Bruce and Poisen Ivy in the same car without fighting?

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Poison Ivy Batman Abomination
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Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was as much impressed as she was angry. This stupid boring Idiot Bruce Wayne had managed to withstand her the whole way to her house. They had spent over one hour in his Bentley thanks to the Traffic. But she hadn’t been able to seduce him without the help of her Pheromones that she hesitated to use. She had what she wanted but it was something she could not allow. That this stupid Bat-Man was able to resist her was bad enough, but now this stupid Money Man? She would take care of this later but for tonight she had other plans. She would confront Batman for the first time and had to make arrangements for this battle. If the ne Poison wasn’t as potent as promised she would need a good escape plan. Luckily she had just what she needed to make sure that Batman would not have the Time to follow her. Some of her love-sick Minions would gladly do everything she wished. 
It took her the rest of the day to get her Trap ready and soon after Nightfall she waited in an old factory that had been one of her earlier hideouts. She had put the Ring off and hidden in a special place near this factory. She smiled at the reflection in the Mirror. It was fun to move unnoticed in the Civilisation again but she had missed her true self. She was no human anymore. She was the next step in human evolution and would show them their place. After one hour she heard the Truck entering the Area and looked at her minions that unloaded the Money Transporter. Even if this Trap would not lure Batman to her location it would be something good for her. With this Money she could keep her Alter Ego alive even better. And IF the Masked Crusader would arrive on the Field she would only lose money but maybe win a nice Bat-Pet. 

Suddenly there was an explosion right between her Minions and the room was filled with some thick Fog. Her eyes burned like hell from the bright Flash bang and she fall to the Ground unable to keep Balance. Panic rose in her. Her Mind told her that this was Batman and that everything worked as planned. But also the Dark Knight was the Master of Fear and he knew how to make an Entrance. Her arms were shaking and see could see one of her Minions fly to a Wall were it sank down. She could see Batman´s silhouette in the fog moving with almost superhuman Speed. She raised her Arms and commanded some of her Plants to attack him. To her Surprise she saw that Batman was hit by the Flowers and was thrown away from the Force of the Impact. She felt a rush of Joy inside her and commanded her plants to attack him again and to hold him Tight. Too late she realized that she had again been fooled by the master Crime fighter. Too late for her to react. In her Joy and Rush of Victory she had moved towards the Fight. But then her feet had touched a little Ball that was exploding as soon as it was touched. A green Fog surrounded her and she felt her body weaken. It was a potent Anti-Poison that was attacking her faster than her Organisms could heal her. She felt to her knees coughing hard and unable to hold the Telepathic link to the plants functionally. She could see the last of her Minions fell to the ground as her Enemy approached her.  Without her telepathic link to the Plants around her she was no match for him and so she looked up to him with fear in her eyes. Had she lost everything only because she hadn’t used her head? 


After this Day Bruce was more than happy to put the Mask over his Face. It was like a Door that he closed and locked everything from Bruce Wayne inside a small dark Room. He knew that it was not the best sign to think of Bruce and Batman as two different Personas but he knew it was just like that. When he put the Mask on he was stronger than Bruce would ever be. As Batman nobody would harm his friends and Family. And after this Day he needed to be alone. It had been hell with Pamela inside the small car. He had noticed that she was trying to seduce him too but he would never do anything to hurt Dick. It had been a great help that he had trained like a madman in the Night and was exhausted. He had been able to withstand her and was more than happy as she had left the car. But somehow he was feeling that something bad was going to happen. It was just some kind of sixth sense and right now this sense was on overdrive. As he entered his Office in the Wayne-Tower he quickly connected his Computer with the Bat-Computer. He scanned Pamela Winter again and again. But nothing strange seemed to be with her. No connection to any serious Crime Group. No Connection to any kind of Villain and no serious Crimes. But he had the feeling that she was dangerous. That she was a serious threat to him. But there were no clues proving his Fear. He even called Talia and asked her if her Father had send a new assassin or something like that. She told him that her Father had other interests in the Moment and had no Members in Gotham. She asked him why he had asked her but he didn’t answer her. It was not necessary for her to know. 

Maybe it had a much more trivial meaning. Maybe Pamela WAS dangerous. But not for Batman but for Bruce. He had felt her impact on him at the evening and maybe he just feared that this woman would be able to seduce him. It was hard for him to stay focused all day and he cached himself starring at the Ass of his Secretary as she moved out of the Room. He really should visit Selene more often. It was time for a little Cat-Fight with her. Maybe this would bring some Release to his Sex-drive. 

Somehow he managed to survive this day without another Scandal and as the Sun went down the lone Protector of Gotham watched over his City from the Top of the Gotham Citadel. The Police had nothing special on the Watch and it seemed to be a quiet night. But then he heard an explosion and with a quick look through his Scope he saw some Gangers. They were busy to rob a bank and Bruce/Batman smiled. Finally he would find something that would bring his mind to other Things. He spread his Arms and with a little Movement his Cape became a Wing suit. He liked the new playthings from Wayne Tech.  Without any noise he followed the Truck of the gangers to the outer Rim of Gotham. It was an old Facility Section of the City that was long lost to Gangs and People without any hope. He landed on one of the Facilities and put out his Scope again. He could see the Gangers unloading their bounty and then he had to grin. Would be a much better night than he had thought. He could clearly see Pamela Islay a.k.a. Poison Ivy. She had not lost much Time he thought. A quick scan of his belt showed him that he had no special Weapon with him that could take her out. The normal Gas Grenates he used showed almost none Effect on her unique Physics. 

“Alfred. Send me a Bat-Drone to my coordinates. Load it with X-12a3. Two Rounds.”

He informed his loyal butler at Wayne Manor. Within Minutes a little Carrier Drone hovered in front of him with a little Box on it. After opening the Box Batman put 2 little Glass-like Balls into his belt. This little Poison was special and only created to neutralize Poison Ivy. She would not be able to lift one Finger after even one breath of this little Gas. 

By the thought of her lying before him he felt a strange sensation in his pants. He fought his starting erection down with his willpower and moved to the Top Floor of Ivy´s hideout. If his Mind had worked like always he maybe would have noticed that he had a light erection again as he moved closer to Ivy. But he was too focused to catch her and he had never seen her as some possible Sex Object. She had a nice Body and sure was hot, but she was not like Selina. She was evil and tried to destroy the Human Kind. He reached a Window that was just perfect for his plan. He opened it a bit and let two smoke bombs and one Flash-Bang fall into the Hall. He counted till 3 and jumped right through the Window. He had timed his landing perfectly as ever. None of his enemies was able to defend himself properly but he knew the true enemy. Even if Ivy had chosen only though Ganger for her Gang they were no match for Batman. One of his First task was to throw the 2 little Poison-Grenates right in front of Ivy. She was lying on the Ground and was blinded from the Flash-Bang but that would not very long work on her. But he knew her quit good. She would attack him with some of her plants. Besides he kicked one of her Minions with a roundhouse kick into a close Wall. Then he sensed something moving very fast into his direction. He saw 2 Plants moving to him. He could evade them easily but he had another Plan. He lifted his Arms to block the Impact and was still kicked from his feet. He heard Ivy laughing and knew he had won. She was obsessed by defeating him and now she would think she had won. Then he heard a little Pffff Sound and soon after he could hear Ivy cough loudly. The Plants fall to the Ground lifeless as they should be. 

He had won.

He move to Ivy and left the Fog of his Grenates. She laid right in front of him unable to move. Her eyes were fixated on him and he could see fear inside them. She knew that she had lost this fight and that there was no escape now. It felt so damn good.

Poison Ivy

Ivy felt the fear rising in her heart as the dark Knight stood before her. She felt his hand around her Neck as he lifted her up on her feet and carrying her to a nearby Chair where he put her down again. She had to fight this Fear! She had to control herself. What had Lex told her? 

Use your Head. Yes Ivy. THINK! You can still win this.

She tried to look around. Something that would help her gaining a bonus on this Battle, but all of her minions were out of order. Batman had worked his way to all of them. From this side there would be no help for her. She tried to focus on some of the Plants. She could still fell them in her mind but as hard as she tried, she was not able to command them to grow or even to move. This damn gas had rendered her completely helpless, robbed of all of her Power. Then she saw it. A light bulge in his pant. She had to look two times before she believed it. Was Batman aroused? Was that Possible? She had never seen him being aroused before even when she had used her Pheromones on him. He was colder than Mr Frost in this Way. But now. She was sure about it. She saw a light bulge in his Pants. At least she hoped that it was only a small light erection. It would be more than sad if this Man was not equipped like a horse at least! Maybe this was her only chance.

Slowly her Fear vanished as she looked at Batman. He was busy to secure her Minions and it seemed he was quiet sure that his Poison was working for a longer time. Without her fear and a clear mind Ivy was able to think better. She was not a stupid Idiot and she had planned this all as a trap. She had planned to lure Batman to this Place.

If she would have been able to do it now she would surely had hit her head with her hands right now. This damn Fear had clouded her mind so much that she had almost forgot one of her last line of Defence Weapons. With all of her Willpower she tried to move at least one of her muscles. She had a little surprise for him hidden in her Cleavage. A little bit of the Voodoo Drug hidden in a glass test tube. She just had to push her tits together and the viol would break under the Pressure … at least if her plan would work. Just in case of this she had injected herself with an antidote that she had mixed after she had analysed the Drug. She hoped it would be enough to get her out of this trouble. She saw Batman move back to her and the look of the stern looking Man made her heart race again. It was as if the darkness was obeying every command of him covering him as long as possible. 

“It is over Ivy. Your Cell is waiting for you!” she heard his dark voice and saw him bending down to grab her. That was her only chance. Now or never!

With a deep breath he pressed her tits together and felt the little Test tube break. The Liquid Poison inside was something very special and it had took Pamela some time to understand it. It was complete safe as long as it was liquid but it reacted extreme on temperature. When it was in contact with something that was over 86°F which was short under the Temperature of a normal Human it changed into its gaseous state. When it did this it became the toxic Voodoo poison. As soon as the Vial broke she felt that the Liquid changed its Phase. It was an odourless colourless gas that was lighter than Air. Pamela could only hope that it would work because she had not even a chance to see it. 

Batman pulled her up and she saw that he had some handcuffs in his hand. He grabbed around her and she felt the Click of the Handcuffs on her wrist. 

“Come on! You don´t want to do this!” she tried to plead and he looked at her and spoke for the first time. 

“I don’t want to do this but you leave me no other opinion. You are too dangerous.” 

It took a few seconds until Pamela realized it and smiled evil. 

“You will let me go now Batman!” but much to her disappointment he only grinned and smiled.

“Nice try but as you should know I am immune to your Pheromones!” he answered but his Voice was even darker than usual and then Pamela remembered the Information from the Letter, that this drug would work not very good with the first contact on a strong willed victim. But maybe something little would be enough. 

“Then get at least my lipstick!” she tried out and saw him turning around and searching her items until he found her Lipstick and returned to her. As soon as she saw it her evil smile returned and smiled. 

“Paint my Lips with the Lipstick until they are deep Red!” she said and hope that this command would not be something he would normally not do. But to her relieve he opened her Lipstick and then painted her Lips carefully with her Lipstick. She knew that the time was running against her as she knew that this little dose of the Voodoo Poison wasn’t enough to make some long termed effect. 

As soon as she felt the Lipstick on her lips she leaned Forwards and kissed his cheek. She pressed her red coloured Lips against his warm flesh. She knew that this Hypno Lipstick wasn’t enough to break his will but maybe it would be enough to get free and run away. He tried to push her away but it was too late. She pushed with all of her body weight and both of them fall to the ground because Batman was not prepared for her attack. As she laid on top of him she was able to give him more and more light kisses on his uncovered skin. He managed to pretend himself from a deep French kiss but as he finally was able to kick her from his body he had a high dose of the Lipstick on his Skin.
She screamed in pain as she landed. With her Hands bound to her back it was impossible for her to make a perfect landing. She could see the Dark Knight risen to his feet. He seemed to be drunken or something like that but she knew better.

“Repaint my Lips Batman.” She said loud enough that he would hear her and she saw that he was 

fighting each step he moved closer to her. The Sweat was clearly visible from his mental Fight but then he picked up the Lipstick and with shacking hands he painted her Lips again. As soon as she felt that he was finished she leaned forwards and kissed his cheek again. This time he moved only little bit away from her. It was easy for her to maintain contact now and she let her Lips wander over his skin until she hissed.

“Kiss my lips Batman. Don’t be afraid. Just kiss me!”

“NOOOOO YOU WON’T ..!” was all he could scream before the red-haired Women pressed her Lips onto his own and sealed his Scream with her tongue. She gave him a deep long passionate kiss but Batman didn’t respond to her kiss. After an eternity of Kissing Ivy moved away from him.

“Open these Handcuffs Batman.” 

“n…o… I… can’t do.. that!” he tried to resist but soon felt her lips on his cheek and his Hands moved with their own mind until she was free again. She used her free hands to get some new lipstick on her lips and smiled at him.

“Such a strong willed Hero mh? Say. Have you ever dreamt of fucking with a redhead?” she smiled as her hands moved over his armour and his mask. She knew that he would surely awaken if she would try to unmask him. She had done this mistake before and would not do this again.

“Ye….s…. dreamt… of… sex… with a… redhead before!” he said and remembered his horniness when he thought about Pamela Winters. Little did he know that exact this Woman was now in front of him?

“Mhmmm… yes my dark Knight. Is she the reason why your cock is this time harder than normal?” she said and let her fingers move over his pants. She felt a nice hard on there that was rapidly growing. But then she heard a warning from one of her Guards outside. 2 Bat-bikes were incoming. 

“We have to play later my sweet knight! Dream of my while you jerk that nice cock in there!” she gave him one last kiss and then grabbed as much money as she could and started to run. The Trap had been a Success after all. She knew now that Batman was not immune against the Voodoo Poison and that she could use it against him. As she run she saw that it was Bat-Girl and Robin that were after her. Bat-Girl stayed with Batman and Robin shouted that he would capture her. It was a hard run for Pamela to escape the Partner of Batman and soon she found herself trapped in a dead end. 

“That is the End Ivy! Surrender and I will show more Mercy than you deserve for what you did to Batman!” Robin said as he climbed of his Bike and moved towards her. 

“I defeated your Boss little Boy and now you try to fight me?” Pamela laughed but knew that this young man was a skilled fighter and dangerous foe. 

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