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by BigGuy
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
Category Mind Control
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Timothy looked at himself in the mirror. This was freakin' ridiculous! This "Wonderboy" costume Susu had come up with- it was embarrassing, honestly. The shirt was some sort of spandex material  and fit like a second skin- it was a good thing he had kept up his training after being cut from the football team ("too small" said the new coach- even though he had beat everyone in every test they had given- running, passing-he had a natural talent for throwing and aiming- even tackling). And the shorts! They showed off his- well, an area he didn't really want people staring at. Well- not all people, and least of all his mom! and then his legs- he suppose it was good he didn't have much in the way of body hair. The boots were good, though- and the cape. and, yeah, the way the mask worked- it was sort of a cowl, but it let his hair out at the top. he had tried the hair-dye Susu gave him- it was a spray-on can, and it turned him into a redhead, like his dad. He had to admit, he didn't think his mom would recognize him- at least not unless she got close. 

he knew why he liked the Cape, the boots, and the cowl- they reminded him of his hero- Max Wonder. Susu had probably forgotten why she called him 'Wonderboy"- his obsession with the protector of Metro City. He had been the last superhero to work in the city before this Amazing Woman- and had disappeared in circumstances that had led to him being labeled a traitor, a criminal. But Tim just knew- it wasn't true! He had been framed- that was the only explanation! Tim smiled, a little. He had been such a little dork! max wonder, with his Box of Wonders! Timothy shook his head.

He heard a noise, and jumped. Just a car backfiring. He had decided it was safer not to bring the costume home- instead, he was in his old house- the brownstone downtown where he grew up, before they had moved into Gramma and Grampa's mansion. He still loved this place- and his mom didn't mind him coming here, occasionally. Well, not usually.

When he had mentioned it this week, she was adamantly against it. On that hellish night, there had been an attack by a neighborhood gang- they had ended up blowing up a police station- the 12th- just a block away. A lot of the structures in the area had been affected. She was afraid it wouldn't be safe for him. So, Tim had done the unthinkable- lied to her. It was amazing what susu could make him do!

Thinking about Susu naturally led him to think about her promise- "wear the suit, you'll see me in my birthday suit!" In fact, that promise came into his thoughts an average of every 4 minutes, it seemed- which did not make walking around easy! In fact- crap, there it goes again! At least this time it wasn't in front of his history class- and Mary Jane Baker! Mary jane had been the object of his desire for three years- and, other than a few weeks when they worked on a science project together, she barely seemed to care if he was alive. natural, Tim supposed- she was head cheerleader, he was- well, a shrimp. Even though he was probably a better athlete than any of the "jocks"- but she was- wow, she was gorgeous! Blond, tall (about two inches taller than he was)- and those tits!

Well, this wasn't making his shorts any less tight. He took the costume off,  laid down on his old bed, and went to work on relieving his 'condition. His bed shook as he pictured Susu, and her maid, and Mary jane-

And below, behind the fireplace in the living room, an old spring, damaged by the recent explosion, gave out. A panel behind the fireplace moved, anyone looking closely would see it exposed a stairway, leading down to a secret cellar room. A room  containing a secret. A secret that could change Tim Langstrom's life forever. 


Brett mirrored the moves of the man in front of him- well, not really in front of him. And not really a man. The holographic interface SWORD had set up allowed him to train from the Amazing Lair- but it wasn't going as well as he hoped.

"Hold up!" yelled the "trainer"- it was based on Shillelagh, a hero who worked in Boston- and had his personality, too.

"If yuh want t'be a hero, buddy, yer gonna have t'work a teeny bit harder. Got me?"

"Gotcha. I'll try it again." The hologram started to resume the routine, designed to develop combat moves, and improve flexibility- something like t'ai-chi, but designed specifically for SWORD. Suddenly, the image flickered. the muscular figure was replaced with a far different one- a short, stunning woman in a lab coat- which did not hide what appeared to be a spectacular figure. About the only thing the woman had in common with the trainer was her deep red hair- and a definite air of authority.

"Mr. Jenkins- sorry to interrupt your workout. I'm Dr. Scott, one of the members of the SWORD design team- an one of the instructors here at HQ. "

"Dr, Scott- how can I help you?" Brett grabbed a towel, and began to wipe down his face and body.

"I was going over the designs of the boot you fashioned for Amazing Woman- incredible work, honestly. I just wanted to congratulate you. And let you know, if the super-hero side of things doesn't work out, there's an opening for you in support.  It's not glamourous, "and at this she chuckled, sexily, for some reason-"but it's fulfilling- and important."

"What do you mean, if it doesn't work out. I- I know I'm not progressing as quickly as-"

"Hey- calm down. I didn't mean that. but- look, SWORD is expanding- every hero we have out there right now is recruiting- and so are a lot of the rest of us. We have reason to believe America, hell, the world- will need heroes like us- like Amazing Women, and the rest of them, more than ever. But, unless you come here- unless you commit to this life- Mr. Jenkins- the fact is, we're going to be starting training classes in a week- more than half of the recruits, including my daughter, are already here, taking individual instruction- unless you get here soon, there's no way you'll be approved for field missions anytime in the near future. But, as I said, if you can't be a superhero  there's still a lot of good someone of your intelligence and talent can do."

"I didn't realize- I mean, I thought that I could just-"

"I'm sorry amazing Woman didn't explain all this. look, she has a lot on her mind, with the attacks on Metro City. And- well, things have changed here- when she started with SWORD, training took years, because it was pretty much a one-on-one situation. But now, we've changed the structure- things are happening too fast, we need to train more heroes in a shorter amount of time- and we need to evaluate where they are best suited to help. Some trainees will end up like Amazing Woman- a  field operative. Some may be more suited to spy work, undercover operations. And some- support. I started out as a field op, but then discovered I was more suited to spying- and then, after I became pregnant, to support. I never went back, because this suited me best. But that took years of trial-and-error to discover. We can't afford that now.

"I- I want to do what Amazing Woman does. I want to bring criminals to justice." bret was fighting back tears. Why was this woman saying this to him?

"Then you have to come here- to our new Superhero Training Academy. The STA is the only way you'll ever be approved for field ops. i'm sorry- but the time is now. Tell Amazing Woman. And- see if you can get her to work with you. I know what she's facing, but- working out with holograms is no substitute for one-on-one training."

A voice suddenly yelled out- a teenage girl. "Mom! I finished the design! Can I go out now?" The beautiful bespectacled redhead looked vaguely annoyed. Brett recognized the look from his own mom's face.

"I'm on the communicator- just wait there until I check your work!" She turned back to Brett. "Sorry just remember what I said, okay/"

Another figure came into view- a short red-haired teenage girl, wearing large glasses, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Not that Brett noticed much of that. His eyes zeroed in on the girl's breasts, which were far out of proportion to her small body. It was hard to tell- but they looked even bigger than Martha's!

"But Mom, I-" the girl said, and then looked over to where Brett was. "Ooooh, who's the stud?"

"Allison! I'm sorry about her. let me turn this off."

"Mom, I told you to call me GG! That's what I-" And the transmission ended.

Brett had a lot to think about.


Jasmine was a natural. Her remarkable mind seemed able to pick up not only information, but physical skills, at a remarkable rate. Countess Dante was pleased. Jasmine would always obey her- but, when Rei said the code words "My Ebony' to her, she was transformed. Ebony was sensual, vicious, intelligent, and obedient-  exactly what she wanted from her kunoichi forces. She had taught her skills in seduction and domination- and her martial arts masters had taught her how to hurt, maim, and destroy. The only thing she had not taught her was hypnosis- unlike her other conquests, she sensed that even pliant Ebony might be a rival, if taught too much. But that was all right. She didn't need her to seduce Amazing Woman- but merely to throw her off-balance, to keep her from realizing what was really happening- until the Countess could spring her trap.

Rei stroked herself, watching the sweet 18-year-old girl, who, less that a week ago, had never been kissed, as she took on two of her best studs- teasing them, tormenting them with her luscious black body. The men had each orgasmed several times, and were almost whimpering under her touch. Ebony's smile was one of utter triumph.


"And you're certain, Esperanza? The Countess is using hypnosis- mind control?"

"Si, I know she is. Only my own post-hypnotic suggestions saved my friend from her clutches"

The two stunning women sat on a rooftop. There body language was tense, but not towards each other. If it weren't for their odd and extremely sexy costumes, they would look like two college roommates worried about a test.

"I've been trained to resist hypnosis- and I can get SW- something that will help protect me. Thank you for this information, Esperanza. I can't admire what you've done with your life- but you are my friend. I should go. Stay out of trouble, okay? At least in this town."

"Martha- please. I don't think you understand. Whatever the Countess is using, it's not normal hypnosis. I know Jason lance, and he started in this business as a cooker- a chemist. he always talked about the drugs he was developing- including aphrodisiacs- and hypnotics. From what my friend said, I think the methods the Countess use are like that- using sex to lower the guard, seducing and hypnotizing together- it's a powerful tool."

"Well, I don't think the Countess is going to be able to seduce me.' Amazing Woman chuckled.

'You think not?' Esperanza stood, stretching her curvaceous body like a cat. "A beautiful woman, properly trained, can entice even the most straight-laced of men- and women. They can move, and cause the eyes to follow the path they desire. Their voices can lull, and cajole, and tease. Their touch-" she lifted a hand, languidly, and stroked Martha's arm. Martha felt her body respond, and wanted to object, but seemed unable to-"can bring you to a place where your will means nothing to them. And their eyes-"Esperanza leaned in, and Martha felt her hot breath- and saw her startling hazel green eyes, like those of a cat- so deep and dark- "will take your will and crush it into nothingness."

There was a moment that lasted a lifetime  in which Martha remembered every detail of that long-ago time in Paris- the feel of their voluptuous bodies entwined, the taste of esperanza's pussy, the feel of her tongue- and then the Black Tiger stood and said "And I'm your friend, martha- can you imagine what I could do to you if I wished you harm."

Amazing Woman blinked. She felt released, although the arousal she felt was still there. "Did you- how did you- in Paris, did you-"

"No, querida. I did not use this power on you in Paris- although I could have. But I wanted you to desire me willingly- as I desired you. What happened between us was real. Then. What happened now- well, your feelings for me might have lowered your guard, but, then, I wasn't even trying that hard. If I had truly wanted you in my control I would have used this." Esperanza took an object from her belt- a jewel, glinting black in the night, surrounded by smaller stones. "Desero Negro- Black Desire. An obsidian jewel, surrounded by diamond and emerald chips. It is cut in such a way that, when manipulated by a master hypnotist, the light reflected from it actually seems to resonate with the impulses of the brain. There are only a few stones like it in existance- and I bet the Countess has one I was hired to procure a few years ago."

"I should take that from you."

You could try- I have others, however. Not as nice as this- although I am rather partial to two I have that I use as pasties."

For just a moment, Martha imagined Esperanza's magnificent f-cups bejeweled like that. "Stop it!" she thought.

"Okay, you've convinced me- but what can I do? I've got to go to this party- I don't know what she's up to, but it's more than just luring me into a trap."

"I'll be there, querida- but I can't be certain I'll be there when she comes after you. I have a rather minor role in the proceedings- I have the feeling I'm there more so they know where I am. The one thing I know is that there's not suppose to be ANY crime in Metro City that night. Personally  with most of the police there and all of the richest people in Metro, as well, I thought it would be the perfect time to loot all the mansions on the East Side, but, no, big mama says not to. I'm suppose to grab ID from the Secret Service to make copies of, grab and then return som wallets to get CC numbers- stuff any small-time grifter could do. I was really planning to scope out the mansion, get the lay of the land- before I realized who the owner actually was. "

"The only thing I can offer you is- well, you're going to have to trust me."

"I want to, Esperanza, but-"

"I know. But, believe me- I have no desire to see you hurt. In fact, if this Countess manages too, Ill kill her myself- and damn the consequences! "

"What do you want to Esperanza?"

"I need to hypnotize you, chica. I need to implant a suggestion in your mind, so your will cannot be taken over by hers. Will you let me?"




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