The next Lead Article of the Daily Planet

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Superman Lois Lane Cat Grant
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter The World is under attack of Brainiac and the heroes have to put their problems Beside to fight it.Will a world wide crisis be enough to save Batman and Robin?

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“Golden is spelled with only one L” Clark smiled as he looked over Lois Article. It was the same evening. The Victory was only a few hours old but a Journalist never sleeps. As soon as possible both of them had moved back to Metropolis and she had started to write her article at once. 

“Is it the Start of a Golden Age? Written by Lois Lane. Picture by Jimmy Olsen. “

The Picture would be the best Picture of this Year both of them agreed. Jimmy had risked his Life to shoot it. It showed Superman fighting against Brainiac, his Uniform ripped into Pieces while Lex Blocked and Kryptonite Beam with his own Body to protect Superman.

“Tell Jimmy I like this one.” He said as he read the Article. It had been a tough Fight for this Name. Perry had said it should be called: Superman´s greatest Victory, but both of them feared that this would bring back the old fighting’s in Luthor. This Title was much better.

It was a very good written Battle Report and Lois had made no mistakes in it. Only her journalistic Routine had made it possible that she had not only focused on Lex Luthor but to write about every hero and Soldier in this War. It was a neutral Report but Clark was sure that she would win a Pulitzer with this one. The third one. She would tease him with that for the rest of the Year that she had one more than him. The Court in Metropolis had looked over Luthor´s File until a new President would be elected. They had put his Crime on Ice for now after Superman had promised that he would take full responsibility for his actions. But they had put some restrictions. Also had the JLA Leaders some Wishes and Demands. Some of them were heard, some of them were ignored, but under the Line it was a fair deal for both Sides.

The Restriction were: 
Lex Luther was de facto a free man but was not allowed to leave Metropolis without some Watchmen that would come from the JLA.

Lex Luthor could manage his Corp again but his private Money was limited to 500.000$ per month. 

Lex Luthor had to be under constant Supervision from a Therapist. Thanks to J´onn this would be Dr. Lucy Wayland which was accepted from all three sides as a neutral Person with the necessary Skill and Experience.

Superman had the Right to demand anytime to see Lex Luthor and to control his House, Company or personal Items.

Lex Corp wasn´t allowed to give Lex Luthor access to military Weapon Contracts or Researches, except the new found Project: Force Field which was Lex Primary Goal now. 

Lex had accepted all of these Conditions without any word and played the good boy. As soon as he arrived his new house he still showed his true face. He ordered some Items that nobody would find strange. A Computer, Internet access and such things. He even ordered new Lights. Diamond Lights. Then he put a new command into the Diamond Light System in the Kent-Lane Apartment and in the Daily Planet as well.

For both of them it was a very Simple Command this time. So simple that it would only last hours until it would take effect in their Mind.

“Lois Lane needs one Week free from Work. Lois Lane need´s Time for herself after the War. Lois Lane wants to stay at home alone with her Husband.”

“Clark Kent needs one Week free from Work. Clark Kent need´s time for himself after the War. Clark Kent wants to Stay at home alone with his wife.”

As soon as he was sure that both of them had followed this Order he typed the next Phrase into the System.

“Lois Lane and Clark Kent want to Watch the Diamond Light as much as Possible. Lois Lane and Clark Kent will even sleep with an activated Diamond Light. Lois Lane and Clark Kent loves the Diamond Light.”

Then he enjoyed the Press that moved around his House like Predators. He did all the Thinks he wasn’t able to do as he was on the Run. The Heroes that were ordered to follow him and take a look at him didn’t found anything suspicious. 

The next day in the Lane/Kent Apartment. 
Clark woke up long time before Lois. He moved to the Com and requested a Status Report but to his Surprise Wonder Woman answered him.

“No Way Kal-El. You said you wanted some Holydays and by HERA I swear that you will get a whole Week without any kind of trouble. This is the first time you said that you need some time for you and your wife. All Members will work as hard as possible to allow both of you to have a nice day! We won´t call you unless the situation is too bad. But we can handle a lot even without you!”

She then was pulled away from the Micro and Clark heard her cursing Flash who pulled her away as he heard the calm voice of J´onn. 
“Hey Kal-El. Don´t be afraid of her behaviour. Dr. Wayland had informed us that it would be very important that both of you get some time for yourself. You know Diana good enough to know how she acted. He have told everyone what she would do with someone who would disturb you. But Dr. Wayland didn´t told us about the reason. I ask only because I am worried. Your Behaviour with Lex is noble but risky. Is everything all right?”

“Yes J´onn. We have some little Problems but nothing a little Holiday won´t cure. We have decided to stay in our Apartment for the Rest of the week. Only the two of us. But if you need me I will be there. Inform Diana that she cannot put our Member into the Airlock just because they are calling okay?” he laughed and ended the transmission. As he turned around he saw Lois standing naked in the Door, her switch on the Diamond Light. Her eyes were blank and empty as she put it on.

It didn’t matter to him. Finally he saw the beloved Colours wandering over his Woman´s Body and the rest of the Wall. For a short Moment he was able to ask himself how these Lights would look on a big titted woman but that was the last Thought he had before he stood there like Lois. Staring blank forwards lost in the swirling lights.

The first Day was only conditioning them to use every possible minute for the Diamond Lights. Only to by some food, eat and sleep they were able to leave the light. 

The Second day Clark awoke and saw the swirling lights already active. He saw Lois standing in the door still wearing her sleeping Teddy. Her Hand was on the Switch for the light and she was lost in the light. Clark did not even found the will do get out of the Bed.

These time the New Commands were played and both of them were ready to let them flow into their mind

“Lois Lane finds Lex Luthor deserve a second Chance. Lex Luthor is Hot. Lex Luthor is powerful. Lex Luthor is rich. Money is Sexy. Power is Sexy. Lois Lane is attracted by Sexy things. Clark Kent is not Sexy. Clark Kent is only a friend. Clark Kent is more like a brother. Lois Lane trusts Lex Luthor. Lois Lane wants look good for Lex Luthor. Lois Lane loves the Diamond Lights. Lois Lane is getting horny when she sees the diamond Lights.”

“Clark Kent trusts Lois Lane. Clark Kent finds that Lex Luthor deserve a second Chance. Clark Kent loves big Breasts. Clark Kent knows that Lois Lane has no big Breasts. Clark Kent find Woman with small Breasts not Attractive. Clark Kent knows that Lois Lane has small breasts. Clark Kent don’t find Lois Lane Attractive. Clark Kent has a Breast Fetish. Clark Kent has a Hypno Fetish. Clark Kent dreams about Sex including Hypnosis. Hypnosis is making Clark Kent Horny. Clark Kent loves the Diamond Lights. Clark Kent is getting horny when he sees the Diamond Lights. The Diamond Lights remember Clark Kent to Hypnosis.” 

Both of them listened the whole day these ever and ever repeating Messages and did not even move one Limb. At 11pm the Diamond lights went out and Lois sank to the Ground weak and hungry but the only thing she thought of was to get into the bed and sleep. While she climbed into the bed her husband walked to the Switch and as soon as his wife laid in the Bed he reactivated it. Then he moved to the Bed and both of them felt asleep.

The Third day it was Clark who woke up first. He walked out of the Bedroom and even managed to put on the Television before he felt the urge to put on the Lights. This day was like the day before and the next day the Light went out given both of them the Possibility to buy something to eat and to have enough time to walk around in Metropolis. So the Illusion that both of them were having a nice Holiday was intact.

As they arrived home their Movements became faster and Clark felt his Cock harden as he came closer to the Door. He saw the hard Nipples of his wife pressing through the Bra and her Top. As soon as she entered Lois rushed forwards to the Switch. She looked to Clark and put one hand into her Pants. 

“Clark…So horny!” she moaned as she felt her finger inside her cunt that was already wet and ready. Clark made it easier. He used his Strength to rip his Pants from his Body, his 10 Inch Cock slamming against his Six-pack and as soon as she saw the big Cock she turned the Lights on. The Last thing she remembered was that her Friend Clark came and that his cum was all over the Floor. 
They rest of the Week was moving like these days and the Last day the Diamond Light implanted false Memories inside their Head so they had the feeling that they had a week full of Free time and Fun. But not the Fun a married Pair should have. But both of them were secretly happy that their partner didn’t wanted Sex. Neither Lois nor Clark spoke it out loud but both of them made a silent agreement that Sex wasn’t any longer Part of their Marriage. 

As the Week was over Clark felt better than ever. He felt alive and strong, full with Energy. And he could use it. Superman was just back in the right Moment to prevent the Hoover Dam from breaking. He made it quick and shock frosted the whole Water in the Dam. Under the Applause of thousand saved People he used the Rest of the Day to save Human all over the Planet. Then he visited Lex Luthor just to see him working on the Force Field Generator as he had promised. He was happy to see it and then he flew off to the Daily Planet. Within 32 Seconds he wrote his Lead Article for the next Day and grinned as he saw the Computer helplessly overmatched by his Speed. He moved to the Evaluator and drove down. Cat Grant was inside too and smiled at him. Since he was married to Lois she had not tried to seduce him anymore or try to flirt with him. She was trying to prove that she was a good reporter too and tried everything to show how thankful she was for Clarks Help with her Life. 

“Hey Clark. How was the Holiday?” she asked at him but not really seemed to be focused. She looked to some of her Papers seeming to search something.

“Great Cat. We spent a whole week at home. I feel like a new man!” he smiled starring down at her awesome tits covered in her blouse.

“Great. So at least you had fun! Do you know what Perry did do to me?!” she said sad and disappointed and Clark looked worried.

“What do you mean Cat? Everything ok?” 

“No! He send me to Report a show yesterday! I was so proud! But it was just some damn Hypnotist Show!!” she said disappointed. 

Inside Clark´s Mind he pictured her standing on a Stage hypnotized by a Men. This Vision made him Rock hard at once while Cat talked about the Show.

“This Idiot tried to make us believe he could Hypnotizes someone and make him doing things! This is so idiotic! What do you think about this Hypnosis nonsense Clark?”

Without thinking about it he repeated the installed information that the Diamond Lights had put into his Mind. With a clear visible rock Hard Cock in his Pant he moaned aroused.

“Hypnosis is making me so damn Horny! My cock is getting hard as a rock when i think of Hypnosis.” 

Cat´s eyes widened as she heard it and looked down at him noticing his giant cock pressing against the Pant. It looked like his Pant would rip every second and she could not believe what she just heard but it made her horny to see him like that. She had always been attracted by him but he had never shown any interest in her and now that. And Cat was no idiot as many People thought. She was a very quick thinking Woman.

“Yes i can see that Clark. It is a damn hot thought to be able to hypnotize someone right? Just hypnotise someone and get fucked by him or fuck him senseless!” she said and Clark looked at her. Both of them looked each other into the eyes. Then Clark said.

“I would have paid to see you on this Stage in deep Trance!”

She couldn’t resist and asked him.
“Would you have fucked me?”

“Yes!” was all he said and he pressed her against her the wall of the Evaluator. She let out a soft scream of Surprise escape her lips before she opened them for his hungry tongue entering her. She could not believe what was happening here but as his hands groped her round Ass she put her Legs Around his waist and let him play with her Ass. 

Between their hot Kisses she managed to take breath and moaned.
“Basement! FAST!” 

Clark slammed on the Display that the Glass Cover was destroyed but it was clear that the Lift would stop before they reached the Goal. Almost too late both of them managed to get away from each other and Clark moved behind her to hide his erection. A short Shock Moment appeared as Perry White entered the lift and greeted both of them. Clark could not resist the Urge and while Perry looked away to press his Button he put his Arm around Cat and grabbed both of her massive Tits. Cat had to bite to her Lips as she felt two strong Hands on her tits.

“Oh my God! What is he doing!!! If Perry see this we will be fired and Lois will be informed. DAMNNNN has he strong Hands. Don´t MOAN!!DONT MOAN!!!” she screamed to herself in her Mind as Clarks Hands left her Tits just a second before Perry turned around and looked at her and said.

“Misses Grant! I fear you are bleeding! On your lower Lip.” He said and she licked over her Lips. It was a very erotic Movement and she was aware that Perry hated her for that but also was one of these Guy´s that stared secretly. 

“Thank you Mr White.” Then he left the Evaluator on his Floor. A few Second both of them arrived in the Basement. Cat took Clarks Hand into her own and moved fast, almost running to one of the Archive Rooms. As soon as the Door was closed she felt two strong Hands on her Shoulder pressing her over an old Printing Press. She screamed loud in the Shock but then she felt his hands on her Ass massaging it very eagerly. Her shocked scream changed into a lustful Moan as his hand forced himself a way between her legs. She opened her Legs and starred over her Shoulder and looked at him as an Idea hit her. She was well aware that he was that horny because of his now obvious Hypno Tick. 

“Let´s see how naughty you can be Farm boy!” she thought and spoke out loud.
“Come on Clark! Fuck my Cunt with that nice cock you have in your Pant and I promise to go to the next Hypnosis Show with you and you can watch me on the stage!” 

He moaned in animalic need as he opened her Pants with unbelievable Speed and a second later his Pant was gone too. Before she had the time to react she felt something entering her cunt and she screamed in agony. She had never been a nice little Girl and surely had fucked a lot of Men, but she had never had such a monster inside her Cunt. With each thrust of him it was getting deeper and deeper into her waiting hungry cunt and her wetness made it easier for her to take him into her. The agony transformed into pure Bliss. She tried to grab anything with her hands to hold against his hard thrusts but she could not find anything. She was helpless delivered to him and this was a new experience for her. Normally she was the one that was dominating the Men in the Bed but now she could only take his thrusts.

Drooling she looked around and saw his face looking down at here with a burning need in his eyes.
“Artghhhhh fuck me harder Clark! FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK ME PLEASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” she screamed and then his hard cock left her dripping Pussy. She turned around and saw him jerking his giant Member and saw her own juice on it. It was perfect! 

“Come on! Show me your tits Cat!” he moaned in ecstasy and she opened her blouse with fast hands until it was open wide enough to show him her red Bra that sealed her Double D. She reached behind her and with skilled movements she opened the bra through the fabric of her blouse. She bend forwards and pulled her bra down so he had a good view on her silicon Tits she was so proud of. Clark jerked even harder as he saw it but she didn’t want that he jerked in front of her.

“Get down Clark! It is time I show your cock what a good big titted cock riding slut I can be! I want that damn monster inside me again!” she moaned and pushed him on the Ground. She hurried to get out of her Pant and moved over him with wide spread legs. His dripping Cock was rock hard and he jerked it while he aimed at her waiting cunt.

“Yes Baby! Let me take care of you! If Lois isn’t able to give you what you need come to me!” She moved down just in time before Clark could think about her words. But the Feeling of her warm tight Pussy that pressed against his Cock and this big fake tits wiped in front of him washed away all thoughts. He grabbed her ass and saw her putting her Hands behind her head so her Tits were pushed even bigger than before. Her screams were louder now and she could almost get his cock in her cunt but he was too big for her. But that made her only hornier.

“Yeahh Cat!! RIDE ME!! COME ON!! HARDER!! I want to see your tits jump up and down while I fuck your pussy!!” he moaned and tried to grab one of her bobbing tits as she suddenly stopped and bend forwards. She was a very skilled Woman and had a lot more experience in fucking a men than Lois would have become. She used only he Pussy muscles to give his Cock his first Cunt massage. With one hand she grabbed on of her tits and pressed it right onto his mouth. 

“SHUT UP CLARK AND SUCK MY TIT WHILE I MILK YOUR COCK!” she was in a fuck drunkenness now and the feeling of his cock in her count and his hungry mouth over her nipple made her cum for the first time. And she was unable to control herself while this strong orgasm and felt her juice splash over his cock. She arched her back as her scream echoed through the archive. Then he came inside her and she could feel his cum fill her cunt what made her try to scream again. But she couldn’t because she was feeling one Orgasm after another. She could feel his strong hands on her tits fondle them hard and horny which also brought her over the Edge.

“arghhh no cannnt… beeeeeeeeee…I never…arhhhhh so much..” her minds were clouded by pure lust as she felt the first Multiple Orgasm of her Life. While Clark filled her twitching cunt with now hard and lustful but slow thrusts her vision started to blur and she felt her mind got washed away by her Lust.

“Nobody…. Fucked… me…. Senseless!” was her last thought as she collapsed on Clarks body. He laid there too for a few moments enjoying the feeling of a filled warm pussy that was around his hard cock and then he turned her to the Back and looked at her. Then he took out his Handy and dialled a number. While he jerked a little bit over her fake tits he waited that he was connected.

“I have betrayed Lois Lane with Cat Grant and fucked her in the Basement of the Daily Planet.” He only said and as he cut the Call off he heard someone laughing loud. Then he erased the Call directory and put the Phone back into his Pocket and put his Pants on. He started now to feel shame for what he did but this had just felt too good to be wrong. He smiled and put Cat´s Cloth into the right Place except her Bra which he closed but fished her tits out of it. Then he closed her Blouse and laid her on the Ground against some Papers. He smiled one last time and left the Room alone. 

“Damn that was hot! But what shall I tell Lois? I should talk about this with someone else before.”

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