The World is under attack of Brainiac and the heroes have to put their problems Beside to fight it.Will a world wide crisis be enough to save Batman and Robin?

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Previous Chapter Batgirl uses this chance to have sex with Batman without him remembering...

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Everything changed that Evening. All these little Plans each one had made were destroyed by one “Man”.

Before Superman could visit Siren and maybe fall into her web he was informed about a triple Omega Alert. This was the highest Danger Class the JLA had. Something terrible had happened. Each known Member was immediately informed. 

Lois was just trying to get into the Lex Corp Building as Perry called her. The Helicopter of the Daily Planet was waiting for her. He sounded worried. 

Even the three Bat´s got a distress Call on the personal Communicators.

The message was in all cases the same.

Brainiac attacks Washington DC.

Lex Luthor sat in his Lair and looked on the remaining Monitors. Somehow Brainiac had managed to launch a Nuke in the lower Orbit over Washington DC. There was no radiation Fallout but the EMP Pulse had shut down most of the not secured Hardware. The City was basically blind and only few military Systems were working. The Pulse had even reached the outer Town around Washington. The Distraction was enough for Brainiac to finish his Invasion. It took the ancient Computer only a few Hours to take control of the City. One of his first steps was it to create an energy shield that was protecting the City from everything outside. This barrier was unbreakable as it seemed. Not even the combined Firepower from most of the JLA Members, the United State Army and the Main Fusion Beam Cannon from the Watch Tower were enough to break through this Barrier. 
The Heroes tried everything that they knew but lucky for them Brainiac had been damaged seriously in the last phase of the Invasion. Capt. Atom and Dr. Fate had been in Washington and both had tried to stop him but had failed on this task. All that they could do was buy the rest of the World some time. 

Under this Condition his Quest for Lois Lane had to wait. Brainiac had planned this invasion very good and if this alien Robot-Asshole would defeat the JLA it was over for the World. And if the World was finished, Lex Luthor couldn’t rule the World. It was a simple fact. So he had worked on a way to open the Barrier and his unmatched genius had soon found a way to break through. It would be extreme risky but it was a possibility. Besides he had never stopped to boost his Grip on Lois and Clark. He had thought about fucking her again but as often as he had dreamed of her he always had someone watching him fucking her. Deep inside of him he was still a megalomaniac. He wanted to prove anyone his superior and so he had added a new command line for Clark. 
This stupid jerk had finally responded to the Diamond Lights and even wrote an Email in which he asked them if it would be possible to get a portal Chandelier. This was stupid but Lex managed to build a Lava Lamp that was working on the Diamond Light Technic. With portal Device he could transmit his Messages even into the Combat Zone. Lois had been send to Washington and nobody knew where Clark was but he had managed to send some information about the Warzone too in his Blog. So Lex guessed that he was somewhere near Washington too.

Maybe this was a great chance for him. He could put Phase 2 of his great Plan into Motion. And then it would be much easier for him to see, and much more important FUCK, Lois Lane. He was busy to load his Machines into a Transporter as he moved from Metropolis to Washington. It had been 6 Days now and the JLA was out of Plans. They had surrounded Washington and the NATO had send backup Troops from all over the World. 
Brainiac was a threat to the World as one and the NATO knew that very well. 

Superman had tried everything but he could not break the force field. It was surrounding the City not only above the ground, it was also under the Earth. He had taken Position in a close by hotel that had been evacuated and was the HQ for the JLA. Most of the Member were on the Watchtower now waiting for an emergency. It was his shift but after a short briefing with some high rang Military Officers his daily work was done. They had no Idea for now and the best Scientists of the World worked on this Problem. He felt weak but this was an effect of the Force field. It was emitting small doses of Kryptonite Radiation but nothing that was strong enough to kill him. He was only always exhausted when he was near the Field. The scientists were sure that this radiation was a side effect of the Main Power Source of the Force field. A Kryptonite Reactor. Brainiac knew how to make things hard for the JLA that was sure. 

He moved to his Room and moaned out of frustration. Lois was making his Work not a bit easier right now. She was in her element and run around like she was trying to break the high speed Record of Flash. She tried to get an interview from everyone and everywhere. The Guards had already been annoyed by her frequent tries to get to the Barrier. Something that was strictly forbidden.
He looked around and put his newest Relaxing Tool out. It was a little Lava Lamp from Lartinga Production, the same company that had built the Chandelier in her Apartment. He found it easier to regain his strength and his inner peace when he could look at the wonderful pattern for some time of the Day. 

He activated it and sat down on the couch while he thought about how he could break through this damned Force field. He knew that this was something big and something that bound him complete and even was strong enough to almost be able to free him from the Mind Control. He had to defend the World and now there was definitive no time for anything else. He was even able to stay focused when other heroines where nearby. The only exception to this was Siren. Both of them had worked together in the last days and tried to find a way but nothing. He was happy that she was there because she was a very interesting character. She was clever, perfect looking and knew very much about the most things that he was interested too. They had started to flirt with each other but it was just a little flirt. Maybe after Brainier had been defeated. 
But soon he stopped thinking about these things as soon as the Lava Lamp reached the full Power. The Floating Bubbles inside the Water were set up from thousands of little Diamond Crystals and worked their Magic. Superman listened to the soft Voice of Lex Luthor speaking right into his Brain.

“Clark Kent don’t find Lois Lane Sexy. Clark Kent sees Lois Lane as a little Sister. Clark Kent trusts Lois Lane. Lois Lane is right about Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is a great Man. Lex Luthor is only misunderstood. Clark Kent wants to flirt with Sexy Woman. Clark Kent loves sexy woman. Clark Kent dreams about fucking other Woman who are Sexy. Clark Kent obtains a Breast Fetish. Clark Kent loves Woman with big Breasts. Clark Kent want to fuck a Woman with big Breasts. Clark Kent will activate the Chandelier each Day when he is sure that nobody will disturb him except Lois Lane. Clark Kent won´t Remember anything while he watches the Lights. The Lights are relaxing. He loves to watch the Lights. Clark Kent obtains a Hypno-Fetish. Clark Kent thinks Hypnosis is hot. Clark Kent dreams of Lex fucking Lois while she is Hypnotized. Lex Luthor is a Superior Being. Lex Luthor is a great Men.”

Soon after he was forcefully pushed out of his trance. It deactivated automatic as the Device scanned some unusual Sounds. It took some Seconds until Clark was aware of what was happening. He opened the Door and Siren stood in front of him. He had not even noticed his raging hard on that was a side effect of the Diamond Light. She smiled at him and joyfully moved one finger over his bulge. 

“I always like to see I am welcomed” she grinned and he felt a shiver moving up his spine. 

“But something interesting happened. Lex Luthor is here and want to talk to you!” she hadn’t removed her finger and moved it on slow circles over his cock. She saw that he gasped and his cock even grow a little bit as she did it. She had now idea that the Presence of Lex Luthor triggered this in him. 

“What does he want?” he finally managed to say and Siren nodded and pulled her finger back.

“He found a way through the Barrier.”
Only Seconds later Superman stopped in front of Lex Luthor. The Supersonic Boom arrived a little bit later and even with the Presence of Brainiac only miles away each Weapon was aiming at the most dangerous Men of the World. 

“Always have a great Show, mh Superman?” Lex smiled and put his arms theatrics in front of his Chest. “Do you want to put my Handcuffs on by yourself or can we first finish Brainiac?”

“What do you want here Lex?” he asked and looked at his Arch Enemy. Somehow he didn’t look like the Madmen he remembered. As if he had grown up and maybe, just maybe there was some hope for Lex.

“I want what every Human wants. Show you Superpunks that we Humans can watch out for us without you Freaks. And I will do everything possible to save this Planet! Even if I have to work with you!” he said loud enough for every Reporter to hear. 

“He is fooling us Kal-El. He is making a Show out of it. We should not trust him!” Wonder Woman whispered in his ear but Clark had the strange feeling that he could maybe trust him this one time.

“You said you could break the Barrier?” he asked without any reaction.

“Yes I did! But you have to Promise me something!”

“What do you want Luthor?” Superman crossed his arms. There was always something he wanted. 

“I want a second Chance!” Lex played his Role perfect. He looked to the ground but then he looked right into Superman´s eyes.

“I have spent YEARS defeating you! Show the World that I am better than you! I lost everything by fighting you!”

“Not my fault Lex!” Superman had to answer and waited what would come now.

“Maybe! Maybe not! I don’t care! I want a chance that I can defend the world as good as you can! Even better!” 

“YOU want to protect the World better than Superman?” Flash had to laugh loud but cut silent by the stern look of Luthor. 

“YES you little boy! I can do it! Not alone but with my Company, my money AND my Brain I can make the World a much better place! He can’t be everywhere at once! My Company could build Defence Shields like this one in every City over the Globus! What do you say Superman! Do you accept the Challenge? Let me prove the World that I only want the best for it!”

Superman looked at him and fought a war inside him. His Instincts told him that he was up to something, but his Mind told him that he could be trusted and that Lex Luthor was a great Men.

“First we get rid of Brainiac, than I will talk to the President about your rehabilitation. Nothing more. I give you my word!” He put his Hand in front of him and Lex took it saying.

“The only thing I like about you is that you never lie! Okay. I have a Plan!” This historic Handshake was captured by hundreds of Cameras. This could be a chance for the World. Jimmy Olson shoot one picture after another standing beside Lois wondering that she wasn’t asking Questions or so. But Lois only stood there and grinned. Clark had been wrong. She knew it. Lex Luthor was a good man. A men with money, Power, influence and so she hoped… a giant Dick!

The Plan worked perfect. Superman and other Heroes had to attack the Barrier with everything they had to distract Brainiac while he and some specific Heroes launched an Attack against the Barrier from another Side. They all used special Weapons that were able to disrupt the Law of Nature himself creating an instable Wormhole. That was just the Point where Lex came in. With one of his Devices he was able to focus the Wormhole and boost his size until it was great enough to enter it. Within one hour the Military had most of the Army inside Washington and 75% of the JLA were fighting on their side. The Civilians that were trapped inside the City had hidden anywhere but thousands of Robot-like Spiders patrolled the City. Each of them was able to defeat a whole Tank Battalion but with the Help of the JLA this fight was over after 42 Hours. 

Brainiacs body had been destroyed from Superman and Lex Luthor who had fought Side by Side against the Tyrant. Lex had fought in his Battle Suit and most of the JLA had told him that this was a bad idea. They feared that Lex would take the Chance to kill Superman as soon as Brainiac was killed.

But much to their surprise Lex had left his Battle Suit and moved to the next possible Soldier where he ordered him to take him under Arrest until Superman hold his Promise. This was a big surprise even for Superman but he had to admit that Lex had been a great help in this fight. But the President had been killed by the attack and so it would take weeks until he could even think about holding his Promise.

“Lex Luthor. Do you Promise me that you will come back when I talk to the new President?” he asked the villain and he nodded.

“Then I will try to trust you. You shall be free! But beware. I will take a close eye on you!” with that he opened the Cuffs and let him go. 

“Are you mad or something?” Diana asked him with anger in her voice.

“Have he done anything that was a threat to us? Without him we would be dead or outside this barrier! I don’t trust him Diana.” He smiled and looked at her puzzled face.
“Why did you let him go then?”

“Because now I know where he is!”

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