In the Erotic shop she meets Jimmy and she buys an aprhodisiac to fuck ihm senseless and let him think it was an dream

by colleem
Storyline The Secrets of Titnosis, The Secret of Cocknosis
Characters Lois Lane
Previous Chapter Lois want to impress Luthor the next day with a new outfit that is sexy AND professional

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Lois was in the Adult store and looked around. She was suddenly so terribly horny. She  should really buy a new toy, or at least a new friend with a good long dick. Maybe Superman could be convinced to fuck her from time to time. As she stood there in the store, a young shop assistant came to her. Lois grinned immediately when she saw the hot looking lady. With her full breasts and the frank leather stuff she had certainly not been set for their commercial qualities.

"Hello  Ms. Lane. I hope I can help you. May I ask what exactly they are looking for?" she asked friendly and Lois got red. She knew that she was very known as a reporter, and now she was standing here in an erotic shop.

Slightly nervous she said almost inaudibly,

"I ... I need something for lonely nights, but oh well .. I do not want to be in the news for buying it  .. so I hope to your discretion.."

The Blondie smiled kindly, pointing to a wall full of dildos and vibrators. In all sizes and shapes, they were nice clean lined against the wall. Lois looked at each one exactly but for some reason none of them was big enough. She wanted a really big ... thick ... Vibrator .. She wanted a toy in which she could imagine Superman ... or maybe Lex Luthor. 

Why did she have to think about Lex? Okay. He was a handsome man, sporty, strong and intelligent. Mhm but could the millionaire really compete with Superman?

The saleswoman ripped Lois away  from her thoughts. "If you are looking for something special I still have a very special piece. The last that I have in my portfolio." Lois nodded curious and waited as the clerk left the small room. Her eyes were fixed for a few seconds on her crisp ass and she unconsciously licked her lips. Hell. She was just too hot right now. She hoped that the special model would satisfy her demands. In any case, it would be a long night she grinned as her smile faded.

She heard the saleswoman in the main room welcomed another customer. To her horror, this new customer was none other than Jimmy Olsen with whom she had worked more than once. He was one of those typical young photographers who Perry held in the Daily Planet. She knew he was a little shy and also that he had here and there secretly shot a photo of her. Hell. What would he think if Jimmy would see her in this Room? In Front of a wall with dildos and with quite hard nipples. She noticed it now how hard her nipples pressed against her bra. Her pussy was wet and she had to struggle to control himself.

When the salesgirl came back she had a long thick vibrator in its box in her hand. The model was called Lex and she had to grin and instinctively crossed her arms over her chest. She enjoyed the feeling as her tits pressed together what the seller saw at once.

"Now, Ms. Lane. This is a very limited edition model. Beautifully long and thick with 4 level settings. I can promise them that you will have so much fun," she Breathed erotic. She could see the eyes of Lois hung on the Vibrator and her eyes wandered, grinning over the body of the hot reporter. But Lois  was nervous all at once.

"Well .. but there is ..." the saleswoman smiled broadly and finished the sentence for Lois. "Jimmy Olsen. Yes he is  here once a week to buy new porn and staring at my tits. I think the boy is lonely." Grinning she unwrapped the vibrator and held it in front of her great cleavage. Lois looked excited to see how the big vibrator lookrf between the two hot breasts and the young woman rubbed the thick penis between the two breasts up and down in a slow motion. She could feel her pussy throbbing with desire.

"Yes .. but he can not remember .. I'm here!" she whispered and moaned slightly at the thought of buying this vibrator and put it on her pussy.

"Now .. if they do not want me to say it to him, that you are here .. mhm you must do something for me." breathed the saleswoman sexy and ran his tongue over the cock." I've always wanted to see how this hot long fucktoy would look in a different pussy. So ... get your leg on the chair baby. "

Lois could not believe her ears. Wanted this woman to fuck her with this hot looking dick? HERE? in this store? Where Jimmy Olsen stood in the next room and could hear them in the end? On the other hand ... It was so hot, and somehow it made the situation even hotter. God. She had never had sex with a woman but it had something arousing right now.

"Promise me that Jimmy will not notice?" she moaned unconscious and put her right leg on the chair. Her short skirt rode up, revealing her black panties. She reached between her legs excited and could feel how wet she was.

"Oh my God. I will let a complete stranger fuck me in a sex shop," it went through her mind when the saleswoman rubbed the vibrator on her panties.

"Do not worry Ms. Lane Jimmy .. He had  a hot Serum in his drink i gave him. This will make him horny like hell and i turned on a porno. Surely he is already sitting in front of the screen and jerks his cock. Mhm yeah you are all very wet allready huh? What do you think Ms. Lane. Shall we begin? " with that she pressed the little button underneath the vibrator and Lois could feel the hard cock pressed pleasantly against her cunt.

Loud groaning Lois pulled the panties to the side and closed her eyes. The thought that Jimmy was a room further jerking it made it even hotter. She could feel this little bitch slowly pushed the vibrator in her pussy. He was huge and thick. She had never felt so a so big cock inside. At first it hurt as he dug into her but then the desire washed over everything else. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

The seller on the other hand got extremely hot and  just grinned and pushed the vibrator slowly deeper into Lois hot pussy. She could see how her pussy was opened and the vibrator drove the hot reporter in absolute ecstasy.

Lois however was now a slave  to the dick completely. With her eyes closed she was enjoying every thrust and each vibration drove her further away. She focused only on her horniness and how much they that hard cock filled her. The cock was now anything that matter. She did not care that she was fucked by a woman with a vibrator. She did not care that it was not a real dick. She did not care that  Jimmy could hear her moaning. She did not care that the woman grabbed her by the tits and she kneaded vigorously. On the contrary. She quickly opened her blouse to the greedy hand to allow more access. She moaned and cried out her pleasure and before her mind's eye she saw Superman as he fucked her. Or how Lex would fuck her on his desk and fill her pussy with his mighty cock only to fill her with his hot cum.

She did not care for anything. She needed more. She needed an real which was full of hot semen.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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