace found herself unable to drain Armour's powers. Not that she needed to, given that she was already more powerful, and was able to toss the woman into the air like a twig. 
In this time, however, Rogue had drained away the powers of Surge, as well as Dust. Which meant that it was only the two of them. Or so Ms Menace wanted Rogue to think, as she used the mental collar she had Spider-Man build for her to call her own super-powered troops, in the form of Moonstone, The Human Torch and The Thing.
 Even though Ms Menace had added Moonstone's powers for her own, the psychologist had fully regained the use of her abilities. Ms Menace assumed that it was the same for the others, and had therefore been sure to place them under her control firmly. She also wanted to wait and see if she would be able to drain Moonstone again, making herself even stronger than before. But not at the moment, as she wanted to watch the show. She ordered the Thing to try and squish Rogue, but the Mutant was to quick, and managed to use Dust's powers to dissipate into sand, and re-form herself  behind the rock-like brawler. She let out a bare hand, and started to absorb the Thing's powers.
This gave Moonstone the perfect chance to attack from behind, and strike hard. But not hard enough, as Rogue had taken enough of the Thing's powers to deflect the blow, and tackle Moonstone before she could pull away. 
“Sending in your pawns?” Rogue taunted as she traded blows with Moonstone. “You're weaker than I thought!”
“I'm just waiting for the right moment!” Ms Menace chuckled, as she felt herself growing hotter. She looked down, and saw that her pussy was beginning to swell with arousal as she watched tow of her enemies fight it out. Moonstone began to lose quickly, as Rogue gained a firm grip on her arm. Soon, their fight was over, and Rogue smiled triumphantly. 
“You waited to long,” Rogue taunted as she readied herself to attack. 
“No,” Ms Menace said as she signalled for the Human Torch to attack. He flew low to the ground and struck Rogue's side. The flames didn't hurt her, as most would expect. Instead they seemed to fly from one body to the other, as Johnny Storm was rendered unconscious rather quickly. But Rogue remained encased in flame, having taken all of the Human Torch's powers.  
“Now things are interesting,” Rogue smiled wickedly as her flames grew even brighter than the Human Torch could manage. As a side-effect, the X-Queen was left in nude glory, as all her clothes turned into ash. Ms Menace smiled as well, having planned this fight out perfectly, even as she began to hover in mid-air. Simultaneously, both women burst forward and collided head-on. 
Ms Menace, being the trained fighter, drove her fist into Rogue's stomach and face, before the latter could retaliate by placing her hands on Ms Menace's face and breasts. 
“I'm gonna enjoy this, bitch!” Rogue snapped as her flames grew even hotter than before. Just as Ms Menace wanted, as she knew that she could absorb heat energy, and add to her own strength. She felt new power rush into her body in an unending loop, as Rogue could drain Ms Menace to a slight degree.  Now came the second part of Carol's plan, as she bit down on the Mutant's left breast, earning a slight squeal of delight. “mmm...” Rogue moaned slightly as her concentration waned, and Ms Menace began to toy with her right breast, as she activated her power-sapping powers, and began to drain away Rogue's powers. 
“This is for my memories,” Ms Menace hissed as she drove three fingers into Rogue's wet pussy, even as they flew upwards, over the skies. She manipulated Rogue's other hand to enter her own snatch, wanting sweet release as she continued to gain new power. Her strength increased a hundredfold, making her even stronger than the hulk was on a good day. And she enjoyed every minute of it! “HAHAHA!” Ms Menace cackled as she engulfed her breast with Rogue's mouth, by forcing the almost-dead Mutant's head down on it. She wanted to humiliate her even further than before. And now she had, and that sent Carol into a series of intense orgasms that racked her body, forcing her to drop Rogue as she writhed in pleasure, the idea that she was now Queen of all of New York giving her even more pleasure. 

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