Lex Luthor

by colleem
Storyline The Secrets of Titnosis, The Secret of Cocknosis
Characters Lois Lane Lex Luthor
Category Mind Control Corruption Male Dom
Previous Chapter The Secret of Cocknosis

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This story takes place in a world in which Marvel and DC are united. However it is a time where  only the most powerful villains of the world know the truth about Lex Luther. Superman has just made an appearance, and so far he is the only one of the Heros who could inflict initial damage to the Plans of the  mastermind of the crime. All other heroes could Luther´s monopoly of crime just scratch without ever find out who the mysterious puppet master in the background was.

Superman flew over the city, which he had appointed to his new home. Metropolis was one of those cities in which he had to do as much work as Kryptonian Superhero and the work in the Daily Planet was very interesting too. Above all he could lead a good double life. He was only 2 months in the city and yet he was almost every day and every night on the way to catch the criminals in the city. He always had the feeling that someone was lurking in the hidden and had everything in his hand. But he had never found even the slightest trace pointing to that man or woman. Just now had a few petty criminals attacked the town library and yet noone could find the exact pattern or reason. Superman, however, had time today and took up the cause, because his colleague, Lois Lane, today should do a series of interviews with the richest Man in the Land. Lex Luther.

That calmed him down, at least as far as he could be sure Lois would not have any stupid ideas. After all, Lex Luther was a Gentlemen, who donated much of his fortune.

At the same time the office of Lex Luther.

Lex looked at the young looking woman who just sat down next to  him. Her fine suit revealed much of her flawless figure without making  her look cheap. Her full breasts were well hidden by her black jacket, which let her seem very professional. With a short side glance he looked at the old, bound in leather book that lay on his desk. He had obtained it recently and wondered whether it would work.

The conversation between the two quickly developed and to his surprise, the woman in front of him torn not only beautiful but also extremely clever. However, she was completely convinced that he was a kind-hearted man. If she knew who Lex really true was.

"So, Mr. Luther. How do you plan to pay the new building, which you plan to build, making it accessible to those in need?" asked Lois friendly and looked at her counterpart as always curious and yet insistently. You understand why this young, charismatic and handsome man was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, even if she personally did have a strange feeling about him.

Lex smiled slightly and stood up to reply.

"Now, Ms. Lane. I rent cheaply before the flats." Even while he spoke Lois could not believe her eyes. Of the shirt down Lex Luther was completely naked. But although she  actually had to be shocked at the sight, she could hardly look away at the huge cock between his legs which was bouncing back and forth. With each step of Lex the huge cock rocked from right to left. He had to be at least 10 inches tall and he was not even fully aroused. He hung down sleeping on this man and rocked back and forth smoothly. Lois was about to turn away their eyes, which fell at her strangely heavy, as  Lex said, friendly and quiet.

Just  look quietly on my big cock Ms. Lane. Just look as he swings back and forth. It is normal that you  see my big wonderful cock while we talk."

Lois opened her mouth to reply but somehow she couldn´t remembered what she wanted to say. The giant Cock seemed to distract her, but she did not know why. Why should it distract her?. It was Lex Luthor. If the multi-millionaire wanted to  go naked in front of her, then he should do that. After all, he had to deal with this monster between his legs and doesn´t need to be ashamed of it. After a brief shake she smiled so friendly and looking at his dick:

"And how much will have to pay people to live there?"

"Now, Ms. Lane. Maybe we should discuss this tomorrow? Today I have some important dates. But you will of course come back tomorrow to me and feel very comfortable in my presence. You want will even take some slightly more open and provocative clothing because you want to attract me and please me. And you will, of course, no one say that I have shown them my dick isn´t it? "

Lois smiled gently as her eyes gazed in awe at the dickin front of her which showed the first signs  of getting bigger. She said smiling

"You're right, Mr. Luthor. What do you think about if I would come back tomorrow and ask you a few new questions? How would that be?" All of a sudden she felt a lot more comfortable in his presence, as if the dark aura around him disappeared.

"Of course, but Ms. Lane," Lex said, and grabbed his dick just the moment Lois left the room.

"Now, Ms. Lane ... Soon you will serve me willingly without notice that you at all min. Unfortunately I can not change you to  quickly but soon you will be fully in my spell and do all that i want you to do." Grinning, he waved to his secretary which fell willingly and involuntarily in front of him on her knees.

"Master .... I am your mindless slave" was the last thing she still breathed, before she swallowed the cock of her master 

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