Lex and Lois have a little Chat

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Lex Luthor Lois Lane
Category Mind Control
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Lois Lane

Lois woke up much later than Clark and felt also wonderful. This one Week of doing nothing was the best Idea that both of them had in a long Time. Even the JLA had left them alone as much as possible. She moved to her Computer and checked the E-Mails. Some were from Perry White, some from other Friends, one was an informant that tried to sell her information about Brainiac´s Invasion but the most Important was one from 


The Topic was

Exclusive Interview

Immediately she opened this one before all the other and read it.

“Dear Miss Lane
I heard that I have to thank you. Even before the Fight with Brainiac you tried to show the World that I am not such a bad Person and only made some Mistakes. Also I have to thank you about your very good written Article and this nice Photo. Will give Olsen 10000 Dollar for it. 
But I wanted to thank you with something better than money. Would you like to make a contract that only you are allowed to take interviews with me? 

I wait for your answer.

Lex Luthor.

Lois could not believe her Luck. Now she had not only one of the most famous Men on the World in her Portfolio but two. Superman and Lex Luthor would both make only Interviews with her. By the thought of it she could not stand it any longer. She moved to the Diamond Light and let her Pants slid down. It was her favourite Position for Masturbation. Eagerly she started to play with her sex as she activated the Diamond Lights. It was such a relaxing Situation fucking herself, dreaming of Lex Luthor and Superman while she saw these lovely lights. Why had Superman always change back into this boring Clark Kent. But soon her thoughts faded away in a mix of light and Bliss.

After her daily session with the Diamond Lights she moved to her Computer and answered Lex that she would be proud to interview him. She would do everything to get this story. Even after she was married it was fun to tease him a little bit with ambiguous Sentence. It would sure be a hot experience for her to make this Interview. New imaginations for her vivid Dreams. 
She went back to the Computer and was amazed that Lex had answered so quickly. She did not notice that she had been under the influence of the Diamond Lights for more than 1 Hour.

In the Message she saw that Lex would visit her around 4pm and so she had a lot of work before her. She had to clean up, wash herself, put on the right Dress and such things. The Cleaning was the Part that was the worst of all. She hated to clean up and most of the time she let this up Clark. But he was busy right now as the Television told. Fighting a Super villain in Peking, then flying to Hawaii and stop an active Volcano. He seemed to enjoy it to be back on stage and she was proud of him. Sad that it hadn’t been the everlasting love she had dreamed of. But the feelings for him were strong. After all he was Superman! And Power was Sexy. And big Cocks were Sexy! And he had both of it!

As it came to her Dress she found it hard to concentrate. She wanted to make a very professional Appearance but each of her better Suits didn’t seem write. It was pure Stress and she started to get angry. It was like each time she choose one set her mind told her it was the wrong one. Finally she found a good combination. A black Latex Body that had a very deep Cleavage and was more than Skin Tight. She had bought it in the early days of their marriage but never put it on. She had hoped that she could loosen up Clark with this look but soon had noticed that he didn’t need such things. In bed he had been a true devil. Strange that she had lost interest in him she thought. He had always fucked her silly… but had not been Clark Kent! This was only because he had Superman´s cock and his Stamina. 
Over it she managed to find an eloquent looking Business Suit, which showed nothing of her hot Domina-like underwear. It made her hot that she would interview a man like Lex Luthor with such a hot Lingerie under such a normal Garment. 

Around 4pm she heard a Sound at the door and opened it. In front of her stood Lex Luthor in a Black business Suit that was just made for him. He was like a god out of a Greek Myth and looked down at her. She felt her body react to him almost in the same second and could feel her nipples pressing against her dress. 

“Hello Miss Lane. Can I enter?”

“Yes Mr Luthor! Please feel yourself like home!” she guided him inside and he moved to the couch. Lois fought between dreaming of him and start the Interview. But she had been a professional Journalist all of her Life and she was more than ambitious. She was almost obsessed. She wanted to be the best Journalist of the world and she knew that this was her great chance! Nothing, not even this hot looking men in front of her would take that chance away from her! She could flirt with him later or fuck with him in her dreams! But now she had work to do!

Lex Luthor.

Lex had planned this day for a long time. He had been busy with all the Work in his Company. Even for him it wasn’t easy to understand the technology behind Brainiacs Devices. Also he was not allowed to use Kryptonite as the main energy source. But he had some ideas that could help him to compensate this missing energy. He had fooled around with some ideas with Nuclear or even Anti Matter but it wasn’t final yet. He had used the Week after Brainiacs Attack to make most of his Work and while Clark and Lois were busy with the Diamond Light he had found some time for himself. While he was working he was even able to get over his obsession for Lois Lane. He had found a way to show the World that he could be a greater Protector that he was. This, and the fact that he was soon be able to start the next phase in his Plan for Lois was made him more than proud. He would soon be the mightiest Man of the World. And then the JLA would regret what they did to him. 
Today the second Phase of his Plan was finished. Both of them should by now be awake and filled with false Memories for the last 7 Days. It was 9am as he send Lois an Email in where he offered her an Exclusive Interview. It was almost sure that she would answer him as soon as possible but he had to wait more than one hour for it. While he waited he watched TV and saw Superman fighting all over the World. He had recovered from the Injuries that he had taken fighting Brainiac. He made an impressive return that was sure. 
As he had calculated Lois had accepted his Offer and had answered an invitation into his Home. He used the rest of the Day for think over the Force Field but didn’t manage to find a new solution. Around half an hour before he his date with Lois he moved to her. As he knocked on her door she opened him and locked as good as ever. Now! Even better. This time she wasn’t enthralled and was able to look at him with this hidden desire at him but it was clear that her true self was even now quit strong. That was one thing he loved at her. Her strong will and her absolute Control. Lesser beings would been full under the effect of the Diamond Light but Lois and Clark had showed a much bigger resistant than he had expected. Lois brought him to her Living Room and started her Interview. While she did this was just the Old Lois. She was very offensive in her Questions and she asked him a lot about the Reason why he tried to be another Man right now. 

He told her about his past with Superman and answered most of her Questions with a minimum of Lies. He explained that he had been obsessed with Superman and that his Ego was unable to accept that he was better than him. But the Attack of Brainiac had showed him that even Superman had something good. But he made clear that he would never be a friend of him and that he still believed that the Mankind should be able to fight their own fights. He explained her what he thought about the JLA and this so called Protectors. Lois was a clever Woman and was able to talk to him at almost the same Level. But it felt harder and harder for him to stay focused so close to the Woman he loved. He adored her, he needed her and most of all… he wanted her. He started to think about to rush his plans so he could be with her right now but his Mind was to high evolved. His Genius was able to calculate all of his actions within seconds. As soon as he had the Idea of speed up his Plans he already had calculated each possible come out of this Way. Sure, he would be able to get a good hold on Lois and maybe his Manipulation of her was already big enough that she would fall in love with him, but it wasn’t big and stable enough that it was irreversible. Maybe he would gain everything but it wasn’t sure that he would lose it all and that wasn’t anything he could risk.

But he felt the Desire in his Loins becoming unbearable. He started to look at her breast over and over and remembered the Night when he had fucked her right on this couch for the first time. He could not take it any longer. He couldn’t resist the chance to feel her again, even if it would be fucking a mindless Lois. But it wouldn’t be long before she would know the new place in the World. But right now it was impossible for him to take it any longer. Just in the Moment that he wanted to act she rose from her chair.

“Do you like another cup of Coffee?” with this question she walked into the kitchen. That was his Chance. He took the small Lava Lamp from the Table and walked also in the Kitchen. There she watched as Lois made some new Coffee. He put the Lamp on the Table and activated it. Lois heard him inside the Kitchen and turned around. She saw the little Lamp on the Table that was now active. Something in her was suddenly strangely aroused. The Light immediately caught her eyes and she was able to say with a weak voice. She tried to look at Lex Luthor but was unable to look away. She felt horny and peaceful at the same time. 

“Lex… what… is...?”

He smiled as he saw her eyes lost every will and she started to stare only at the Lava Lamp listening to unheard Words for him. He pressed a little Button on his Watch activating the Secondary Protocol of the Emitters. Now the Message was loud enough so that he too could hear it. 

“Lois Lane finds Lex Luthor deserve a second Chance. Lex Luthor is Hot. Lex Luthor is powerful. Lex Luthor is rich. Money is Sexy. Power is Sexy. Lois Lane is attracted by Sexy things. Clark Kent is not Sexy. Clark Kent is only a friend. Clark Kent is more like a brother. Lois Lane trusts Lex Luthor. Lois Lane wants look good for Lex Luthor. Lois Lane loves the Diamond Lights. Lois Lane is getting horny when she sees the diamond Lights.”

He looked at his Watch and waited a few minutes and then he heard Lois repeating the Words. He moved behind her while his Cock was now hard as a Rock. He laid his Hands on her tits and started to squeeze them. He could feel her hard nipples beneath the material of her blouse and played harder with her. She started to show some reaction but her eyes were focused on the Lamp. There was no sign that she knew what was going on and that made him even harder. He grabbed her Ass and pulled her Skirt over her round nice Ass and pulled his own Cock out. He pressed her over the Table looking at her fine Ass.

“I find Lex Luthor deserve a second Chance. Lex Luthor is Hot. Lex Luthor is powerful. Lex Luthor is rich. Money is Sexy. Power is Sexy. I am attracted by Sexy things. Clark Kent is ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH “she screamed as Lex forced his Cock into her wet cunt but then she spoke again without any Emotion in her Voice. “Not Sexy. Clark Kent is only a friend. Clark Kent is more like a brother. I trust Lex Luthor. I want to look good for Lex Luthor. I love the Diamond Lights. I am getting horny when she sees the diamond Lights.”

Lex started to fuck her from behind in slow motions and felt her hot wet cunt as he thrust into her. He grabbed her Ass as he started to enjoy it more and more. It was exciting that she repeated the Conditioning while her enthralled mind was under the influence of the Diamond Light. He started to Moan and screamed

She started to moan to as her Body succumbed to the given pleasure but the Lights made it impossible for her to react to his Words. Her mind was filled with erotic thoughts about Lex Luthor and Money and Power. She tried to repeat the incoming Ideas that filled her Mind but the hard thrusts from Lex and his giant Cock made it almost impossible for her to say one word without moaning. She didn’t felt the 2 hands that squeezed her Tits hard while he pulled his cock out of her cunt and penetrated her ass. He moaned loud and forced his hard member as deep inside her as he could. Lois let out a long moan as she felt her ass filled with this giant rod. On a subconscious Level her Body knew what was happening but she was too exited to fight it. She succumbed to the Lust generated from the Diamond Lights and the Brutal Fuck. Her voice was pure bliss.

“I ahghhh find Lex Luthor deserve mhmm yesss deeper… a second Chance. Lex Luthor is Hot. Lex Luthor is powerful. Lex Luthor is rich. Money … ahhhh ahhhh   is Sexy. Power is Sexy. I am attracted by Sexy things. Clark Kent is ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH “she screamed as Lex forced his Cock deep inside her ass “not Sexy. Clark Kent is only a friend. Clark Kent is more more more! PLEASE MORE… like a brother. I trust Lex Luthor. I want to look good for Lex Luthor. I love the Diamond Lights. I yeasss ahhhh mhmm arghhh  am getting horny when she sees the diamond Lights.”

Just as he felt his own Climax rising his Cell-Phone rang with a specific Number. That was a perfect Timing. Without losing his Speed and Eager he fucked Lois Lane while he put his Phone out and Put it on Speakers holding it onto her Ears.

“I have betrayed Lois Lane with Cat Grant and fucked her in the Basement of the Daily Planet.” It was Clarks Voice that said this but Lois was unable to hear it. She felt the Rush of an Orgasm running through her Body and the only thing that Clark heard was the aroused laughing from Lex Luthor as he came deep inside his Wife´s ass spanking her ass. 

He rested there a little bit enjoying the feeling that his cock gave him as it was buried deep in her ass and put it out of her. After a short time of getting Air he pulled up his and her clothes and deactivated the Light. Then he moved back to the Living Room knowing that Lois would not remember anything. But it was clear now that he had finally broken Clark!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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