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by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
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He sat in his Lair and watched on the Screen. Again some of these Cape-wearing Punks had interrupted in one of his Plans. It was now the seventh big plan that had been ruined by one of the masked crusaders. In the whole World they were active. It was not like Years before were only one or two of the big Boys were able to do world-wide fighting. With the new Watchtower in the Orbit the Hero society was able to dispatch whole Squads of Supers all over the World. Even without their Teleporter they had enough Javelin Jets to land within minutes all over the World. These damned Jets were able to fly with Hyperspeed and that they were able to drop from the Orbit made them the fastest Man-made Airplanes at the World. Rumors said they were able to top Mach 10 without melding through the Temperature. 

Also it was almost impossible to take them down. Even without their maximum Speed they had enough High-Tec defense Systems on board to take on every possible Weapon. Even Energy based Weapons weren’t effective against their Force Fields. He had tried before but he had failed and failed again. Rumors said that the Javelin and the Watchtower were build up with Wayne-Tec and even Kryptioian Tec sponsored from Superman. 

He had tried to get some Spies into this Head Quarter but thanks to the Mind-Reading Powers of the Marsian J´onn he had always lost his members. But now it was enough. He had to do something against this stupidity. He had to take out the JLA once and for all. But he was a Mastermind. He wasn´t gifted with Super-Strength or something like that. All he had was his Mind and his Network of information. Most of the major Players had used his network from time to time and naturally he had made his backups from their Database just for sure. He had nothing personally against the JLA but it was time that they would stay out of his business. He worked at something big and if this one would fail he would have no money anymore. But if it would work as planned he would have enough money to have a nice life without any crimes anymore. But he was no Idiot. He knew that he was not the Man to fight the JLA on his own. He would need help and a good plan. Also he didn’t want to destroy the entire JLA. After all he wanted to life a peaceful Life after his great Job. He had to keep them busy for at least 1 Year but how. 

With his data he was able to get very detailed Portfolios about the most Members of the JLA. He had categorized them into their Threat levels and so it was no wonder that Batman was on the Top. He had almost nothing about the Dark Knight of Gotham City. Some said he was a mere mortal other said he was a living god or an Alien. He thought that Batman was just a Human without any Meta power. But he was gifted with a great intellect and was able to find clues where others only saw chaos. This ability would be the greatest Problem for his plans. He had to take the Bat out of the Game but how? Many had tried. The Joker, the Penguin, Scarface and others. By now Batman had defeated them all more than one times and he was the only one on the Earth that had won against the Man of Steel. He was maybe a Technician like himself. Using high-Tech to counter his missing Super powers. 

The next one on his List Superman himself. He was not only strong, fast and almost indestructible but he was also very clever and had the knowledge of his dead Race. He knew about Superman´s weakness to Kryptonite but that was a deadly possible and after all he doesn´t want to kill Superman. 

The next ones on his List were Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, the Martian and some of the lesser known Heroes. Maybe he could poison them, but at least the Martian, the Kryptioian and Wonder Woman were known to have a very potent Healing Rate. He didn’t had enough information about their DNA to make a virus that would disable their own powers. And again this would go do far. A virus that could harm Superman would easily kill every normal Human. No he had to do something else.

Maybe he could capture them and lock them away but what prison could hold Superman and how long would it take until every Human on the World would search for him. No. That wasn’t an option for him. 

It took days with planning and careful calculations until he had find the only possible way. He would use the Archenemies and manipulate them. With the right information he could bring even a Lex Luthor to act like he wanted. It would be hard to control someone like the Joker so he worked a week to get a List of possible Members for his team. He doesn’t want to use some Maniacs or fanatics but he found enough other Criminals. 

He would careful leak out information to them so they would act like he wanted them. If they would fail on his plan nobody would be able to trace it back to him. And finally he had found the Perfect Way to take the Heroes out of the Way. 

He would help the Villains to archive Mind Control Tech and thinks like that. There was only a 1.23% Chance that someone could alter or Manipulate the Mind of the Top Members of JLA for all eternity. The Past had shown enough Proves for that. Poison Ivy had never managed it to get hold of Batman and even under the influence of the Mad Hatter the Bat was able to break free after some Time. 

The Willpower of Superman was maybe even stronger but he didn’t know that for sure. Wonder Woman was a highly trained Amazon warrior Princess that was able to withstand the Power of the greatest witch in History so her will was not weaker than the one of Batman. But it was all a matter of time and Effort. Maybe the Bat could withstand Poison Ivy for a short Time Period. But what would happen if he had to fight her for a greater time period? 

What if the Heroes didn’t even notice that they was manipulated? On the Black Market there was enough High-tech that could alter the Mind of others. Most of it was built to make a short time effect but some of them could be changed into what he needed. Subliminal Messages, long time Pheromones and so on. But he would risk it that some crazy Super Villain would get hold of the most dangerous Men and woman of the World. So he had to make sure that they would have other goals for now. Some of them were Easy. 

Lex Luthor would do everything to show that he was better than Superman.

Poison Ivy was a Woman after all and Batman was the only Men she couldn’t have. 

Circe was a manipulative bitch in each Time Period.

Maybe the Villains would have fun with their prey and maybe they would think it would stay forever. But he was sure that it wasn’t that easy. Even IF they could manipulate them for all eternity. The JLA would not watch something like this. They would take the Enemy out and free their Comrade. 

And maybe he would have some fun for him alone but first he had to focus on his plan

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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