Thor awakens to find his friends acting more agressive and savage.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Female Dom
Previous Chapter The Avengers attack the Thunder Bolts in the confusion.

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Thor had awoken hours after the Avengers arrived at Dr. Pym's lab in the mountains. Groggily he stirred and opened his eyes to find himself in some kind of hopsital room.

"Oh good, your awake."

Looking over to the source of the voice Thor found Captain America wearing the tattered remained of his costume over his muscular scaley frame. His shield almost the size of a pie plate over his back as he sat low enough to face the Asgardian on the bed.

"You passed out from the spores just like the Thunder Bolts, I'm pretty sure they're already turned and causing havok in the city but we can't get there right now, not until we can control ourselves."

Sitting up and calling for his hammer, Thor stood to look up at the super soldier turned gamma monstrosity. "You seem to have quite a bit of control my friend, what of the others? What has happened to them?"

"It must be the serum that made me what I am, I can still think straight, but the others have been growing more and more agitated and aggressive since we've all changed."

Off in the background Thor and Steve could hear the sounds of either rough fighting or what could be wild sex off in one of the distant rooms of the facility. The thought made Thor squeemish as he remembered Miss Marvel's transformation and what she did once she became a 10 foot tall monster like the others.

"Dr. Pym is trying to find a way to reverse our condition but for now everyone is either aggressive or horny as hell, just be careful."

"Thank you my friend, might I ask what has become of Miss Danvers? Where is he"

"You'll find her in the hanger bay... Along with her kinds."


Tigra yowled as Black Panther mounted her from behind, pumping her full of cum as they shared an intense orgasm. The two had started out in an arguement over the foodstuffs found in the eating area, like a pair of jungle cats they fought over the frozen meats until clashing with one another it led to them stripping down and fucking like animals over the remains of the cafeteria table.

Breathing hard T'Chala thrust hard into Greer to catch her attention, the cat abomination turned to look over her shoulder with a mix of satisfaction and annoyance. "Like I said, I get first bite into the meats, you can have whats left after I am sated."

Her response was her tail whipping across his face before she pulled him deeper inside her pussy. "NEVER interupt a Tigress when shes eating Panther!" Growled the feline abomination. "Besides if I'm going to have a pride, I need food to grow."

Green Panther growled over the smirking Tigra as she savoured his angry jolts into her pussy. Indeed she felt on some instinctive level that she was now pregnant and her appetite was starting to become ravenous. "So either feed me or fuck me, I don't care but I'm STILL getting the food first!."

Roaring like a dominant cat he began to pound into her, their combined growls and snarls filling the room as they competed over the food beside them.


Hank Pym growled in frustration as he looked down at one of the blood samples he took from himself over a microscope, the samples never lasted longer than a few hours before they burnt up in the slide, evidence of their heightened metabolism. "Grrr If this keeps up I won't be able to help ANY of us become human again."

Peering over the sample as it desintigrated before his eyes he felt a massive pair of breasts mash over his back while a set of claws covered his eyes. "Not now Janet, I've already fucked you hours ago this morning, what more do you want?!"

"My turn of course..."

Turning his head in surprise he was caught up in a smoldering kiss that caused the bulge in his tattered pants to nearly tear through before he was released. "Natasha?! What are you doing?"

Smirking over the crouched abomination before her, Black Widow turned him around and pressed her naked body against him. "I know what you've been hiding from the rest of the girls here Pym, I want a piece of you too." Looking closely at the red haired spy he found her breathing hard, her eyes glazed over with lust as she forcefully kissed him again. Her claw roaming down to his waist and tearing open his pants to stroke his raging boner.

"Can't... Do this... Natasha..."

"Don't care... I'm so hot, I... Me want fuck, Bug bitch had turn, me want get knocked up too!"

Hank's resolve was melting away as she threw him to the ground and straddled his steel hard erection, impalling herself on his shaft and gyrating her wide hips to spur him on. "Fuck! You fuck NOW!" Unable to hold back Pym caved into his baser urges and began rocking into the red haired amazon on top of him, his claws roaming over her broad hips and massive breasts as they shook and bounced from his thrusts. "You no like Wife! Wasp better fuck than you."

Growling in a haze of lust and anger Natasha responded to the challenge and thrust back at the man under her. Her claws raking the stone floor as she twisted and bucked against him to make him cum faster. "Green Widow better than Bug bitch, you see, fuck you harder than she can!"

The two pressed against each other trying to make the other cum first, almost like it was a duel to see who was the strongest between them, unbeknownst to the two monsters on the ground they had a visitor looking in with a shocked expression.

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