Meanwhile back in the city the Thunder Bolts change into abominations and go on a rampage.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Pregnancy Transformation Female Dom
Previous Chapter Thor awakens to find his friends acting more agressive and savage.

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Moonstone had returned to the Raft shortly after being chewed out by Norman Osborn, throwing her mask onto her bed she grit her teeth in anger before facing the mirror at her bedroom stand.

"Arrogant son of a bitch, what I wouldn't give to twist him into a pretzel!"

Gripping the sides of her dresser she stared at her reflection, even angry she was told she was beautiful, gorgeous even, but then again those compliments came from men who stood by and watched her vent out at the 'little' people around her. While she stared she noticed an unusual green glow in her eyes.

"What the hell is... Ack!" Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her entire body, her muscles spasmed violently as she stood at the dresser to hold herself up, her grip so strong the wood fractured under her fingers. As quickly as the pain appeared it was replaced with growing pleasure as she felt her muscles pulse and grow under her skin. Moaning softly she began to grow larger and more powerful, her muscles bulking up with every heartbeat until light tears could be heard. Her costume was bursting at the seams as she grew taller and stronger, her belt snapped when her hips grew nearly twice as wide to hold her tree trunk thick leg muscles, her breasts burst out of her tattered top as they swelled to double then triple their size.

"Aaaah Fuck! This is.... Mmmmm..."

More and more she grew until other changes occured. Her skin began to darken to a mottled green, becoming smooth and scaley. Sharp spikes began to sprout from her arms and back, green blood dripping from the openings before healing instantly, her feet changed so that she could stand on the balls of her toes while her fingers sprouted sharp menacing claws.

With the tattered remains of her cloths shredding off of her she roared out before slamming her clawed fists against the mirror and smashing the furniture and wall behind it to rubble. Looking down at her new self she recognized the scaley texture of her arms, she had become just like the Avengers at their mansion. Strangely this made her smile, perking up she could hear strange gutteral noises coming from the rest of the underground meta-prison.

"The rest of us are turning, Good." Moaning in pleasure she felt up her now 9 foot tall frame, the power, the strength it was all hers now. And something else, she never felt so hungry or more horny in her life, what few inhabitions she had were being crushed under the new impulses this body had. "Leader wants an army, wants the world! Must eat, must fuck, dominate the puny humans, MOONSTONE STRONGEST THERE IS!"

Smashing through her door she stormed out into the hallways were the rest of the Thunderbolts were rampaging through the Raft. "For our Leader! FOR GAMMA WORLD!"


Panting in exhaustion Hank and Natasha collapsed to the floor after several explosive orgasms together. The haze of lust finally lifting enough for the two abominations to think clearly again.

"Black Widow? How long were we?... I couldn't help myself."

"Neither could I, it was like... I NEEDED you."

As the two untangled with each other they heard a light giggling coming from the door to the lab. Looking to its source Ant Man palled as his wife entered the room, her wings buzzing from her amusement as she waddled forward.

"Jan! I... I can explain, please its... We couldn't control ourselves."

Looking up at his wife Ant Man stopped when he saw her smiling down at him, her claws rubbing the dome of her pregnant belly. "Hank do I look angry? I KNEW this would happen."

"WHAT?!" yelled both abominations on the floor scrambling for their tattered cloths.

"You said it yourself Hank, our sex drive has gone nuts, we NEED to fuck and breed or else we'll go insane." Gasping from a sudden kick in her womb she continued. "I mean look at me, I gave birth to twelve kids the other day and I'm pregnant again, and I'm loving it!"

Pym could only blink stupidly as he looked at the voluptous form of his wife craddling her pregnant naval, cooing softly in bliss as her claws met jolts from within.

"What are you saying Janet?"

"I'm saying since we can't go back to normal then we might as well get used to all... This!" Pointed Wasp to herself and the two others in the room. "I'm not going to smash the world to bits Hank, Kang's vision scared the hell out of me but I can't resist the urge to bear more children, already my kids are making a hive out of my room."

"But Janet, I had sex with your husband."

"And I bet he rocked your world too." Winked Wasp as she hovered closer to the red head. "Are you pregnant? Do you feel hungry? Starved?" Looking over to her husband she giggled some more at his confusion.

"Hank you can have sex with any of the women here, knock them up as much as you like but remember..."

Gasping in shock Ant Man tried to pry his wife's claw off of his cock as she squeezed it possessively, strocking it until it became solid under her iron grip.

"THIS belongs to me! Once I have our second litter I want another, and another, and ANOTHER! I want my hive to be strong." Narrowing her eyes she smirked at her prone husband before releasing him.

"I'm going back to my room, my drones are probably hungry for their Queen's milk right now."

Turning around she sashayed out of the room, her wide hips swinging back and forth as she gave her husband a show before exiting.

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