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by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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SuSu broke the kiss and blushed by her own brazenness. Her arms and legs still remained wrapped his body, Timothy had caught her in the air and his hands firmly grabbed hold her of her ass to kept them balanced.

“You better put me down Wonderboy before our moms arrive,” said the young asian girl in a soft seductive voice.

“You know, you haven’t called me that since I was six,” blushed Timothy as helped SuSu to her feet. “I.. I can’t believe you’re really here.. and you look just as beautiful as your mother.”

SuSu blushed and said teased, “So you think my mother’s hot?”

“Is that so Mr. Langstrom,” asked Rei who had walked up silently behind them during the conversation.

Timothy turned and saw the imposing Countess Dante standing in her tailored tight red suit. His jaw dropped at her, indeed mother and daughter were equally beautiful and sexy to him but in different ways. SuSu was the first girl he ever got to know, his best friend full of youth, playfulness, beautiful, and wild as ever, her mother was imposing with her stature and presence, he often felt intimated by her as did most, but there was no ignoring her gracefulness.

Timothy smiled nervously as she gave him the cold icy ‘get the hell away from daughter look’ he also remembered from age six.

He blushed, trying to nervously come up with the right thing to say at this awkward moment, however what came out of his moth was. “Is it really hot in here right now? Wait, I think it’s only because I’m standing between two supernovas.”

There was a pause, an awkward silence and then SuSu whispered to him sarcastically, “Way to go Wonderboy.”

“I’m sorry… I know that really sounded-- "

Rei then surprisingly relaxed her features and smiled warmly. “No need to apologize Timmy, I have always been overprotective of my daughter when it comes to boys. I know I was very hard on you when SuSu was much younger, however she is becoming a lady now and it’s time for me to accept the fact that she’ll need to a gentleman suitor.”

“Thanks Mrs. D,” said Timothy smiling. “I never suspected you held me in such regard.”

“Well, honestly after seeing the type of boys that SuSu tried to sneak affections from in Japan, you’re pretty much now a sight for sore eyes,” explained Rei as she raised her hand. “And please don’t call me Mrs. D anymore. I prefer Countess Dante, or just Countess.”

“Countess, it is then,” said Timothy taking Rei’s hand and kissing it.

“Smooth Wonderboy,” thought SuSu, “Hope you save some of that for me.”

Rei smiled and almost showed sign of actually be impressed. She even felt a slight tingle of arousal in her nipples.

Then Rei remembered about the text she received and knew she had to be going. So she said to them, “SuSu, I have to take care of a business meeting. As much I hate to impose, Timothy, would you mind taking SuSu home?”

“It would be my pleasure,” said Timothy smiling.

Rei nodded and smiled and quickly exited.

SuSu knew that look in her mother’s eye. She knew what it meant to.

“Well, that went surpassingly well,” said Timothy a bit chipper.

“You hardly know my mother Timmy,” replied SuSu. “But you know what that means… I’ll get to give you the guided tour.”


An hour later…

In a dark room, in a dimly lit room, the 7 foot tall giant known only as Bruno stood over Jasmine who sat bound to a wooden chair. Her wrists and ankles were bound with rope. A heavy blindfold had been secured over her eyes. Jasmine’s clothing had all been removed except for her bra and panties.   

Brono hadn’t touched Jasmine other than carry her in, remove her clothes (something she actually helped with while under the influence of the drugs) and then tie her up.

“Are you going to kill me for some reason,” asked Jasmine. The drugs had started to wear off although she still felt slightly aroused by being helpless in such erotic bondage.

“That depends on your answers and what you know of Amazing Woman,” said a woman’s voice.

“Amazing Woman? I know nothing,” said Jasmine confused. “Only what’s reported in the news. All my leads--”

“And your sister, what do you know of her,” asked the woman interrupting.

“My sister?” asked Jasmine confused. Her voice turned to anger. “She’s dead!”

“Interesting,” said the woman. “She doesn’t know.”

“How can you be sure Countess,” whispered Bruno.

“The drugs that Jason gave her a special mixture with many side effects,” explained the Countess Dante talking silently so Jasmine couldn’t hear. “As well as causing her to be sexually aroused right now, it also serves as a truth serum. She is not the one we seek and she knows nothing of locating the one that we do. We’ll go to plan B.”

“Shall I kill the girl,” asked Bruno.

“No, we’ll use her as bait,” said Rei.

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