Lois want to impress Luthor the next day with a new outfit that is sexy AND professional

by colleem
Storyline The Secrets of Titnosis, The Secret of Cocknosis
Characters Lex Luthor Lois Lane
Category Mind Control Male Dom
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On the way home Lois thought how she could get Luthor to answer all of her questions. Still she could not help a somewhat strange feeling, but on the other hand, he really was a polite man and he had not made the impression that he would lie. Then the Idea came to her that she could distract him a little with her body and an new fashion. At the point they changed direction and headed for the mall.

With three new shopping bags in her arms, she reached her home and went to bed. In her dreams she was very intimate with Superman, who had just make an huge impact on her. But even if she just saw in him everything that man needed, he wasn´t alone this time. Under the watchful eyes of Lex Luther, she fucked Superman senseless. She could clearly see how much Lex liked what she doing to Superman and she got turned on even more. Getting wilder and hotter she rode on the unknown superhero and fucked him as hard as she could. And then she woke up drenched in sweat.

After a hectic day at the office, she managed about 3pm to take the time to go to Lex. Perry was more than thrilled that she had achieved access to the man, because he could imagine the headlines already. But before Lois went to the Luthor Tower she made a detour home to chance her Outfit.

This time, her outfit even more sexier than the day before. Her short black skirt was very short but still Elegant. Nevertheless, it lifted her perfect butt up significantly and put him well staged. She wore an white blouse which showed easily the black velvet bra. This bra pushed her impressive breasts up and squeezed them together nicely. So her great breasts were now much better in the vision of Lex Luthor. She had put on a decent makeup only her lips were in a sinful red. She sat down while friendly greeting Lex, who was still with his back to her, stooding behind his chair. When she greeted him, he turned around and smiled at her. He walked around the chair and so she was able to see this beautiful cock again, because he was was not wearing any pants. He was not aroused like the last time but still huge. He came up to her and sho could see again as he rolled back and forth with each step. Her eyes followed every movement of the cock immediately.

Lex clearly enjoyed her eyes immediately hung on his Dick. Her pupils were more and more fixed and so he went in front of her leaning against the desk.

Ms. Lane. Nice that they're back. I see them have undergone a slight change of style. I must say it is very nice to see." He grinned cheekily. "But you should show your big Tits much clearer to me and more of these nice flesh. After all, you want me to get answers out of me and every man is talkative when he sees an awesome cleavage."

Lois smiled gently and without a taking her eyes of the magnificent cock she then shook his hand.

"Of course mr Luthor. I told you I'd be back today. But forgive me a question? Would they mind if I'm venting the blouse something? I I fear it has made in the last wash something?" she asked, and smiled inwardly at his typical male reaction. It was only natural that he would be distracted by her full breasts so that he would much easier answer her questions. Lex just nodded politely as she arose immediately 3 buttons of the blouse and squeezed her breasts upwards again by pretending she was adjusting her bra. Now her breasts were see more clearly and the first strip her black bra could be seen freely. Her breathing had become a little faster and so rose and sank her big breasts clearly visible. Lex smiled and she could think of where he would look now .. Her eyes on the other hand could not turn from this cock he now took in a hand. He didn´t want to jerk now didn´t he? That would went too far for her. But before she could open her mouth to respond to something Lex said gently but firmly.

"Ms. Lane. You want see how great he really is. You will do anything ... let me do all i want just to see how big my dick can get .. the thought that you might see my erect cock makes you more than happy. It's good .. I will jerk my hot dick until it´s fully erected because i know how much you like my hot dick ... Maybe you can help me getting him even faster hard ... you could tell me if they like my cock? "

Lois he hardly listened. For her the only important thing was now that she would see this cock perhaps in all its glory.

"Mr. Luthor. May I ask you a question?" she breathed as sensual. Lex  nodded and continued stroking his cock slowly while Lois asked again

"Would you be very angry if I told you, that I like your penis very well. You are really a picture of a man you really are the dream of every woman with this beautiful ... thick ... Pe ...n ...dick .. "she whispered excitedly as she could watch as the cock was getting bigger and harder .. Slowly the richest man in the country jerked this beatiful cock before her eyes and she could see exactly how it throbbed with desire ... She could feel all at once that her pussy was wet and her nipples pressed hard against the fabric of the bra ... She had the infinite demand to put her mouth around this cock and suck him so long  until he would come in her mouth. Oh yeah .. in her mouth, he would again be harder because she would suck hin greatly she was sure of it.. She would give him the best blowjob of his life. A man with such a cock clearly deserve only the best. She opened her legs as far as he could without attracting attention because her cunt was ready hot and wet. She wanted that he would fill her pussy with this great hard dick. But she knew that he wouldn´t do it, because they where here to work.. not to fuck.

"What do you think Lois?" asked Lex stricter now and a bit of heavy breathing. She could see how awesome this was and that he could see the reactions of her body significantly. The Book hadn´t lied.

"I imagine that i give you blowjob Mr. Luthor. And then to swallow every drop of your hot Sperm." Lois told him like it was self-evident. It felt so good to tell Lex everything he wanted to know. Perhaps he would fuck her so ... perhaps he would fuck her as hard as he could if she would tell him everything and then she would give him a blowjob again.

But she still was not ready.

"Ms. Lane ... you will go home now .... You won´t  be able to think of anything else then my dick .. How hard and stiff he was in front of you. You will bin so horny like never before in your Life. Your Pussy will be wet and you want nothing more than to get my hard cock in you. You will be yourself all the time and won´t let anyone see how much you want to fuck me. You will dream about my cock tonight. You will dream about to fuck me and get fucked by me again and again. You will wake up horny like hell .. You will want to fuck me but your an professional Bussineswoman. You will do your job as good as you can and want to take on the interview with me ... You understand that? "

Lois nodded and her breathing was now faster. A hand went between her legs and began to push her wet panties to the side. She moaned excitedly as her fingers wandered deep into her cunt.

"Of course mr. Luthor ... I understand what they're saying," she moaned excitedly and stared at the stiff cock.

Lex groaned at the sight of himself out loud and then moaned

"That's good ... then .. Hmm .. ahh yes ... ask me .. eh .. yes if i can ahh ahh ..  come over you...ahhh quickly and shower...youuu ahhh in my.. cum... ... mhmm that's normal ... ahh ahh we are good friends .... friends... do.. this.. allllll the time ... you will love my juice on your skin Lois .. then .. you  forget that i showered you in my cum .. and .. ahh go Mmm  home....yeah .. . "

Lois smiled again and then rose. Slowly she pulled her fingers out of her wet pussy and licked it off with relish. Still smiling, she walked in front of Lex Luthor and sank to her knees and looked up at him. With a friendly smile on her lips she reached out with her tongue and ran her tongue over his cock.

"Before I go Mr. Luthor soooo .. please could you cum on me please? Right between my tits?" Then she grabbed his cock with his left hand and pressed it into her cleavage. She could feel as his cock erupted between her tits and his hot cum slowly flowed down between her breast ... She jerked a few times and pressed his cock against her skin to feel every drop on her skin. She enjoyed seeing how  Lex looked as he came over her. His hot cum felt so good on her skin and she was glad to have such a good friend. Then she rose slowly, straightened her clothes and said goodbye to him.

But it was clear that she, as much as she liked Lex as a friend ..  she also needed him in her. She was so terrible hot. She didn´t know why but she felt something wonderful running down between her tits  ... and  she needed much more ... Driven with Lust she went into an eroticshop and bought the largest vibrator she found.

 And lucky as she was  .. the modelname was  Lex


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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