Who is that Amazing Woman?

by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins

In most aspects, Metro City is like any other major city in the country. Like any other major city, Metro City could be broken down in to several political subdivisions, income levels, and business districts.

Each of the political subdivisions are all controlled by the government set-ups, but all eventually answer to one person.  

The same is also true for Metro City’s criminal element. Most of the small time thugs working within organized crime are directed by criminal overseers who answer to higher level bosses, who all in turn answer to one man, the Crime Lord.

No one knew who the Crime Lord really was. It was assumed that he was a man, although it could easily be a woman. Not even the city’s mob bosses knew exactly who he or she was. As the Crime Lord’s messages and marching orders came via electronic messaging and never in person. If anyone in the organizations ever refused to obey, were soon found brutally slain along with their entire families.

For over ten years now, the Crime Lord is considered to be the undisputed king of Metro City’s criminal empire and rules with an iron fist. With crime and poverty on the rise, the citizens who live in Metro City feel that there is very little hope for the future.

Little did anyone realize yet that a legend would soon begin.


A handsome young man in his mid twenties named Jason Lance sat at his L shaped desk that sat in the middle of his newly rebuilt office, which located at the tallest building in Metro City, Enterprise Towers. Four of the walls in the office had built in bookcases and one of those bookcases also was built to act as the only doorway into Jason’s office.

Jason was well dressed in a tailor made white suit that had come from France, which he wore with a silk buttoned blue shirt. He very short blonde hair and steel blue eyes. He was very well built, like he was trained for the Olympics.

He was watching television on his giant plasma TV that hung above his wet bar. The news was on and he was listening to the beautiful young black reporter named Jasmine Knight who was filling in for the regular anchorwoman on Channel 4.

“The mysterious alluring avenger many citizens are already calling the Amazing Woman struck again last night,” explained the lovely 18-year-old reporter. “This time foiling a daring kidnap plot of our own city’s mayor. Mayor Bloomfield is safe and with his family and his would-be kidnappers are now in jail thanks to the alluring avenger known as Amazing Woman. But who is she? Many call her a hero, but the newly elected Chief of Police Mary Langstrom has issued a warrant for her arrest, claiming that no one has the right to take the law into their own hands, no matter how bad the crime rate is.”

“Jasmine, isn’t it true that the crime rate has started to dip since Amazing Woman first appeared four months ago,” asked sixty-eight-year-old television anchorman Bob Westlake.

“Yes Bob, there are a lot less reports of street crime, and even drug dealing and even prostitution is currently low,” explained Jasmine. “Seems the big tuff bad guys are afraid to cross paths with Amazing Woman.”

Jason frowned, he had seen enough, he switched off the television with his remote and then quickly grabbed his phone off his desk. And speed dialed a number.

“This is Lance, remember that annoying problem we talked about last time,” he asked. “Well the Crime Lord wants it taken care of. That’s right, in fact I’m personally going be overseeing things for him on this matter. I want Amazing Woman delivered to me, there will be an award of fifty thousand dollars if dead, but a hundred thousand if you bring her to me alive.”


Later that night, an alarm rang out as a group of men dressed in black with hoods over their faces ransacked a high dollar jewelry store.

“Hurry it up boys!” Eddie ordered as he watched his men smash the glass jewelry cases with iron crowbars and clean out the goods, “I want to get out of here as soon as possible!”

“Afraid of the cops,” chuckled one of the goons named Freddy, “Or that Amazing Bimbo that keep talking about on Twitter?”

“Relax already, you’d have better luck winning the lottery than running into that broad here tonight,” laughed Teddy.

Then suddenly the electricity was cut and the ringing alarm suddenly ceased as all the lights went out dark.

The men all looked around adjusting to the darkness. Then suddenly Eddie noticed a silhouette of a slender but athletic woman running through the store.

Seconds later, Teddy screamed out in pain as he was kicked in the stomach which sent his body smashing through one of the display cases.

Eddie pulled his own crowbar out and nervously looked around. Suddenly he heard Freddy’s voice now screaming, he turned and saw Freddy thrown across the room like a rag-doll. He slammed into the wall and crumbling to the ground.

Noticing that he was standing next to the emergency side exit, Eddie bolted out the door and ran as fast as two legs could carry him. He ran for three blocks never looking back. He dodged into a dark alley and took a moment to catch his breath.

Then Eddie’s heart almost skipped a beat as he gently heard a woman’s voice break the silence saying, “Guess what asshole, you just won the lottery!”

Eddie gasped and looked at the tall athletic, but slender black woman standing in the middle of the alley. Even though he was scared to death, Eddie could see she was a real fantasy. Her skimpy green costume hugged her voluptuous body, her large round tits almost tumbling out the top. Her long bare ebony legs looked strong, but also very sexy. Long waves of her black hair floated around her unbelievably beautiful face, he was surprised that she didn’t wear a mask.

His eye lingered on her face than on her voluptuous breasts that were contained inside a green bustier with a large golden “A” logo at the center. She also wore matching green boots and green gloves, with a yellow utility belt tightly around her waist.

Eddie suddenly lunged straight towards her screaming, he still had a firm grip on his crowbar and swung hard trying to clobber the black heroine.

The Alluring Avenger known as the Amazing Woman only smiled as she easily dodged the clumsy attack. She kicked him in the groin with her knee and then karate chopped his wrist knocking the iron weapon to the ground and quickly kicked it away her green boot.

“Remember while your in jail, tell your friends about me,” Amazing Woman said as she smacked Eddie in the jaw with her gloved fist. Eddie fell backwards and collided with a pile of trashcans.

Amazing Woman stood over him as Eddie lay flat on his back, she stomped the heel of green boot squarely on his groin making him scream.

Then the sound of police sirens came and Amazing Woman pulled out her grappling gun and fired a line to a nearby rooftop and quickly pulled herself up the six stories in a matter of seconds.

Uniformed police officers picked Eddie off he ground seconds later. He was quickly handcuffed and arrested. Another dirt-bag was now off the streets, thanks to Amazing Woman.

Later on a rooftop, the twenty-eight year-old black woman sat on the ledge of building to catch her breath. Martha Knight was exhausted, but she had loved every minute of it. All her years of martial arts and SWORD training would defiantly be coming in handy for her new life as a crime-fighter.

“And to think, the night is just getting started,” Martha said to herself.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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