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by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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Esperanza stepped into the next room, on a sewing table rested the costume for the party that she had been preparing since morning. She decided to try it on and so she took off her clothes and slipped on the black skin tight bodysuit with white tiger stripes. Then she slipped on long black leather gloves and donned a black tiger mask and cowl that covered most of her face.

The young woman looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she saw how her new costume perfectly hugged her luscious body and showed off every amazing curve. “I must admit, I do look purrrrrfect! I think I’ll try this costume out tonight.”


Although Martha had slept must of the day, Amazing Woman still felt tired as she began her nightly patrol.

Swinging in from a tight rope, she landed on the rooftop of the National Metro City History Museum. Everything looked fine inside as Martha peaked in via the large skylight window, that was of course until a silhouette of a slender woman moved halfway across the hallway in almost the blink of an eye.

“That’s no security guard,” thought the ebony crime fighter.


“This is almost too easy,” purred Esperanza as she flicked her hand and triggered five metalic clows to spring out of her fingertips. She used them to carve a hole in the glass so she could push her arm through and plucked the large diamond gem that was inside.

“I don’t believe that belongs to you,” said a voice that took cat thief by surprise.

Esperanza turned her head and saw the beautiful black heroine in green standing a few feet away from her. She felt her heartbeat increasing as she laid eyes on the crime-fighter, not because she feared going to jail but because how alluringly beautiful she was.

“Ahhh, you must be the Amazing Woman that I’ve heard so much about,” Esperanza as she tossed the priceless diamond gem over her shoulder letting it fall to the floor as if discarding it like a piece of trash.

Amazing Woman narrowed her eyes into the gaze of the beautiful in a skintight costume before her.

“That voice,” thought Martha as she remembered it from so long ago. It was like facing a ghost from her past. However she couldn’t place it yet and the heroine demanded, “Who are you?!”

Esperanza laughed and asked, “You think I just will simply tell you? I am the greatest thief, chica. One does not maintain her secret identity by giving it away. If you feel the need to call me something, then call me… the Black Tiger!”

Amazing Woman decided she was done talking and moved to take this tiger down. She leaped towards Black Tiger and the two engaged in hand to hand combat.

Martha was soon impressed, the Black Tiger managed to block and evade her punches while lashing back with her own attack. However Martha soon grabbed her wrists and pushing forced she pressed Black Tiger’s back against the nearest wall.

“Now I have you,” smiled Amazing Woman her face was inches from Esperanza’s.

“Think so chica?” asked Esperanza before leaning her head forward and planting a kiss on Amazing Woman’s lips.

Then like lightening Martha realized just who this woman was. Martha met her many years ago when she was a young model. She was modeling in Paris, her first time overseas. She met another model, a young Mexican woman who she became fast friends with, who would become the first and only woman she’d ever share her bed with.

“Esperanza!” shouted Martha breaking the kiss as she pushed herself away after releasing her grip on the thief’s wrists.

Now it was Esperanza’s turn to be stunned. Not only because of Amazing Woman calling her by her name, but because of that kiss. Those lips were so familiar to her, like she had tasted them once before. She had studied Amazing Woman’s face again and wondered aloud, “Martha?”

Amazing Woman didn’t have to say anything. Her face said it all. Then they heard the sounds of sirens and the guards racing to the entrance.

“You better go,” they both said at the same time.


Ten minutes later on a rooftop a few blocks away…

Black Tiger waited on a rooftop. Her smile widened as Amazing Woman swung over and landed like an angel from heaven. She slowly started to walk up to her like a seductress, but the impulse to rush over and hug her like a lifelong best friend was too great.

“After all this time, I can’t believe it’s really you,” said Esperanza.

“Now that you’re no longer trying to claw me to death, it’s nice to see you too,” said Martha.

“But I didn’t know it was you,” exclaimed Esperanza as the two women walked side by side. “You changed your face… Plastic surgery? Not that I don’t like the new one, but why, you were so beautiful..”

“I was attacked, my face was slashed with a knife,” said Martha. “It was one of the things that drove me to become Amazing Woman. I can’t tell you any more than that.”

“I think you’ve told me more already than you should have,” said Esperanza with a smile. “I always figured I’d meet the great Amazing Woman sooner or later in my line of work... I never figured you she would be you chica.”

“What happened between us over ten years ago is--” Martha started to say before Black Tiger hushed by placing a finger over the heroine’s lips.

“…Is a moment in time where I was yours and you were mine,” said Black Tiger with a wink, “And Paris will never be the same for us both.”

“That night in Paris before you left,” said Martha, “There was a big heist that was all over the news and in all the papers, was that you?”

“Yes my hero,” said Black Tiger. “Being a thief is part of who I am.”

“Then that means you’re going to have to skip town again,” said Martha. “I’m letting you off with a warning, next time you commit a crime in Metro City, I’ll send you to jail.”

“Will you,” asked Black Tiger “At the risk of having your true identity revealed? I know a friend in the force who just love to put you in handcuffs. Prrrrrr…. However we don’t  have to be enemies… We were always more friends than we were lovers, I still wish to be that friend, I can be your secret friend in the underworld… I can help you take down the Crime Boss herself!”

“The Crime Boss is a woman,” asked Martha.

“Not just any woman, I believe she is Countess Rei,” purred Black Tiger.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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