Clark Kent gets a lead on Intergang...

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
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Superman was busy right now. Someone had informed him that the Intergang was planning a great Weapon Deal in Metropolis. It was his Duty Shift on the Patrol and so he had to do it. He was happy for this little distraction from his Problems with Lois. It had been weeks since they had been together in the bed and on the Sexual Level it was almost dead right now. He knew that she was on a new personal Quest and knew how much she focused on such tasks when she finally found one. Now she wanted to write a lead Story including Lex Luthor. She was planning to show Lex what he could have been if he wasn’t trying to kill Superman. Superman on was not very happy that Lois had chosen his Arch-Enemy but maybe she was right. Lex could have been a great ally.

While he flew over the City thinking about his Life he didn’t paid much attention to the thinks in front of him. It happened not very often that he was unaware but it happened from time to time. After all he was Superman. Suddenly he saw in the Corner of his Eyes a humanoid Body closing in. Before he could react the Body slammed into his own and both of them crashed into a nearby skyscratcher. Just as he wanted to throw the Attacker away he saw an energy beam cutting through the Sky. It was a green Beam and even on this Distance he could feel the Power of the Kryptonite-Beam. He knew that a Beam of this intensity would have robbed him of his Powers for Days IF he was lucky. 

He looked to the Person which had just rescued him and saw a stunning blond bombshell. She had long blond Hair that was falling down over her shoulders. Her deep blue Eyes had the colour of the endless ocean and her red lips were pure Sin. But most of that he could see a giant Cleavage. Her black Leather Tank-Top was trying to hide a set of perfect shaped Breasts at least D-Cup. He could see the form of a Bra under the tight Leather and her white Leather Jacket. Her legs were covered in a tight Black Leather Pant with a set of light Battle Boots. He remembered her as Siren. One of the newer members of the JLA. He had seen her only one time on the Watchtower and then just for a brief moment. 

She smiled at him and spoke with a very arousing tone.
“I hope I get some bonus Points for saving your nice butt here Superman!” with these words so used her acrobatic skills to jump away from the wall to a close Building, were she landed and run right to the Pier. Superman had only seconds to follow her nice ass with his eyes as his instincts kicked in. He escaped a second attack only a heartbeat and felt his powers fading for a second. But it least not very long and so he was able to detect the Energy Weapon on a Truck near the Docks. 

The Air exploded as he raised his Speed to Mach six and within Seconds he crushed into the Truck with his Shoulder. The Impact ripped the Truck into two pieces and the kinetic Energy moved both of them over the Edge into the Water. The Kryptonite Gun was out of order for now and he hovered 2 meter over the ground as the Intergang Soldiers raised their weapons and fired with small arms at him. Smiling he felt the Bullets on his skin falling to the ground without any damage. Why did every little gangster tried to kill him with a pistol or a light Weapon. Didn’t they watch TV? His Eyes started to glow in a deep red as he felt the heat in his Pupils rising. He focused his vision to the Weapon and released the inner Heat in a high focused energy beam. In a heartbeat he heated the weapons up until the metal of the Weapon started to turn into a deep red. With a loud scream the Criminals let their weapons fall to the ground and sank to the knees holding their burned hands. 

Then Siren jumped over him right into a group of 7 Criminals and started to tear them apart with a mix of martial arts and raw Power. She wasn’t as strong as he but surely much stronger than any normal Human. He smiled as he evaded the flying Members of Intergang as they flew in all possible Ways. It didn’t looked like she needed his help and it was kind of funny just watching it. But still he was always paying attention if she was in danger but even if her skills were nothing compared to Batman her superhuman ability made it easy for her to defeat all of them. After a little fight both of them looked down at over 2 dozen Members of the Intergang crawling over the Ground or scream in agony. Only one Member was on his feet and he was aiming at Siren with a Shoulder based High Energy Beam Weapon from Lex Corp. Clark smiled and started to float into his direction as Siren took a deep breath and let out a loud Scream. Not only Superman could see the Air vibrate in a wide Area. 

“She is able to manipulate the frequency of the Air by using her voice.” Clark smiled and now knew why she was called Siren. Her enemy was fully in the Centre of the Attack and his Cloth were ripped of his Body by the sheer force of her voice. He let the Weapon fall to the Ground and felt unconscious. 

Clark just wanted to say something as he felt something on his chest. Looking down he saw a strange looking arrow that had somehow bound with his Suit. Just as he saw it exploded in a huge detonation, moving him into a wall without any problem. It hadn’t hurt him but he still had felt the pressure of the Impact. Most Humans thought that he couldn’t be injured with brute force but they were wrong. Even with his invulnerable skin his brain could be harmed. It was just like Profi Boxer could knock out their enemy with only one lucky punch. But it was clear that he could take much more than any human. He looked around and saw Artemiz from the Fatale Furies aiming at him with her Bow. He tried to lift into the air as he felt 2 Cyber Hounds a legs. Unable to get away he was an easy prey for the Apokolips Hunter. - The second Arrow was even harder than the first one and Superman felt his Head spinning. The two Hounds tried to penetrate his Skin but weren’t able to do it. He grabbed one of them at the neck and throw it away. The Second one was cut into pieces with his Heat Vision. But this had taken time and Artemiz had used this Time very good. 3 new Arrows hit Clarks back and the following explosions send him on his Knees. Before he could get up he felt some metallic Bands around his Chest. Before he could do anything he felt his body go wild as the Energy run through the Bands right into him: He saw Lashina smiling evil as she raised the Energy Level that moved into Clark. His Vision started to weaken and he was fighting to stay awake. In the last second he heard a high pitched scream and the Energy faded away. The Metal around his body lost his grip and Superman was able too free himself. He could see Siren scream at Lashina with her Super voice. 

Even the Fatale Fury Leader was not able to withstand this Power and felt to the Ground. But her power made herself immoveable and Artemiz had already fired another Arrow at Siren´s Back. Superman moved as fast as he could and caught the Arrow before he could reach the Target. With Superman on the Feet and this new Enemy the Fatal Furies seemed to have lost the Will to fight they vanished with some unknown Transporter Technology. Superman walked to Siren who smiled at him and he noticed how her chest rose under her heavy Breath. 

“You have fought very good Siren. I think I was lucky that you were around here. Wasn’t the Best day of my life I think.” The Man of Steel smiled at her but she put her hands on her hips and looked at him like a hunter would look on her Prey pushing her Chest into view, trying to look heroic.

“Not your best day?! You have met me Superman! And after you own me not only one but two you have no choice but to accept my invitation to a dinner!” she smiled at him.

Superman had to laugh. He knew that most Woman on the World, and even most Woman on the Watch Tower would kill for an Dinner with him none of them had enough guts to ask him. And now this woman here, this little Light on the Super Hero Group, was demanding it. 

“Your right. But if I am counting right I saved you also one time!” he smiled at him and crossed his arms. He felt a light sensation in his pants as he thought about a dinner with this woman. In his thoughts he dreamed about fucking her silly and spray her big tits with his cum but that was only a short flash of horniness. 

“Touché! But then it is still 2 against 1! When I remember right your shift ends at 8PM. So Food is ready for 8.05pm.” with that she walked away with a sexy swing that Clark looked as long as he could before he lifted into the Air flying home into his Apartment. The Rest of the Day was very quiet and so he could spend the whole day in his Rooms not noticing the little Voices that told him about his desire for big chested woman.

As Siren arrived at her home she informed her Master that the Trap had been an success and that she would try to take control over Superman, but Darkseid spoke to her.
“Very good Amazing Grace. I await further details if you can convince him. But be careful. We have tried this before and I haven’t discovered what our mysterious Supporter is up to. 

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