Sister Huney tells a stunned Harley that before her capture she was a virgin!

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Huntress Black Canary Zatanna Power Girl
Category F/F Female Dom Corruption Masturbation Mind Control DC Change of clothes
Previous Chapter Huney's New Identity

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"Too right Mistress." Zee-Zee replied with enthusiasm. "I'll get right on it! A Sister Huney should be a sexy Huney!" The corrupted witch added, crouching in front of Sister Huney's damp crotch. Examining the darkened area of the suit firstly with a huntress' eyes. 'Oh, I love puns!' Zee-Zee then pressed a finger against the latex to the sound of a definite squelch from beneath the material, not to mention the sharp squeak that came from Huney's lips. "It'd be a shame if we wasted all that lovely cum, wouldn't it Sister?" The magician's question came with a wicked glance up to the moaning woman's eyes.

"Yes..." Sister Huney groaned in compliance. While Zee-Zee may not be her Goddess and Mistress, she was Harley's first disciple, maybe even her favourite, although Huney hoped that might not be set in stone. For that reason, Huney would happily follow Zee-Zee's guidance unless her Mistress ordered otherwise. "Such a waste..." The fully dressed slave said with a silent wish to be naked for the women before her.

"Ssalg eniw latsyrc." At the reversed words, a perfectly crafted wine glass formed on the floor between newly pledged Sister's feet.

"Ooooh!" Harley chimed in curiousity. "What are you up too my sexy witch?"

Looking back to her Mistress, Zee-Zee grinned a sparkling white smile Harley was certain belonged on the Devil's teeth. "I'm gonna collect the Huney, Mistress." The sidekick said matter-of-factly, the madwoman smiled and nodded her approval. "Seitnap dna tuis ni seloh. Ssalg otni ruop muc!"

"AHHH!" Huney screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head with an orgasm. Holes had appeared in both her suit's crotch and her stained white briefs and exposed her leaking cunt to the comparatively cold of air of Harley's costume room. Both the sensation and the idea that she was so lewdly exposed to both her Mistress and superior slave threw her off the edge to climax. This added to the cum on her thighs that had taken on a mind of it's own and was pouring directly into glass at her feet until it was full.

"Now that's H-O-T, HOT!" Harley proclaimed, made ecstatic by her sidekick's actions. This was too good! Two superheroines, women considered defenders of society, and respected throughout the world! One; a strong willed, confident woman with stout faith in the church, but would never force her beliefs on her friends and accepted them no matter their beliefs and/or sexuality. The other; an independent mistress of magic and the mystic arts, who bravely protected the world from the supernatural. And now, one was having her pussyjuice extracted ready for consumption by the other, and it was all for Harley!

"Hmmm," Zee-Zee sighed, taking the full glass in her hand and raising it to her nose. "Smells like a good year, Mistress!" The witch giggled, to which Harley joined her. "A sweet aroma of pent up lust and sexual depravation, but with strong hint of slut!" Zee-Zee added the last phrase slyly winking to Power Slut, who was continuing to watch on in awe, before taking a long, loud gulp of the forbidden nectar.

Starr was already pleasuring herself again, her hands not even concealed by her new costume as they worked her nipples and clit. She watched her Mistress and superior finish the corruption she had begun in Huney with a glowing sense of pride. Power Slut had been the one to bring Sister Huney to worship at Harley's altar. She had shown her first love the greatest pleasure in life and that made Starr so fucking wet!

"Yum," Zee-Zee said hotly, licking away the cum that had stuck to her lips, "very good year." She whispered with relish, offering the glass to Harley.

"Oooh, you're too kind Zee-Zee." Harley accepted the glass with speed, and took a large swig of the milky coloured contents. "Oh yeah!" The jester shouted, feeling another rush of her own natural lube. Drinking pure sex in front of four broken heroines could certainly do it for a girl's libido, she decided. "Now that's a glass that's half-full!" Harley joked as she eyed the now lower level of the fluid in the glass.

"Thank you Mistress..." Sister Huney sighed in pleasure as her Mistress praised her juices. "May I...?"

"Oh, why you naughty lil' girl!" Harley teased with a giggle. "Of course you can!" The clown domme said, handing the cup of Huney's own cum to the enraptured slut. "Just be sure to save some for Starr & Sugah, it's only fair they get a taste!"

"Yes Mistress." Sister Huney answered, aroused anew by the thought that all of her fellow slaves would taste her in her purest form.

Taking a sip of her nectar, Huney turned her eyes to her Mistress' other pets.

Sugah had let out an enthusiastic "Yay!" at Harley's words and was still kneeling where Zee-Zee had left her, waiting somewhat patiently for one of the other four women to pay her attention. Sugah Canary was once one of the most respected members of the JLA, but she knelt there near to complete to mindlessness and was happy for it. A hand in her panties, the other still wiping any remnants of Zee-Zee's cum into her eager mouth. Although unable to cum, Sugah couldn't process the thought that there was any other solution to her finally getting off than waiting for Harley's command, and the only way she'd get that was if Sugah pleased her in someway. So, the brainless bimbo guessed that interrupting Mistress Harley's superfun Huney corruption wouldn't do that, so she'd just wait while touching her hot pussy and lovely titties until they were done.

Power Slut was looking to Sister Huney with pride and Huney was elated by it. Starr was the angel to show her the light of their Mistress, or rather the wonderfully, wild & sexy darkness. Even if they shared their love through Mistress, and Sister Huney was now a devout servant to her Goddess. Huney promised herself that Starr would have free access to her nectar, unless Harley demanded otherwise, but Sister Huney knew her Mistress would never be so cruel without divine reason.

"I taste..." Sister Huney breathed, lowering the glass from her mouth, "...sweet...innocent..." The second word was more an embarrassed admission than a comment on her taste.

"Dang ri--! Huh?" Harley cut herself off, perplexed. " 'Innocent'?"

"Uh..." For the first time since her corruption, Huney flushed with embarrassment rather than arousal as her words caught in her mouth. Then... "AH!" The broken woman's eyes opened in shock as two fingers entered her cunt without warning. They met no resistance from her tight, but very well lubricated walls until...

"She's a virgin, Mistress!" Zee-Zee shouted with laughter as her digits pressed lightly on the invaded slave's hymen.

"Holy Mother!" Sister Huney's eyes rolled back into her head once more while her free hand clutched at Zee-Zee's wrist, her hips jerking forward to try and invite further intrusion. Her hand holding her juices was quickly captured in kind by Zee-Zee's free hand, which then took hold of the glass and placed it gently to the side for later. "Corrupt me! For I have not sinned...!" The twisted confessional words passed the formerly pious woman's lips without thought as she stared into her Goddess' eyes.

"Wow..." Harley said with her mouth hanging open. "Power Slut you popped her cherry!" The crazy woman laughed, pointing to her Kryptonian slave, who's proud smile only grew. "Well, not properly, but still you got her first time! I'm a lil' jealous!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Mistress!" Starr panicked, falling to her knees and bowing her head. "If I'd kno--!"

"Oh, for the love of bicycles!" Harley exclaimed randomly, cutting off her slave's apology. "I was fucking kidding!" She said with a frustrated smile. "I'm proud of ya, ya dummy! Heck, was she your first?"

"N-no Mistress..." Power Slut answered, raising her head slowly. She was torn between her relief for having not upset her Mistress and the fear such information might upset Huney. "I-I lost my virginity to m-m-my E-earth's Wonder Woman..."

" 'Your Earth's' !?" Harley's mouth dropped again. "Like, one of those para-eller-em-er-gram universes?" The villainess stumbled over her recollection of the theory she'd heard passing by a physics classroom while in college, and was further surprised when Starr nodded. "So, you're an alien and from another universe!?" Again, a surprising nod. "Huh, talk about exotic." The mad doctor mused, not really paying attention to her hand that had just tweaked a nipple through her costume. "Well, I'm gonna hafta have ya compare notes on our Wonder Whore when we get round to her..."

"Urr... Mistress?" Zee-Zee's sarcastic voice brought Harley out of her Amazon based plans. The sexified magician still had her fingers knuckle deep in the Huneypot, and from the way Sister Huney was gyrating her hips, Harley figured those fingers weren't idle in there.

"Oh, right!" Harley smacked herself lightly upside the head to snap her back into the current situation. "Lets get you outta those rags Huney!" The domme declared much to her pet's delight. "Sugah!" The blonde bimbo's blanked out eyes immediately gained focus at hearing her name called. "Come give Power Slut a hand getting these boring old rags of this sexy Sister!"

"Sure thing Mistress!" Sugah jumped to her feet with wild abandon, skipping to stand at Sister Huney's left side, completely unaffected by the restrained sway of her massive tits in her corset as she moved. Power Slut too smiled and followed the implied order by moving to take hold of Huney's right glove.

"Alright girls! Strip this naughty nun to her panties!" Harley ordered and instantly the three broken heroines set to work, giggling as Huney moaned and writhed under their touch.

Sugah took the left glove slowly, sucking and swirling her tongue around each finger of the glove and then pulling the latex from the flesh beneath with her teeth. Starr teased her love through licks, roughly running her strong tongue over the suit first, before ripping away the material and repeating on the tender flesh beneath. Zee-Zee set to work on Huney's belt, with one hand still placed torturously in the woman's dripping mound, and once she had it off, the pants soon followed along with each boot. Power Slut tore away the armour's torso with one hungry grab just as Canary finished removing the cape. This left Sister Huney in nothing but her now crotchless and stained white briefs that had been designed for function and comfort over sex appeal and her domino mask, which was now the only reminder of the heroine she once was.

"I'll be taking this." Harley whispered hotly against Huney's face, having leaned in between the heroine's three brainwashed friends. The clown mistress took the mask from Huney's face along with any desire for her past life it might of held with her left hand while lifting the right to Huney's face, holding the thumb to the middle finger. "Cum for me, my pets. Big-O for Mistress Harley." Harley clicked her fingers, and all four former heroines' watched their world's explode in front of their eyes.

"HMMMMM! OOOH! MISTRESS!" Was the discordant group scream. The three newest love slaves were taken aback by the fact they came without even choosing to follow the command. They had literally never had a choice in the matter. Their bodies came at their Mistress' word, whether they wanted too or not, but damn, they wanted too!

It had been a wonderful discovery for Harley when she'd been testing her control over Zee-Zee in the days since capturing her. After all the loyalty magic spells, apparently the mistress could impose a command to be followed without her slave even thinking about it, if Harley gave an obvious indication that was what she wanted. In a sense, the witch's very body had become a slave to Harley's whim along with her mind. Okay, it probably had something to do with the subconscious mind, but Harley didn't care! It meant that with simple direct order and a click of her fingers, she could take away her pets' 'choice' to disobey!

Harley knew, however, that the notion of a choice was important in the long term, because if her slaves didn't have that, what was the point? They'd always willingly choose to obey, yes, or face her displeasure, and that was what made them loyal & obedient love slaves. Taking that choice away forever would ruin the fun... As that one fake president said, "Without free will, there is no difference between submission and rebellion." With that in mind, the jester had decided she wouldn't use that line of control over her angels unless it was truly necessary... or if she just wanted to have a lil' fun like right now!

Zee-Zee rode the climax from her crouched stance as if she were riding an invisible strap-on, real cocks far, far away from any of her lesbo slut fantasies. Her hands both left Huney's body to knead her own breasts beneath her revealing uniform. In time, the witch let herself fall forward, rubbing her mewling face into the lush carpet directly beneath the crying Sister Huney's legs.

Sugah fell back on her butt as she scrunched her decorated face in painful ecstasy as the orgasms that had built up in her were finally unleashed. Eventually the intensity died down and the bimbo reverted to giggling with each twitch her pussy gave, staining the carpet through her red & black panties with no care but to ride the pleasure for as long as she could.

Starr had resolved to try and stay standing, catching Sister Huney as their bodies gave into the pleasure. However, it seemed neither lover could support the other and they both fell to their knees, embracing each other tightly. While Power Slut screamed into her chest, Huney looked to her Mistress with devout admiration. Surely only a divine being could grant such shared ecstasy.

"Now, wasn't that fun?" Harley teased, a cheeky grin on her features.

"Yes Mistress." All four women answered, the very tone of which set off Harley's own quiet orgasm, although it was clear all four slaves noticed as they smiled knowingly at the darkening groin of Harley's costume. It only made the madwoman cum harder.

"Alright, back to work! C'mon Sister Huney, back in the mirror!" Harley ordered, offering her hand to the near naked woman, and then pulling Sister Huney up so she faced the mirror once more. "You three stay down, you're distracting!" The clown laughed with a wave of her hand.

"We're sorry Mistress." The three enthralled women smiled, for once all recognising when Harley wasn't really angry.

"Right-a-roonie you are!" Harley jested again. "Stay right there, Sister, while I gather your holy garments!" She said lightly, before walking along the walls of sexy garments.

"Yes Mistress." Sister Huney complied with her Goddess' order and waited patiently to the sound Harley declaring phrases such as "This would work!", "Oh yeah that too!", and "What the!? Why would I even have an anal catgirl tail!?... Oh, yeah... that's for another time!".

Harley came back into Huney's view with a lot less than one might think from ten full minutes or clothe 'shopping'. "Now, Sister Huney, my sexy nun-to-be, we all know a nun is about black & white and covering all the good stuff." The mistress stated and the slave nodded. "Well, we'll be doing things a lil' different, but lets start from the bottom!" Harley piled the pieces of Sister Huney's new 'habit' at her feet, the three onlookers all shifting to try and identify what was to be used.

"First, bra and panties!" Harley announced, holding up a pure white cotton bra in one hand and matching panties in the other. "Get those old granny bloomers off and into these pet! There'll be easy access to your sweet pussy, or my name isn't Harley Quinn!"

"Yes Mistress!" Sister Huney squealed, overjoyed by the fact she was finally getting her new uniform to wear for her Mistress.

Desipte the obvious symbolism of innocence, the lingerie was both tight and revealing. Whereas Huney's old bloomers were just that, plain old bloomers, her new panties hugged her ass cheeks, not making it past the peeks. Her dark strip of pubic hair shadowed through the sheer fabric along with the folds of her still, technically, unclaimed flower, teasing the rest of the world with the thought of what lay underneath. The cups of the bra only just covered the nipples. The brown tinted nubs coming through the thin material, and her C-cup chest was pushed up & together to put her cleavage on full display.

"B-e-a-utiful!" Harley said, snapping the panties waste band against Sister's Huney's ass, making her pet yelp with delight. "Next, the tunic!" The mad doctor giggled, handing Huney a black, silk, short sleeve, button up shirt that was clearly two or three sizes too small, alongside perhaps the world's miniest mini-skirt to match.

The shirt did indeed reveal itself to be too short and intern revealed plenty of Huney's chest and mid-riff to the world. Harley soon informed her that she could only close one button, just like Zee-Zee, so the whole world could enjoy her flesh. Sister Huney smiled at her Mistress' generosity. The mini-skirt proved much more applicable, it slid up her smooth bronze legs with ease and left much on show. Her well defined curves, that hid the well toned muscles, glowed in the mirror as Huney thrust hips out to the side to prove a wave of the skirt would uncover her near shining bright panties.

"Swing that ass, Sister!" Harley shouted in her preacher voice, smacking the barely contained cheeks to rapturous applause from her observing slaves. Sister Huney swayed her hips with seductive intent, praying that her Mistress might corrupt her further in return, she was well rewarded.

"Footwear!" Harley called, lifting two knee high black leather boots and a pair of wafer thin sheer, red tinted stockings.

The stockings went on in a flash, the red, sin tainted suspenders clasping onto her virginal panties with delicious irony, just beneath her dainty skirt. Huney then donned the boots with deliberate patience. She zipped them closed with a sultry lick of her lips to her reflection, knowing how Canary must of felt when she'd done the same. The three inch stiletto heels didn't take long to adjust too either, for Sister Huney had motivation; the desire to please Mistress Harley.

"Next, gloves! We can't have ya getting rough skin on those digits! Not when I got so many places I wanna put 'em." Harley chimed. Her seductive tone leaving no questions to her meaning, and stimulating Sister Huney's horny mind to ever more depraved heights.

The long pair of leather gloves reached to Huney's elbows, gliding on with ease and a pleasant tickle to her skin. The tight fitting material coated her forearms in a brilliant white, while a black spade symbol decorated the back of each hand.

"Now, tradition calls for a scapula, which is just some dumb way of covering up these lovely melons." Harley informed her loyal pet, poking the exposed area of Huney's chest. "Plus a belt for round here." She said, now running her finger around the Sister's navel below the shirt. "I'm not one for tradition, but I think I'll let the belt slide if you wear it right." The insane mistress then loosely strapped the old Huntress belt around Sister Huney's waste, so that it hung on the widest part of the enslaved heroine's hips. "Hmm, this gives me an idea for the end..." Harley trailed off with excitement as she traced the outwardly curved H on the Huntress belt.

"Anything you want, Mistress. I will wear..." Sister Huney breathed through the haze clouding her mind.

"Oh, I know you will, pet." Harley assured the enslaved woman. Looking into Huney's zoned out eyes, the domme knew her pet loved what was happening as much as she did. "Now, the headgear is what makes the nun, Sister Huney." Harley said, stepping directly in front of her slave.

Harley then lifted a short black veil with a scarlet red coif underneath over her head. The veil only reached far enough down behind Sister Huney to cover her flowing dark locks down to her neck, while the coif acted as little more than a hairband and framed her forehead while her hair did the same for her face. Huney's eyes darted about franticly, her view now cut off from the mirror, as she tried to look past her Mistress and see the sexy nun she'd become, but Harley brought her slave's focus back to her by placing a finger on Huney's nose.

"We're not quite finished, pet." Harley whispered gently, making Huney quiver in anticipation of the final product. Reaching into her suit and bikini, Harley retrieved the golden cross Huney had given up as her last truly independent act as Helena. "I still need to make you a Harley Quinn girl, and every nun needs her cross." The domme explained with a genuine smile.

"Now, Zee-Zee! Make it red eyes, black lips and a red collar! I want her and Starr to match!" Harley ordered.

"Oh, thank you Mistress!" Power Slut cried, and Huney couldn't help smiling widely at her love's joy.

"Ssik kcalb a dna onimod der, etihw fo ecaf." Zee-Zee enchanted, still sitting happily on the slightly damp carpet as she watched the hot nun creation before her. Huney shivered, the cold face paint covering her face in a ghostly white, a separate coating the area around her eyes with ruby red. At the same moment, her lips puckered against the invisible lipstick that painted her lips a shining black. And then... "YenuH dellac nun retsiS a rof ralloc ybur." Smooth stone flowed into existence around Sister Huney's neck, making her coo in satisfaction as she traced the name engraved in her collar. "Huney". She finally belonged to Harley Quinn!

"Two last lil' details, Zee-Zee." Harley's words snapped Huney out of her reverie. "This cross, make it stand for me and put it riiiight here." The jester said, tapping the centre of Sister Huney's collar. "Every nun needs her cross, remember?" Harley winked at her worshipper.

"Sdeab htiw gnir dna H emoceb niahc dna ssroc. YelraH ssertsiM rof tub, ssertnuH rof ton si H. Ssorc s'yelraH raew tsum yenuH retsiS."

The golden cross and chain floated from Harley's hand before the metal deformed and flowed like liquid to form the symbol of Sister Huney's new faith. An outwardly curved H, matching the one on the Huntress belt, shone from it's place on the beaded necklace attached to the collar on Huney's neck with her new emblem nestled in her cleavage.

"And finally! The Harley Quinn stamp of approval!" The villainess said, pressing her finger into Huney's belly button, making her sexy nun squeak like a toy. "Hehe," Harley giggled at the sound, "I want a red 'n' white spade pointing to her good stuff! So even those dummies on the pig squad know where to look!"

"Levan yenuH eht dnuora dna nwod-edispu sedaps fo eca!" Zee-Zee cast with a crazy laugh that could only come from an Arkham inmate's sidekick. Sister Huney giggled in time with the witch as the tattoo brand tickled her abdomen flesh, her branding pleasant rather than painful.

Conjured black ink coursed into the skin around Huney's navel, which was still welcomely plugged with her Mistress' finger, leaving a playing card spade pointing down directly to her pussy.

"Now, Sister Huney, " Harley hissed hotly in Huney's ear, removing her finger and stepping to one side to reveal her slave's new & complete image in the mirror behind, "what do you make of your Goddess' work?"


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