Batgirl uses this chance to have sex with Batman without him remembering...

by THE_Dark
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batman
Previous Chapter Can Batgirl resist the urge to take advance of the mindless Batman?

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Stephanie observed Bruce with a measure of lust. Any straight woman would, his body,even clad in the layers of the Batman suit, was a sight to behold. Muscle bulged and shaped the fabric in a way very pleasing to the eye; the perfect masculine specimen.

Ever since Stephanie had seen him as a younger girl, and had been taken in as one of his many partners, she'd fantasized how it'd be like to be intimate with him, to have that powerful, large form thrust into her with all his might, holding her in strong, well toned arms. She'd also wondered just how large his manhood would be--he'd taken on so many lovers that  rumors have spread about his proficiency.

Right now would be the perfect opportunity to find that out...and no one would ever need to know...

"Hmm" Stephanie looked down at Bruce, "Get up, on your feet."

Bruce complied. All the time he had an empty look on his face, even through the blank eyes of his cowl. His glance was directly on her, intimidating still, even though she had him in the pal of her hand

Steph's gaze drifted downward, towards the sizeable bulge in his trunks. With what she was thinking, she was almost to ashamed to look at him directly in his eyes Finally, she couldn't contain herself, knowing that time may be brief. She strolled next to him, and after working up some nerve, she groped his crotch. She couldn't tell much of it's size from it, since the jockstrap and padding for protection kept it well covered, but the trill was enough. feeling even saucier, she gripped his butt, then gave it a small, sassy spank."Your..underwear, err, um briefs. That outside underwear..thing that you wear. I don't know what the fuck you call it, Batbriefs? Whatever. Take it off,  drop your pants. I want to see what you're packing."

And with that, the World's Greatest detective began undoing his utility belt, letting it drop with a heavy dud to the floor. He next undid his "batbriefs", letting them drop too. Finally, he dropped his pants, which slid to halfway down his thighs, due to the muscles of his legs being too thick to let it loosely fall.

She looked  on with some delight. Bruce's cock was fat and lengthy. He wasn't ridiculously large, like a penis in a poorly written sex fiction, but large enough to be promising. She felt compelled by it; she wanted to taste it, to feel him get hard in her wet mouth.

"Listen, Bats" Stephanie moistened her lips with her tongue "You're going to let me blow you. And want you to get nice and hard for me, alright?  And you're going to enjoy it..."

She placed herself in front of Bruce, and  stood tiptoed, looking up at him. "Kiss me, like you mean it!" she said. Bruce grabbed her firmly, but gently, and kissed her soft, full lips, sliding his tongue to meet hers. She threw her head back to kiss more deeply, and moaned hungrily into his mouth. Pressing her body againt his, she could feel his cock on her thigh, and rubbed against it, and similarly mashed her ample chest on his to rub her stiff little nipples through the fabric of her own Batsuit. He made little impression beyond his put-on passion, but for Stephanie, it was like having a lover beyond compare

She broke it off, and, still dreamy from the kiss, got down on her knees, and held his member, one hand at the base of his shaft, the other not-too-gently groping his balls. The blonde Batgirl made a bemused purr in approval as she gave the shaft some strokes and kneaded the balls, feeling the hot manhood become slightly firmer and bloated , then angled her head to place the head in her purse lips. She slowly slipped it through,sliding her tongue under it to accommodate the length, and to further work his shaft. Her tongue gently worked the shaft, making it slick and wet. by now, his dick was turgid and firm, and she began to become more aggressive. The length was making it harder to bob her up and down it, so instead she began to sloppily work it, wetly sliding her mouth on the side, spitting on it, and jacking it off. The precum at his head made for a good lubricant in addition to her spit. Bruce grunted as she worked him

She lifted his cock so she could better reach his heavy, round balls. Continuing her jacking motion, she began to tongue his balls. Then she pened her mouth, taking one of his testicles in, sucking on it, stretching and pulling it gently from the sac, then releasing it. She did the save for the other, and repeated the process. He could here Bruce moaning low, slow sounds in pleasure.

Stephanie was like she was in a trance herself. she had a fetish for giving blowjobs. She'd been doing so even when she was young. As an adolescent, her first boyfriend had her blow him behind the school, giving her  rush. In highschool, she'd blow boys in closets, making a little cash for her service, too.Later, she'd move on to sucking off her boyfriends in their car, sometimes while they drove. She'd become an expert at it, but Bruce's was unlike any other. It was so much larger, thicker, and she wondered if she could take it.

With some hesitation, she placed both her hands on his ass, preparing to take him in all the way. Her past experience had made her gag reflex more lax, but it was still a huge prick.After some work, she'd managed to maneuver his cock down her throat, her tongue sticking out so that it was on his balls, tonguing and massaging them. Holding on to his ass, she pumped him in and out of her throat as well as she could. her tongue made his balls wet and taut against his skin. she let her nice white teeth gently scrape the top, brushing over thick veins, and somethings going as far back as the tip to suck on the fat cockhead and tease the hole with her tongue. She slid one finger into his ass, carefully, to stimulate his prostate. He moaned at this, few women ever gave him this treatment. She felt his cock throb more now, feeling it alive in her mouth. She began to take him in deep again, sucking hard and tonguing the underside roughly, with her remaining free hand on his balls.

Feeling him about to explode, she acted quickly and decided to work out a trick to tease him further. while she wanted his cum to spill over her, she knew how incriminating it'd be, so instead, she took measure to keep him from cumming yet. she held the area where the penis meets the scrotum tightly, applying pressure there, and at the head of his dick. Instead of shooting his load, he experienced the orgasm without blowing. The experience was overwhelming, too much for him to handle, so even he buckled at the knees, moaning and grunting. Stephanie released her tight grip, smiling wickedly at how vulnerable he looked at this moment.

"Now that I've given you a treat, it's time for you to do like wise". Stephanie was on a powertrip now, she had the goddamn Batman all to herself. As a sex slave no less! She sat down on a raised metal platform, and took off her boots, revealing small white feet with painted purple toenails. She undid her own belt, placed it to the side, and laid down on the cold metal slab. She gingerly slid her tight black pants and purple panties down,alternating wiggling it down on each side with every tug, raising her cute butt when reeded, and finally  lifting her legs up to her chest to remove the leggings completely. This gave Bruce a nice view of her round white ass and pink slit. Not that he's be able to really notice. Finally, having removed her costume below the waist, she spread her legs, and propped herself up and gave him a  come hither gesture.

"Crawl over here, Batsy" She put her hand on her vulva, slightly spreading her lips "It's time for you to eat." Bruce , still on his knees and reeling from his orgasm, crawled on all fours to her. Well enough, he couldn't walk with his pants around his legs. His cock flopped, now limp, as we made his way over. "Get your head riiight, here", she continued to gesture with her hands. He lifted his upper body so his head could get between her thighs, resting his hands on her creamy pale thighs. Staring blankly as her cunt, he saw it was smoorth but for a patch of light, whispy blonde hairs matted down with sweat and wetness. The warmth of  his breath on her pussy, already moist with anticipation, was driving her mad.

"Oh god" she lightly placed her hand on the side of his face "Fucking eat me! Lick my pussy!" Batman complied, and placed his open mouth on her nether lips. He slid his tongue in like he had earlier, this time moving it with precision around her tight walls. Stephanie was gasping, she never was eaten out like that before, with such intensity. Her head went light and she writhed, blissfully, while Bruce showed little emotion in turn. Her blonde hair became a mess as she shook her head, eyes closed tightly, blonde hair sticking to her face and cowl. She groped her own tits in ecstasy, rubbing her palms on her nipples, stopping to undo her suit some more so she could free her breasts. While the costume wasn't completely off, and her bra still clung she could at least feel her flesh more, her nips taut in the cool air.

"Fuck....fuck this is so ummmph"

Bruce's stubble pricked and teased her pubic area, the feel on sensitive skin sending jolts up her system. He pulled out his tongue to kiss and suck on her hard little clit, She moaned gutturally, and his thick fingers slid into her, working the walls before stroking the G-spot diligently. Finishing that, he again slid his tongue in her, making a suction on her so he could suck her clit while he probed her sugar walls with her tongue. Her hands moved from working her chest, to on his head, drawing it closer and deeper in her. She arched her back, resting her legs over his shoulders "Finger my fucking ass! DP me! do it!" she barked, smiling. Bruce slid a finger, wet with her own juices, into her tight little asshole. It was still a bit rough, but Bruce was forceful but just gentle enough.

"Hoooly shit, bats, I didn't know you were so good at this.shit.Jesus." She thrust and gyrated her hips over his mouth slightly. Her hands began to cling on his bat ears, finding them good handlebars to hold him to her muff. He made short, languid  strokes alternating with thrusts in her ass. The intensity of this was getting to be too much for Stephanie to handle. She threw her head back now, eyes seeled shut enough to make tears, and let herself go. She came, gushing over Bruce's face,and in his mouth, and over his hands. she'd never came like that before. "Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuck! Yesss, mmmmm" she purred in delight, thrashing her head side to side

Bruce pulled his mouth away gently, still wet with her juices. "Lick my cum off your face!" she cried, and he licked his lips like he was tasting the remains of a candy treat. The experience aroused him, the scent of Stephanie's pleased sex made him hard once more. Steph let herself go for a short time before attempting to  regain her composure, a hard task with her legs spread, wet and sticky, with a small puddle accumulating from her dripping snatch.

"Now", Steph began, still reeling from her intense orgasm "It's time for you to fuck me! Hard, baby! Fuck, I want you in me so bad!"

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