Superman awakes in his room feeling the effect of the Diamond Lights

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Superman
Category Mind Control Corruption
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Superman woke up in his Apartment. Lois was not at home and he only found a Letter that told him that she was on a tour finding some Information about Lex. He didn’t like the Idea very much that she was so interested in Lex Luthor but maybe she right. Lex could have been a great Support for Mankind if he would use his Brain for the best of the World. Maybe this Report from Lois was just the right thing to let Lex rethink his life. He walked into the Kitchen and put some of his favourite Energy drink out of the Refrigerator. Then he looked at the Watch. 3pm. Still a lot of time. He focused his mind to hear anything but it was a quit day. He smiled.

“Not even Metropolis can be attacked every day.” He took a sip of the energy Drink and sat down on the Couch. 

“This is Superman. Anything I can help with? I am kind of bored?” he transmitted to the Watchtower but Capt. Atom, who had Monitor Duty, answered him that the world was more or less safe. Some fighting in North Korea with a giant Nuclear powered Battle Suit that ran havoc but an emergency Team was already taking care of it. Capt. Atom wished him a peaceful day and cut the Connection. 

Clark then moved to the Switch for the Diamond Light. He had been exposed to the Diamond Lights for more than 3 weeks now and not even his mind was strong enough to fight it especially because he hadn’t even noticed it. The commands were too subtle and not interfering with his moral code until now. So his Subconscious was not in any conflict with his conscious Mind. He activated it as he did each time when he had time.

The room filled with the beautiful colour Pattern that the Diamond Light pictured on the Walls. He sat down on the couch and turned on the Television. It was rare that he watched Television but it was also rare that he had such a peaceful day. While he watched the news from all over the world the diamond Light started to cast their Spell on him. Soon he sat in his Chair and looked at the Television but all he was seeing were the Lights of the Diamond Chandelier. 

“Clark Kent don’t find Lois Lane Sexy. Clark Kent sees Lois Lane as a little Sister. Clark Kent trusts Lois Lane. Lois Lane is right about Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is a great Man. Lex Luthor is only misunderstood. Clark Kent wants to flirt with Sexy Woman. Clark Kent loves sexy woman. Clark Kent dreams about fucking other Woman who are Sexy. Clark Kent obtains a Breast Fetish. Clark Kent loves Woman with big Breasts. Clark Kent want to fuck a Woman with big Breasts. Clark Kent will activate the Chandelier each Day when he is sure that nobody will disturb him except Lois Lane. Clark Kent won´t Remember anything while he watches the Lights. The Lights are relaxing. He loves to watch the Lights. “

His Mind was far away as he listen to the Voice that was only active when he reached a certain state of Trance. But it would not be possible to detect it anyway. Superman would have been able to hear it maybe but even with his super hearing he would have to focus on it and to concentrate. But in this State there was not a Chance that he would notice anything. Over 30 Minutes he listen to the repeating Voice of Lex Luthor and after the Weeks most of the Message had sunk deep into his Mind. Each Week Lex put another Sentence into the Command Chain making sure that he didn’t Rush things. 

As the 30 minutes had passed the Light Patterns slowly started to change their Frequency until they just emitted normal Light. Soon after the Lights had changed Clark started to get out of the Trance. His Mind quickly ignored the fact that 30 Minutes had passed. He was used to it. It was so relaxing to stare at these lights. He looked at his Communicator but nothing had happened while he had taken a quick Nap. He looked down and saw his cock rock hard in his pants. He was horny like hell. Why the hell had he marriage Lois he thought. Her sexual Life was almost not existent and even if she wanted to fuck him from time to time he had to fantasize about other Woman while she tried to get him of. He imaged Wonder Woman with her massive Tits or Vixen. More and more he dreamt of most of the Members of the JLA and the only connection between were their breasts. Thinking of these big titted Woman made his cock even harder, pressing hard against his Jeans. He had to gather all of his Willpower not to jerk right here and now dreaming of Wonder Woman while she played with her Tits. Then the Shock hit him like a Hammer. 

Siren! He had a Dinner with her and she had such a great pair of Tits. She was even bigger and firmer than Diana´s. He had to prepare himself for this Dinner or he would running around with a 10 Inch Cock that almost no Pant could hide.
This would be so embarrassing but on the other side he had a short image of her pulling her Top down and invite him to spray on her giant Tits. He raised out of the Chair and walked around in the Room. No. He couldn’t do that! He was an Idol to all of the other Members. A marriage Man. His Image would be taken serious damage if he would fuck another woman. 

This was a terrific thought. He had to find help and the best way to get some was consulting Lucy. He flew to the Watchtower and found Capt. Atom snoring in his Chair. He had set the Alarms active so if anything would happen the whole room would be filled with alarms that would even wake up the death. He decided to let him sleep, knowing that he had a rough week behind him. He walked across the Space Station and knocked on the Door for the Counsellor.

She seemed surprised to see him again and her worried face became even worried as he sat down.

“I need to talk with your Doctor Wayland.” He said and he signed deeply. He didn’t like to show his inner self to someone else. But there was nobody else who he could talk about this Theme. 

“Sure Kal-El. But call me Lucy. After all this is a Private Room and we talking on one Level.” She had to smile. Talking with Superman as if she would be on the same Level as he. 

“Okay Lucy. I have a problem. “He started and told her everything about his Problem with Lois, the missing Sex, his thoughts about big breasted Woman, his fear about losing the Respect of the other Members and the Fear of betraying Lois.

Lucy only listen to him and never interrupted with her words. She wanted that he could speak freely and she knew how hard this was for him. As he was done and looked at her she just wanted to answer but instead she rose from her Chair and smiled.

“We have to make a short Break Kal-El. I fear I have to go to the Toilet.” Then she walked out of the room and left a waiting Clark behind. As soon as she entered the Toilet and checked that she was alone in her she locked the Door from the Inside. She didn’t even know why she did it, but knew that it was important. Then she pulled out her Cell-Phone and a little red metallic Disc not bigger than a quarter. She pushed the Disc against her Cell-Phone which started to dial a Number all by itself. 
She put the Phone to her ear wondering who would be on the other side.
As soon as she knew she was connected she said.

“Mistress. Your mindless Spy has information for you!” In the Mirror her reflection was standing there with blank eyes.

Amazing Glaze answered her.
“Speak Slave. What do you have for me?”

“Superman is in my Office Mistress. He is worried about a growing obsession for big breasted Woman and his fading Love to his Wife.” It was so easy to tell her Mistress all these high sensible Informations. 

“Obsession for big breasted Woman? Interesting. What is your Opinion Slave?” 

“I think everything you want me to Think Mistress.” Lucy answered and heard Amazing Graze sigh in discontent. 

“I mean what you as Counsellor Think about Slave. Tell me your opinion!”

“Yes Mistress.” Her eyes became full of life again and her body lost her stiffness. “I think that Kal-El is in a fight between his Moral Codex and his inner desires. He is attracted to big breasted woman on a level that will sooner or later bring him into a Situation where he will suffer great Mental Stress because both Sides will fight each other. He is worried that his Urges will damage his Reputation and as a Result of this undermine his Efforts to build a better World. Also there is still the Love he feels for Lois Lane but he has come to the Point where he is no longer sure why he loves her. I cannot say if this is normal for him but I would guess that his Brain works not in the same kind that our Human Brains work. Maybe the Love he had was not enough to keep an intact Relationship with a normal Woman. It would explain some of his behaviour but to be honest I fear that someone is try to control him or try to change his mind. I have to inform the JLA Leaders about this Mistress.”

Amazing Glaze nodded in her Room while she listen to her Spy inside the JLA. It had been a Jackpot to bring her under her control.

“No. You don´t need to Inform them about anything do you understand slave?”

“Yes mistress. I don’t need to inform them about anything.” She answered her Mistress while her eyes went blank again.

“What will happen if he would fuck another woman now?” Amazing Glaze asked but she feared that she already knew the answer but it was one of these rare Moments that she was surprised.

“That depends on the Situation Mistress. If he would just sleep with another Woman and there would be a possibility that someone would find out about it his Moral Code and old Self would rebel against these urges. I think that the true Kal-El would win this fight. If he could have Sex with another Woman and make it possible that nobody would remember it his conflict would not erupt. But that isn’t possible because the Woman which he had sex with would know it Mistress.”

Amazing Graze smiled and said then.
“Never say that something is impossible. Listen carefully Slave!”

“Yes Mistress. This Slave will listen to your Voice.”

“You will return to him and do everything that is possible to fuel his desire. You will use everything if it is Moral or unmoral. It doesn’t matter to you anymore. You will do it because you think it is the best you can do to him. You won’t tell anyone else about his condition. And more important. You will convince him that you were hypnotically conditioned to obey every command that is given to you after the key phrase. “I Suspect that you should” everything that follows this sentence will be a posthypnotic command you have to obey to the letter. It will only work when Superman say it to you. You will find a realistic lie for this Hypnotic Command. You will make sure he is sure that he can trust you no matter what! Do you understand that slave?”

Dr. Lucy Wayland stood there in the Toilet and nodded to everything she had sworn that she would never do it. 
“Yes Mistress. I will convince Superman that it is nothing bad to dream of big breasted Woman. I will tell him that I am conditioned with a Post Hypnotic Phrase that forces me to do everything that follows the sentence “I suspect you should”. I will make sure he will believe my words and that I will do everything to help him.”

As soon as she said it her eyes blinked for a second. 

“Why am I in the Toilet?” she looked around a bit confused. She removed a strange looking Disk from her Cell-Phone and put it into her Pocket. She would later look what it was. As she left the Toilet she didn’t even remember that she had put the little Disk into her Pocket and moved back to the Room where she had left Superman. On her way she thought about a method to help him and finally found one. She would help him to understand this feelings and that they weren’t anything bad. It was normal for a Male to have such thoughts. Gone was her fear that someone was controlling him or that he was a victim for some kind of mind altering Attack.

“I have to beg for pardon Kal-El. But I fear I had too much Coffee.” She smiled at him as she entered and sat down on her chair. “As they put these damn Hypnotic Command in my Mind they should have erased this bad habit for Coffee as well.” She smiled softly but Kal-El looked puzzled.

“What kind of Hypnotic Command?” he asked.

“Oh some fail Safe security that was coming from one of the telepaths inside the JLA. They formed a coven to try out if they could raise the security. I have been on the Project by free will. It was a test if a coven of Telepaths would be able to build up a hypnotic control that even J’onn couldn’t break or find. After they implanted the command phrase in my mind I had to try to sneak into the HQ without alarming J’onn. But he found the Hypnotic Command and was able to track it down. So we proved that his Telepathic Control was safe. I asked him if he could let the Phrase active, so if something happen to me or something like that he would have a possibility to take control of me without any great Effort. He Changed the Command line so only the Prime Leader of the JLA were able to use it and then kept it a secret. He said that he would inform as few people as necessary and that he had an fail safe in the Data Base that would inform you all if it would be needed.”

Superman looked at her and thought about her Words. It was something he had thought Batman would do but J’onn? He knew how he thought about Mind Control but if Dr. Wayland had asked him about this he was sure the Martian would have done it. It was a good proof that he had not informed anyone. He didn’t want that Dr. Wayland was in danger and the less who know about this Phase the lesser could tell anyone about it. 

“And why do you speak so freely about this?” he finally asked and her Face turned red.

“You mean…you didn’t know it?” 

“Not until now Lucy. “He smiled and Lucy looked ashamed at her desk. 

“Please don’t tell him that I told you. I thought he would have informed you for sure. I don’t want that he thinks I talk too much.” She begged and Superman smiled.

“No Problem Lucy. I think I know why he did not even inform me. He doesn’t like the power he has over humans. He thinks that Mind Control is some terrible thing. I am sure that he just wanted to protect you.”

“I am glad. Besides. The trigger Phrase is easy. I think that someone else should know it too. Just in case. It is “I suspect you should…” if you say this I will do everything that follows. But now back to your problem. I fear that we have a lot of work to do to solve it. It is a very dangerous Situation as it is right now.” She said.

“It is? Why would it be dangerous?” he asked her and she typed something on her Keyboard.

“Okay. Let me picture you a Situation okay? You will tell me how you would act on this Situation.” She waited until he nodded and smiled. “Please stand up for this one. You will understand later why you must stand on your feet.” Superman raised out of his Chair and stood right in front of her Desk and concentrated his Mind. He banned all disturbing Sounds or anything. He wanted to show her and himself that he was still able to do his work.

“Okay. Superman. Let’s get started. Batman is on a Mission with most of his Members in South Africa. Gotham is almost without protection. He asks you if you could keep an eye on Gotham. Will you do it?” she asked him friendly and he nodded to her.

“Okay. You are informed that the Joker is taken Hostages in a Building in Gotham. You are able to see him in the Top Floor and are sure you can take him out. Will you rush into the building after you are sure the Hostages are safe?”

He nodded again and Lucy smiled at him as she leaned back in her Chair.

“Okay. You enter the Room. The Joker laughs like a maniac. You see 12 Woman running close to you. They seem to be under some kind of Mind Control. It is clear that they can’t harm you. And now… I want you to look at the Hostages.” With that she turned the Monitor so that he could see it too. To his shock he had to look at 12 naked Playboy Bunnies from the Playboy Calendar. They all had perfect Tits and looked at him very seductive. He felt his cock sprang to life as he could see these 12 pair of perfect tits in front of him. Quickly he fought his erection down with his mind as Lucy continued to talk.

“They surround you from all sides. You feel their naked flesh on your Body as they try to push you to the ground. If you try to push them away you can feel some soft Breast that is too big for one hand. You feel a Nipple that is hardening under your Hand. You hear her heart getting faster as her arousal goes up. On a Subconscious Level she knew that Superman touches her tit and it makes her horny. While you feel her hard nipple in your hand the other woman presses against you. You can feel their tits all over your body. The Joker screams that the Bunnies should kill you… and the try even harder.”

Superman started to sweat. His mind pictured this situation and on the Monitor the hot Babes stared at him. He starred back and could almost feel these hot flesh on his uniform. His left hand opened as if he would caress the one tit.

“And if I can see that erection in your Uniform than the Joker can see it too! He commands the Woman to play with their tits… you see them happily obeying. They fondle their Tits in front of you… lick each other’s nipple while two of them grab one of your hands and place them on her tits.”

Superman knew he must make a poor vision right now. Before he knew what he did he screamed.

“I SUSPECT YOU SHOULD BE QUIT!” instantly Lucy went silent and looked at him. His Chest was going up and down as if he was out of breath. His Pant was almost at the point where it would rip apart and his eyes were focused on the Woman. In his Mind he played it through until he noticed that something had changed. It was so quiet. In Shock he looked up to Dr. Wayland who smiled at him but didn’t say anything.

“I... I suspect you can talk again! I am Sorry!” he apologized at her but she looked at him almost amused.

“You don’t need to apologize for your Erection. It is absolute normal for a man to get hard if he thinks about something like that.” She smiled as if she not even know what he had done.

“No I mean that I cut you silent.” He tried to explain but she answered.

“You did not cut me silent. What are you talking about?” 

“I suspect…. You should remember what I have done!” he said full of shame but he had to stand up for his mistakes. Lucy´s face went Red with anger and disappointment.

“YOU USED THIS PHRASE AGAINST ME LIKE SOME VILLAIN?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THE WHOLE WORLD WILL …?” She screamed at him and hoped to trigger a specific Reaction that would made her Mistress proud.

“I suggest that you cannot remember what I did to you!” Superman hurried to say. He was afraid that the World would be informed about this and all of what he had done would be in Vain. Only because he had made one little mistake.
Dr. Waylands face turned from angry mad Woman to the normal Dr. in seconds. She finished the Sentence she had started a little bit other than she had wanted to.

“Never know that you had an erection in my Office Kal-El. You should know that I am bound to the Ethics as a Medic. And besides. I think that you have understand me now. This could be a serious Problem. I fear that you would have tried to fuck all of these nice tits until even you were out of power.”

“Can we please change the Subject?” he pleaded and his mind was still filled with these hot images of the Playboy Bunnies. He knew that each of them would do everything if he would fly to them and wanted to see their tits. It would be so easy. All he had to do was just to ask. While he thought about it he looked at Dr. Wayland. She was dressed very formal but he saw for the first time the Woman behind the Doctor. A woman with a very Impressive Size. A woman with a size that did please him.

“May I ask if you have ever used your X-Ray vision to get a closer look at Woman?” She asked him and it seemed that she didn’t notice his gaze.

“I would never abuse one of my Power Dr. Wayland!” he said proud. It was absolute unthinkable that he ever would do anything like that.

“I thought it was clear that we talk to each other not using our titles?” She said friendly and smiled at him. “You should sit down and take something to drink. That will help you with your erection.”

Kal-El heard her but he had another Idea what would help with his Problem. And his Way would pretend himself even for a longer Time and would make sure that he could visit Siren without starring at her fabulous Tits. 

“I suspect that you should help me with my erection Dr. Wayland.” He said and looked at her. It felt strange to use a Power to the own benefit but on the other Side if he was unable to be near a big breasted woman he was no great help.

“I should help you with your erection.” Lucy said and smiled. “Have you ever saw a Woman with big breasts life? I mean right in front of you? Naked?” As he said now she started to open her blouse and pulled her bra down over her tits. She was in a perfect shape he had to admit and seeing her standing topless with these great tits in front of him made his cock getting even harder. 

“Don´t be shy. Look at them Kal-El. It will help you to understand your Problem. See it as a Therapy Session.” She smiled friendly and he grabbed his Cock but she waved at him with one Finger.

“I fear this would going too far Kal-El.”

It didn’t matter for him anymore. He was to horny now. Seeing such a fine set of tits for the first time free and real in front of him triggered the dark urges fuelled by Lex Luthor inside him.

“I suspect that you be quiet and don’t remember anything from now on!” he moaned.
The Superheroes on the Space Station that saw Superman leaving 30 minutes later saw him smiling.
As soon as he had left the Office Lucy put out her Cell-Phone and connected it with the Disk.

“Mistress he has Left. He used the Hypnotic Trigger to force me to fondle my breasts in front of him while he masturbated. … No Mistress. He did not fuck me. … Yes Mistress. I will make him so horny that he will rape me next time… Yes mistress. I am your mindless Slave. Yes Mistress. I won’t remember anything you told me.”

With that she left her own office unaware what really happened….but with a strange desire burning in her cunt.

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