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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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Amazing Woman fell back, the kick to her mid-section knocking the breath out of her. She hadn't seen that one coming! Her attacker pressed his advantage, punching the side of her head, knocking her down. She kicked out, but he dodged her legs. She felt plastic handcuffs around her arms, and she was turned onto her back. her attacker straddled her She could feel the hardness of his cock against her stomach through the tights he wore.

"Do you submit?"

Her attacker looked down at the beautiful black woman, her breasts nearly popping out of  bustier, her face glowing with sweat. she bit her full lower lip. 

"Sorry, sucker." Suddenly, her hips lifted- without hi, noticing, she had planted her feet, knees bent, and now used their power to roll herself up, throwing him head- over heels, She landed on top of him, their positions reversed. And her head came down with enough force to break his nose.

She stopped a half inch short, their faces almost touching. "I win. Match over." And stood. "Now, get these damn cuffs off me, Brett."

Brett Jenkins stood, chagrined. He hadn't won a match yet- she always seemed to have one more trick to pull. In fact, he hadn't beaten her in any of the skills they had been working on- except "situational awareness", which was nothing more than noticing what was going on around you, and making correct deductions from your observations. But she that was early on, and she was getting better at that faster than he was- they were nearly even, now.

He cut her cuffs off, admiring once again her amazing (no pun intended) ass. Nothing had happened on that front in these two weeks, either, despite their close quarters. He knew she was interested- but she put down any attempt to get together- usually with a smile, but sometimes harshly.  He wondered why she didn't just put saltpeter in his food.

"I'll get dinner ready- again." It was a rule- loser cooked. Not that here was much cooking involved- their meals consisted basically of MREs- not exactly regular military-issue, but still hardly gourmet- with some fresh vegetable and fruits. She also had quite a few fresh herbs and other seasonings, which did make it more palatable. Not that he was complaining- it was better than he had eaten in a long time.

"Not tonight, rookie. I've got something special planned. I'll start cooking- you clean up."

As he showered, Brett wondered if she still watched him. It was odd- he had grown use to the idea of constant surveillance. Hell, even the toilet was "bugged"- they had collected the piss and crap he deposited in it the first day he was here, analyzing it remotely! He thought about jerking off- at least they had asked him for a sample of that!- but decided against it. he was actually curious as to what AW was up to.

He came out of the bathroom in a towel  to find AW standing there in a white robe. "Get dressed- I got you a suit. We're dressing for dinner tonight. My turn- hope you didn't use up all the hot water, rookie." She walked past, taking off the robe, He caught a glimpse of her gorgeous ass, her smooth back, and even a hint of her breasts, so large he could see a bit of "sideboob" around her back. He sighed. 

His suit was gray, and fit him perfectly. There was a maroon shirt, and even a tie, which he felt weird wearing-but what the hell- if all went to plan, he would eventually be wearing a suit that was a lot odder-looking, he imagined. he wondered what SWORD's male "graduates" wore- spandex? Leather? Armor?

He poured himself an apple juice, and put on some music- AW had a taste for old jazz, so a little Ella seemed right. 

20 minutes later, AW appeared in a robe. She was wearing make-up and had emerald earrings on, and high heels- not her costume heels, either- but a pair of high-end shoes that must have set her back a pretty penny. "Forgive the robe- I didn't want to get my dress splattered with grease. How do you like your steak?"

"Steak!?! How do I rate that?"

"It's a special occasion. Now answer the question."

"Um- medium, I guess." He hadn't had steak in years- and they had usually been well-done, the way his step-dad grilled.

"You'll get medium-rare, and you'll like it, rookie."

A bit later, they she brought the steaks-"cowboy-cut rib-eyes", she said- to the table. There was salad and baked potatoes, too. It was the biggest meal they had had. Brett's mouth watered. then she took off her robe.

Her dress was red, and looked like silk or satin. It was cut nearly to her navel, showing off her incredible ebony cleavage. It was cut high up the side, as well, showing off her strong, shapely legs She looked like she could be walking the red carpet at the Oscars!

"You're- stunning." Brett stammered. He felt light-headed.

"Thank you. now- let's eat. This is a big night for you."

He pulled her chair out- it just seemed like the right thing to do. He sat, and watched as she cut a small piece of her steak. it was rare, and bloody. Even the way she ate was sexy!

"Go on, eat. Or did I slave away in the kitchen for nothing?" she teased.

He ate. the steak was incredible- [perfectly cooked and seasoned. So were the potatoes, complete with butter. They were almost silent through the meal, but not uncomfortably so. They were just enjoying it. Finally, they had finished. Brett watched as AW not-so-daintily gnawed at the bone of her steak. She smiled at the look on his face.

"Don't be fooled by the dress- I'm still the same woman who whipped your butt multiple times in the past two weeks.'

Brett smiled. 'Okay- why is this a 'big night', AW?"

AW looked at him. "My name is Martha- Martha Knight. When I was 15, I was "discovered" by a modeling agency- I wasn't quite as busty then- and began a career. I was pretty successful, but it wasn't an easy life. I was 18 when Sports Illustrated approached me about modelling for them. I was thrilled. But, the night before I was to travel to Jamaica, my ex-agent, whom my parents had fired for embezzling, showed up. The bastard  slashed my face. He escaped the country, to where, nobody knew.

"Shortly after, my parents died. I was angry. I couldn't control myself, so I ended up in the Marines- it was that or jail, I knew. "Scarface" Knight, they called me. I was in Afghanistan when it happened.  I    
was captured by mercenaries working for our government, while I had been investigating what locals said was a rebel base. Turned out the mercs were working both sides, looking for a cache of gold rumored to have been left behind by the Russians. 

"They tried to rape me. I killed them all."

"That was when SWORD came to me. They offered me a new life, a new face, a new mission. All I had to give up was my past. I accepted. It took years of training and apprenticeship, but, now, I am Amazing Woman. And I found the bastard who cut me. He won't be hurting anyone else."

The room was silent. Brett didn't know what to say.

"Brett- for two weeks, I have been evaluating you. SWORD is entering a new era- one in which they need new recruits- smart, tough mean and women, who understand what it means to have their lives destroyed by criminals. I believe you can be one of them- one of us. If you accept, you will go to the SWORD training center. It will be harder than anything you've gone through. And this will become your life."

"And if I refuse?'

Martha smiled. "Don't worry- we're the good guys. But, fr security, we'll be administering a drug, a hypnotic called RW-3. It will allow us to re-write your memory of the past 2 weeks. You'll remember meeting me, but think that you were knocked out in the fight. You'll wake up in a hospital inanother city, with a pocketful of cash, thinking you had been there, recovering. You'll stat a new life, on your own. The only other thing we'll do is implant a suggestion that will make you be uninterested in anything that has to do with superheroes. "

"And my mom? Will I remember her- and what my step-dad did?" 

"We'll have you informed when you wake up. It will be your choice what you do then. Know that if you go after him,  we won't protect you. SWORD will be done with you."

"And you? Will you be done with me?" Brett felt tears beginning to come- rage, and sorrow combining.

Martha stood, and walked over to him. "You'll never see me again, Brett- but I won't forget you." She leaned down, and kissed him, softly. She pulled back and smiled, as he began to get more aggressive in the kiss.'I said tonight was a big night, Brett. If you decide "no", we will prepare your departure- you'll have a say in where we put you, and what your new life will be like. Maybe shoe design- those new boots you made me are wonderful! I've sent in the design to SWORD HQ, and it will become standard issue. If you say "yes", then, tonight you die. We'll set up a fake death for you."

'But either way, tonight, we are going to fuck like bunnies!"

Brett's jaw dropped.


Timothy's draw was dropping, too. The Old Westwood Mansion had been boarded up for years- it had a reputation as a "haunted house" back in the day- but Mrs, D- Countess Dante- had made it into a showplace! There was a wonderful mix of old and new, of Europe, America, and Japan. Even the staff- an English butler who seemed to come out of 'Downton Abbey', French maids, Italian cooks- and some Japanese security, it appeared. Timothy had grown up around enough cops to recognize the type- although these were definitely more the "bruiser" type of security than police. 

"This is amazing, Susu! remember how we use to dare each other to come in here?"

"I remember daring YOU, Wonderboy- and you surprised me by doing it! you were always such a goody-goody. I never thought you'd break the law and trespass!"

'I was the son of two cops- "law and order was in my blood. But I'd do anything to impress you, SuSu- you know that."

SuSu blushed. Tommy was the only person who could make her do that. She was always in control- her mother had taught her that. "Willpower, control" was mama-san's mantra- and SuSu had taken it to heart, even as she rebelled against almost everything else her mother wanted from her. Even her friendship with Timothy wasn't really approved of- even though he was the son of her best friend. But, even though he was a goody-two-shoes, he was adventurous, rambunctious- in a word, American. Not what her mom wanted. But just what SuSu needed.

She looked at him. He had grown up into a really handsome boy. She didn't really want to treat him like those boys in Japan- they were experiments, learning to use her sexuality to control boys- to see what she could get away with, what she could make them do, She didn't even realize that she had gotten that from her mother, too. but she didn't really know how to treat him.

"Hey, Tim- why don't you come up to my room? I've got some video games they don't have in this country yet!"

Tim looked at her. She was so lovely! And sexy! And- crap, there goes his dick again! He had managed to get it under control (even when SuSu had introduced her personal maid, Suzette- who seemed to have come out of a bad porn movie. Cripes!

"Look, uh- I should get home. My mom and I always have dinner on Wednesday- it's kind of a deal. I mean-"

SuSu used her sad face- one she had practiced for years. it didn't work on her mom, but pretty much everyone else fell for it- especially with the voide added in.

'So- you'd rather spend time with your mother than me/ i thought- I mean, it's been years, timmy- Ijust"

Tim's phone rang.'Oh- that's my mom. Sorry." He turned, and answered it, speaking softly- he somehow imagined his mom could tell he had a hard-on. 'Yeah, mom, I'm on my way h- What? But- oh. No, I understand. Okay. No, I'll just get something out. Maybe tomorrow? Okay. Goodnight. Love you too."

Susu's look had changed to one of curiosity. 

"She- there have been a series of incidents,- fires, robberies, even an attack on a police station- they think it's some sort of co-ordianted attack. She has to stay at work tonight."

"Then you'll eat here! We can have whatever you want- but Italian is the speciality of the house Spaghetti? Luigi HATES when I ask him to make pizza- but he's really good!"

"I don't know if I should-"

Susu looked at him, then sauntered over, hips swaying, breasts bouncing. She whispered in his ear. 'Wonderboy, if you ever want a shot at me, you're going to have to learn to obey. I am the daughter of royalty, you know." She grabbed his cock and squeezed- not hard, but enough to make him gasp. "Now, let this do your thinking for you and make the right decision. Got it, stud?"

Timothy nodded.

The Countess looked down at the beautiful black teenager. She was so obviously innocent- the drug had ramped her libido up, and she didn't know what to do with it. It would make the induction that much easier. She ran her nails across Jasmine's thighs. The girl shivered in arousal. 

"Jasmine- a truly beautiful name. My name in Rei. That's usually a name for boys. My father expected a son- he demanded a son. He was a proud man. Do you know what the Yakuza is? The Japanese mafia, they say- although that is not quite correct. My father led a branch of it. He wanted a son to continue his rule. Women are not thought of kindly in the organization- so I was useless, he thought. Eventually he found a use for me- he married me off to an Italian count, Enrico Dante. Count Dante was the head of his own organization- and our marriage was to cement the cooperation between the two. The Count had no interest in me, at first- he had been married before, had mistresses who took up his time- but I had my own plans."

She ran her hand up Jasmine's body, and traced wide circles around her large breasts, slowly decreasing the size of the circles. jasmine's large nipples wee evident, evne through her heavy bra.

'My father had mistresses, as well- and some of them became my friends- and teachers. They taught me how to move, how to stand, how to enhance my natural desirability. Eventually, we would bring in some of my father's bodyguards, and we would experiment on them- showing me where and how to touch a man, to bring him to ecstasy. Some also showed me the joys women could give each other."

Her fingers reached into the cup's of Jasmine's bra, and caressed her nipples. Jasmine cried out gently. "But I had begun to learn other secrets, as well. I found a book, hidden in an ancient temple- it told of methods of controlling the minds of others- a philosophy of the domination of will. I learned of the two greatest forces in history- sex, and will. Whoever could control those- have the strongest, most dominant will- and could create desire in others- could rule the world. I taught myself not only how to seduce- but to control."

She say on the bed, and lay down beside Jasmine, caressing her, whisering in her ear. 'I learned to control the tone and timbre of my voice- to cause others to feel love, desire, even fear merely at the sound. Do you feel the desire I am instilling in you?"

Jasmine managed to gasp out "The drug- you drugged-"

"Yes, we drugged you- but it's effects would have worn off by now. What you feel comes from me- from my overpowering will- from my control of you. I could make you orgasm right now- the biggest of your life. Do you want that, Jasmine?"

The Countess had sat up again, and looked directly into Jasmine's brown eyes. Jasmine couldn't look away. The Countess's eyes were green, a color Jasmine had never seen before. They were so deep- it was like drowning in them. Her hands caressed Jasmine's breasts, pulling them from her bra. jasmine gasped as the cool air hit her nipples. "Come. Now." Jasmine's body exploded in orgasm, soaking her panties, and she cried out.

"Look at me Jasmine. Hear my voice, and feel my touch. Now, look here." The Countess brought up her necklace, the large emerald surrounded by small diamonds. She held it up to one eye. The color of the emerald and her eye were the same. The jewels glittered.

"You are mine, Jasmine Knight. As I controlled your body, I control your will. You will do what I tell you to, and never question it. In return, you shall feel ecstasy even greater than you just have. Tell me you are mine, Jasmine Knight. Tell me who I am."

"You are my Countess, my mistress. Please, tell me what your will is!" 


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