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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
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Amazing Woman arrived back at the compound (as Brett had come to think of it) 2 hours later, walking like she had just done 18 rounds with the heavyweight champ. Brett drew her a tub, putting in a special mixture of minerals designed to help healing, and turned on the whirlpool action. While she was in the bath, he put her costume in the cleaner, after carefully removing the remaining weaponry and gear- he noted she had lost another Amazing-rang- the weapon was constructed of a special plastic that would dissolve into powder if kept out of its holder- the "A" on her uniform- for more than 30 minutes, so it wasn't a problem- but it was troubling. She was losing her edge, pushing herself like this- and that could get her killed.

He heard her leaving the bath, and returned to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of her bed, clad in a thin robe which barely covered her. her felt himself stir at the sight.

"I don't know how I can sleep. There's so much to do- but everyone of these crooks seems- meaningless. they're minor- low-level drug dealers, has-been con artists, bagmen- and none of them seem to know anything about who the Crime Lord is- or what his plans are- or even WHY they all attacked that night. It had to be covering up for something- but what?"

Bret sat next to her, willing his eyes from staring at the exposed curves of her magnificent, glistening body. "We'll figure it out, Martha. But you have to rest."

she looked at him. 'Oh, Brett- what did I get you into? You shouldn't even be here- you should be at SWORD's training facility, or even better, I should have left you alone, away from all this."

"Out on the street? Do you know how many homeless were killed that night? And, anyway- you're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Amazing Woman." He placed his hand on her shoulder, massaging it. She moaned.

"That's nice. Would you mind rubbing my shoulders?"

"I'll do better than that," brett grinned, "I've been studying the therapeutic massage techniques in the SWORD medical guide- let me get some oils, and i'll get rid of all that tension."

"I'm not gonna say no- but no funny stuff, okay?"

"Trust me, I understand."

It had been like this since that night- they would begin to bond, get friendly- but she would put up a wall. He knew it was a reaction to her guilty feelings- but it was god-damned frustrating! She blamed herself for so much- yes, she had made mistakes, but no one could have predicted what the Crime Lord had planned that night! And the incident with the J10- she hadn't realized that the dosage she had was formulated for her, that it would have such a strong- and specific- effect on him! 

He got the oil- another special mixture from SWORD labs- not only did it contain healing properties, it warmed itself when touching human skin!

He returned to the sight of Martha's glorious body, spread out on the bed- she had activated one of the several special modes, which turned it into a makeshift, but effective, massage table. Only a sheet covering her round buttocks preserved any modesty. The sides of her magnificent breasts ballooned out, pressed against the hard mattress.

The next 45 minutes was glorious torture fro Brett- his every touch elicited moans and sighs from Martha. He gently kneaded her shoulder, then worked down her broad, smooth back. A sharp cry was elicited when he reached a deep bruise, where one punk had gotten a lucky kick in to her lower back. He couldn't help himself- he leaned down to kiss the spot. She giggled, sexily, and reminded him "no funny business, rookie." Her arms and hands were next, then her feet and calves. Then her thighs- smooth, shapely, and so very strong. As he worked on her, the blanket rode up, exposing her pussy. he was transfixed- she was shaven,  and her thick, purplish lips were glistening. he knew she was turned on as he was- and his hard-on was like an iron bar in his pants.

He fought the urge to touch it- or her glorious ass- and instead worked his way back up her back. He could feel her heartbeat, slow and steady. He leaned down to her perfect ear, and whispered  "Would you like to turn over?'

His only answer was a soft snore.


"Thank you, Detective Major. I feel like my house and my guests will be in very safe hands with you in charge."

"Well, Countess, to be honest, it's really the secret service who's in charge- and the Chief. they both had a list of demands- or "ideas"- that I had to make my plans around.' Major smiled- an easy thing to do in the presence of a woman as sexy as the Countess. "But I thank you."

"Are you certain I can't offer you a drink? Or just some water?"

Major shook her head- "Thank you, no. I don't want to be rude, but, if there's nothing else-"

"Just one thing. What are you coming as?"

"I won't be in costume, ma'am  Full dress uniform is the order of the day- although I suppose that's a sort of costume."

"That's unfortunate, "said Rei, walking closer to the detective, hips swaying subtly. She lowered her voice to a seductive purr. "I was hoping to see you - out of uniform. Would you like to see what I will be wearing?"

Major felt her mouth go dry. The Countess was a piece of work- she was reminded, again, of the first time she met Esperanza. What would it be lie- the two of them together- and suddenly, that thought was replaced by the clear image of Esperanza's face, in full tiger make-up. It was startling, but arousing at the same time- and it shook her from the reverie she had been in.

"Countess- I think I'd rather be surprised, if you don't mind. I really apologize, but I do need-"

"I understand. Go." Although the Countess' voice was still warm, her face was cold- and there was no hint of seductiveness in her body language. Major left quickly.  

Once she was out of the room, The Countess picked up a vase- worth well over $5,000- and smashed it against the wall. What could have happened? How could this pathetic butch resist her? She could see the desire in the Detective's eyes- she had led Major on, with subtle clues, and changes in vocal tones- she had even gotten her, she was certain, to a trance state- but then it was gone! 

There had been no interruption, nothing that could have startled her- except- was it possible? Could Major be under someone else's thrall?


That night, at Major's apartment, Esperanza carefully got out of bed- not that Doris was going to wake up- in addition to a spirited round of lovemaking, the intense session of hypnotic de-briefing she had put her through would keep her deeply asleep for hours. So- Countess Dante had attempted to enchant her lover? And had done quite the job of it, as well. If it hadn't been for a few carefully planted fail-safes, Doris might have- but, so what? She had prevailed in this battle- a battle she hadn't even known she was in.

She wondered where this Countess had received her training? Japan seemed likely, although she had never heard of  eroto-hypnosis being practiced there. She had learned at the feet (and other body parts) of an "aunt", a performer in her father's circus in her native Colombia. She had learned to dominate the wills of men and women with her body, her voice, her sexuality- and that was before she had developed fully! She often wondered if her (if she said so herself) remarkable body was the result not only of genetics, but her training- perhaps she had enchanted herself into pumping more hormones out, swelling her bust and bottom to their remarkable proportions. Well, no matter- she used her knowledge to create a comfortable life for herself with one of the richest men in Colombia by the time she was 16- but had swiftly grown bored. The macho attitudes of the men was tiresome, and there was NOTHING to do. So she began to use her other talents- as a thief. The performers had taught her how to keep her balance on the thinnest of wires, how to keep from getting dizzy swinging 100 feet above the ground, how to contort her body into seemingly impossible positions- a skill which also helped in the sexual side of her life! Some skills, of course, weren't as useful- she had no fear of any animal (or rather, a healthy respect for them), especially big cats. And she could juggle. It wasn't just performers she learned from- no, the "carnies" had skills, as well- picking pockets, spotting marks, and how to hurt someone quite suddenly- and void being hurt yourself. She left her husband when it seemed prudent, and surreptitiously left several bundles of incriminating information with the American embassy- they never knew how it got there.

She had used her beauty to become a model- not a "supermodel, although that would have been within her talents- but just in-demand enough to set her own schedule. She could go to New York, Rome, paris- or wherever there was something worth taking. She had settled in Metro City after meeting Doris- although she had enchanted her, she truly admired her strength- and, she suppose, she loved Doris- whatever that meant. And it was useful to have a friend on the force.

Her only problem was the Crime Lord- Esperanza was a loner. She didn't like the idea of having to clear her scores- and share her spoils. And worse- to follow orders. No, this woman (and she should have known it would be a woman- how could a man be that ambitious AND effective?) and she were going to have a confrontation. Just like this Countess-

"Madre di Dios" Esperanza cried out,"could it be? Could the crime Lord be Countess Dante?"


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