The Avengers attack the Thunder Bolts in the confusion.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Pregnancy Transformation
Previous Chapter The Thunder Bolts attack the mansion.

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The green mist released from the dead abomination filled the damaged room, forcing the Thunder Bolts to cough and wheeze as they breathed in the mutagenic fumes. The Avengers however were uneffected by the vapours and found themselves slowly released from Songbird and Moonstone's grasp. As soon as they got back on their feet the tables had turned.

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" Roared Wasp as she body tackled Moonstone against the wall and straight through it, the sounds of them going through wood and plaster echoed out into the mansion.

Venom shared a similar fate as Captain America and Black Panther slammed into the scorpion powered villain, both clawing and smashing into the gelatenous form of the symbiote as its unconcious host laid limp on the ground. Ant Man and Hawkeye tried to lift Thor back up but found him unconcious from the spores just like the first time.

"Avengers! We're leaving, get the kids and warm up the Quinn Jet."

"And what about these guys?" Growled Miss Marvel as she hoisted up Song Bird by her shoulder, the rage smouldering in Carol's eyes made them glow green. "They got hit with the spores, they'll end up like us in a few hours."

"Screw'em! I'm not hauling this psychopath with us." Pointed Hawkeye at the unconcious form of Bullseye. Black Widow nodded in agreement as she kicked the marksman in the side sending him rolling.

Suddenly the prone form of Moonstone fell back into the room from the hole in the wall with an angry and triumphant Wasp walking back in, her wings buzzing from agitation as she glomped into her husband's side before picking up her children. "I'm with Carol, leave these murdering ass-holes for SHIELD to pick up."

"Fine whatever lets just get out of here before the Sentinels start showing up."

Gathering the crying children from the floor the abominations hurried to the hanger bay and escaped. Leaving the Thunder Bolts behind for the authorities, and their leader.


Clicking the autopilot on the Quinn Jet control panel Ant Man went down to the holding bay of the aircraft to see to the others.

Wasp was tending to her children, all twelve of them we're huddled in close as she nursed them one at a time, Jessica had managed to make a kind of top and swip for Wasp to wear made from her own webbing. She looked blissful as she fed two of her children at once, humming a quite tune as she did so.

Greer and T'Challa were asleep like cats in the corner of the hold, their tails flicking idly as they slept. Hawkeye and Black Widow were watching the rest while Captain America sat looking out of the port window. What concerened Ant Man was Miss Marvel as she sat next to the unconcious Thor, her belly was so swollen she looked like she had swallowed a human being. It wasn't hard to assume that she would give birth any moment from now.

"Everyone I've set the jet to land us at one of my research facilities outside of the city, we can hold out there away from the sentinels while we try to fix this, I'll get a hold of Iron Man once we land."

After a few hours the Quinn Jet landed outside of an old research building in the mountains, hundreds of miles from New York. As soon as the abominations left the jet, Ant Man triggered the flyer to return to New York by auto pilot, the engines screeching to life as the machine lifted off and flew away were they came from.

"That should confuse them, lets get inside and see to Thor, then we can deal with our... Condition.


Norman Osborn walked through the ruins of the Avengers mansion with an entourage of armed guards, four sentinels had landed around the perimeter of the damaged building as the leader of the Thunder Bolts made his way to his team. Walking up to a crew of paramedics he found Moonstone being tended to while a strentcher was being made for both Song Bird and Radiation Man.

"Tsk tsk... I give you a simple task, one that I had hope would have been favourable to you and you screw it up royally." Straitening his tie he turned to the others who either sneered at the man or turned away in shame. "Might I remind you that they are a major threat, even more so than what the Hulk used to be?"

"In case you haven't noticed... Sir, they're not stupid like the Hulk was, besides we were ambushed."

"Excuses are rarely accepted Moonstone, get them, and see to it that you don't fail me."

Glaring up at the smug billionaire as he turned to leave Moonstone felt a throbbing pain in her head, her heart rate was booming in her chest like she were running a mile a minute. Had anyone else had noticed they would have seen her eyes turn to a glowing green.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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