The Countess gives her orders

by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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“My will is that you shall kiss me, first my hand,” said Rei as she raised and held out her hand to the young woman.

Jasmine obeyed and brought her lips over the top of her hand.

The Countess smiled and asked, “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, not until I was with you my Countess,” said Jasmine.

“Relax,” said Countess placing her hands over each of Jasmine’s breasts “Kiss me my innocentant little Ebony.”

Jasmine nodded and then kissed Rei’s soft lips with her own. Her first lesbian kiss ever.

“Ebony…” spoke Rei, “Ebony, that will be your name Jasmine, whenever we are together… You are so innocent and young, but it is time for you to learn the ways of sex.”

“I am yours, my Countess,” said Jasmine.

Rei grinned. None could withstand her powers. She would release Jasmine in the morning and she knew that every night she would return for her training. And when Jasmine’s training was complete, she would use her new pet as bait to lure out Amazing Woman.

Then Amazing Woman would be defeated by the one person that she would never strike…. Her beloved sister… Jasmine.


Esperanza Ramirez stood on the rooftop of Enterprise Towers, even on the tallest building in Metro City police sirens from below could be heard. Sirens could be heard all over the city. The word had been given to every low life thug in Metro City from the Crime Boss that tonight was the night to plunder and pillage, and to do so as loudly as possible.

However Esperanza considered herself a free agent and didn’t take her orders from the mysterious Crime Boss. Still she was dressed for business in a skintight black latex bodysuit that showcased her incredible body perfectly, leather gloves and knee-high black leather boots.

“I thought you would be out stealing some rare cat gem or something,” said the voice of Jason Lance who walked up behind her wearing his usual custom made Italian suit and tie.

“I don’t need your boss’s permission to go out and steal something Lance,” said Esperanza.

“Is this some kind of rebellion of your part,” asked Jason.

“Something like that,” said Ramirez. “As far as I’m concerned, both he and you can go to hell.”

“Careful with that tone of voice Ms. Ramirez,” said Jason. “I know you issues with me the way our relationship ended years ago…”

“Let’s see after a night of passion after a big heist in Russia, you double crossed me and left me to be almost caught by the local authorities,” hissed Ramirez. “The Emerald’s Eye necklace that we were supposed to sell together on the black market was priceless, maybe even a billion and instead you doped me with a muscle relaxer in the cocktail wine you served me and then left me to be captured by the rent-a-cops you tipped off.”

“You should be thanking me,” said Lance. “At the time the Crime Boss felt you were a loose end and would have much more preferred that I had tainted your drink with potassium cyanide. You hate me I know, but I have looked out for you in regards of the Crime Boss, who often considers you too much of a lose cannon. I’ve often watered down your recent exploits, convincing the boss that you would eventally fall in line and learn the chain of command.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath on waiting for that to happen   ,” said Esperanza. “After what happened during our last business transaction, I certainly won’t be trusting you or any other man.”

“Would it make a difference if you knew the Boss was really a woman,” asked Jason. “I would hate to see you dead, you or that lovely police woman you like to play with under the sheets.”

Esperanza stopped in her tracks. “Leave her out of this.”

“No,” said Jason “You know how our organization works. When people cross us, their loved ones pay. However your recent exploits have proven that you still can be useful Esperanza. Tonight’s raid of the city isn’t as random as it might seem. The attacks all serve a purpose, to weaken the city for an even bigger one…. One that will cover a distraction for the heist of the century.”

“And what’s that? Breaking into Fort Knox,” quipped Esperanza.

Jason chuckled. “Something even better. Next week is Countess Dante’s birthday. She’s going to be throwing a very lavish costume party at her new mansion. The guest list is also quite spectacular including celebrities like Carmen Lighting, Arnold Swirtshammer, or others. Also the mayor and governor will be of course there but more importantly the President of the Untied States.. ”


Timothy waited downstairs for SuSu, she was upstairs changing into something that she said would be a little more comfortable. The young man paced the long hallway of the Westwood Mansion, the more he thought about SuSu the harder the bulge in his jeans became.

The young man was nervous as he could possibly be, SuSu always had that power over him.

“You know she never stopped talking about you,” said Vincent the butler.

Vincent was the oldest pesron who worked for Countess Dante, although he was originally hired by the late Count Dante. The very well dressed bulter looked to be about 90 years old. The frail man smiled as he cleaned some of the silver plates.

“Really? She did,” said Timothy.

“Yes, she was also very cross with her mother over the whole affair of moving for many years,” said the butler. “The Countess often selected boyfriends in Japan for her to experiment dating on... but always the young girl would belittle them and compare of what she remembered of the American boy.”


“Why do I feel like I’m going to be heading to the unemplyment line next week,” said Suzette as she zipped up the back of SuSu’s elegant dress.

“My Mother can’t fire you Suzette, you’re MY maid, not hers,” said SuSu as she looked herself over in the mirror. “You and Vincent are my only real sanity in this house. Hmmm… Are you sure this purple is my color?”  

“Every color is your color,” smiled Suzette. The young curly short haired blonde smiled and said, “It’s not your mother that makes me feel this way, it’s that boy downstairs, the one you actually love. I… I feel like I’m losing you.”

SuSu turned away from the mirror and looked at her friend beside her. She grabbed her arms and pulled her close, “Oh Suzette, you’ll never lose me. I’ll always be your lesbian princess.”

The two girls hugged and then kissed fully on the lips.

“Feel better now,” asked SuSu feeling Suzette rest her head against her shoulder.

“Yes, but how on Earth will you convince him to go along with our “special friendship” asked Suzette.

“Timmy is a classic goody two-shoes, but he’s still just a boy, and you know no boy can’t say no to two girls at once,” said SuSu. “That is of course if you want to join in…”

“Well he is kinda cute… for a boy,” said Suzette. “I wouldn’t mind if he watched now and then tied up in the corner of the room.”

“Better take this slowly at first,” said SuSu. “I don’t want to scare Wonderboy off on the first date.”

“Wonderboy?” giggled Suzette as she heard the childhood nickname. “Does he wear a cape?”

“Suzette, you’re a genus,” declared SuSu. “Mommy’s birthday costume bash!”

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