Behold the Bat King

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Book
Characters Batman batman Batman Catwoman Catwoman
Category Transformation Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter A Brave New World

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The city was filthy.  Dark and decaying, lights flickering.  The hidden temple that the Book had been contained in was in ruins.  People scuttled about fearfully, trying to avoid being noticed.
But the most frightening thing was the moon.  
It had the symbol of Batman burned into it, a permanent scar on the night scar.  
The Man, terrified, ran back to the Book to correct his mistake.  But when he turned, several armored men and women were standing there, each with a trio of pipes leading into their skulls and connected to packages of a green liquid on their hips.
"Who are you!?" one of the women demanded.  "Why are you out past curfew?!"  
The Man ran, unwilling to talk.  The other men and women tapped a device on their belts, green liquid flowing into their heads as their muscles bulged.  Roaring, they ran off after the man.  "Mistake, little man," the woman said.  "Commander Bane, this is Lieutenant Kate Bishop.  We have a mystical book of some kind here.  A Man was seen exiting the ruins of what appears to be a temple."  
"Bring the Book to me," said a Latino voice over the phone.  "Our dear god king of the world will want to know of it..." 
In a pristine, shining bedroom, a man stood on a balcony, looking out at the dark, ruined world he ruled.  He was powerfully built, the body of a deity.  And embedded in his chest was a glowing cube filled with cosmic energy.  A glowing, bright yellow ring was on one finger.
"Master Bruce?" said a soft, feminine voice from behind him.  
Bruce Wayne turned, and smiled.  A tall, dark-furred anthropomorphic feline sauntered over to him, her tail flicking back and forth.  The shapely creature's ample breasts bobbed slightly with each step, an adoring smile on her face.  "You weren't in bed, and I was wondering where you were."  
Bruce chuckled.  "I'm sorry, Selina.  I just wanted to look over the kingdom," he said.  "I know it's a bit on the grungy side, but it's necessary.  The people need to know their place in the grand scheme of things."  
Selina purred.  "I like it when you show me my place," she teased, putting an arm around his waist and cuddling up to him.  
Bruce smirked.  "I'm sure you do," he said, looking out over the city again.
Selina frowned.  "Are you worried about something?  Is Stark behind on production?" 
Bruce shook his head.  "No, no, Tony's producing the weapons and enhancers on schedule.  I know I can rely on him," he said.  "I just..."  He smiled.  "I'm happy.  I finally realized it... I'm happy.  I'm not used to happy." 
Selina kissed him.  "You've saved the world, Bruce," she said.  "The Knights of Arkham keep the cowardly lot in line with their little fiefdoms, and all of the so-called 'superhumans' now work for you."  She smirked, and added, "In addition, you have a perfectly adoring busty catgirl who's willing to cater to your every sexual whim, and doesn't mind you sleeping around either."  
Bruce grinned.  "True," he said, gesturing and summoning a couple wine glasses into existence.  "To perfecting the world."  
Selina kissed him again.  "To a world at peace through fear."

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