Huney's New Identity

by ESchorcho
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Previous Chapter Harley continues with Huntress' Confession & Corruption

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“Well, well, well, my sexy Huney.  I will say when ya put your belief behind something, ya jump in with both feet now don’t ya?” Harley asked, her shiny, ruby red-painted lips spreading wide as she flashed a toothy grin to the Huntress.

“Oh Yessssss, my Mistressss!” Helena hissed, bowing her head in complete submission to her new goddess.

“Such a devout worshipper.” Harley observed, a hint of a giggle in her voice.

“Yesssss!” Helena again sighed, her mind going almost mad with lust at simply being around her new goddess.

“And who do ya now worship, Huney?” Harley asked, a mischievous look forming on her face as Helena tossed her head back and began to cry out in a low, wanton moan.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Helena sobbed, before managing to squeak out, “Mmmmisssstresss Haaarrrrrleeey!!!!”

“And don’t you forget it!” Harley giggled, realizing with a twinkle in her eye how foolish the sentence was.  Even if someone managed to rescue these four former heroines, they could never in their wildest dreams return to the women they once were.  They were now forever corrupted, and a surge of pleasure ran through Harley’s body at the thought that of all the known villains that plagued cities like Gotham and Metropolis, it was Harley Quinn that took down Zatanna, Power Girl, Black Canary and Huntress!

“So before we can continue with your change in look, Huney, we need to figure out what roll you are going to play in my ever-growing harem.  How can you delight your Mistress?” Harley mused, before her eyes grew wide and she burst out in a pleased giggle, “Of course!  It makes so much sense!  Since you are so devout and have taken to worshipping yours’ truly, what if I made you my own sexy lil’ nun slut?  We’ll call you Sister Huney.  How does that strike you, slave?”

“Hmmmmm!” Helena nodded, looking forward to her fate of perpetual servitude.  Her corrupted mind imagined even becoming a whorish Mother Superior figure and pulling others in to worship at Harley Quinn’s pussy.

“It would be a fate most divine, Mistress!” Helena husked, her eyes lidded in carnal pleasure.

“Alleluia!” Harley shouted, her arms flailing about like a Southern gospel preacher as she tried to hold back uncontrollable laughter.  Finally she calmed and she added, “Now let’s take a look at your costume, my sexy, slutty Sister,” She then brought a gloved hand up to caress the side of Huntress’ face.  Helena’s breath caught in her throat and her pussy gushed like a mini geyser at even the lightest of her Mistress’ touch.  It wasn’t until Harley’s light caress traced a line over Huntress’ purple mask did she stop and moved onto the other parts of her slave’s body.

Harley then circled around Helena’s body until she was directly behind her.  Helena watched everything through her reflection, and it made her incredibly hot to watch her Mistress examining her body like a judge inspecting an animal at one of those silly competitions she saw on TV from time to time.  Her pussy tingled when the Mistress fluffed out her curled raven hair and then brought her hands around to grope her fat tits through the material of her uniform.  She sighed deeply, rolling her head back and bit her bottom lip at the attention she was receiving.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, Sister Huney.  Look at how your Mistress Harley is playing with your big ol’ titties through the fabric of your confining costume.  Such wicked, evil fabric isn’t it, my lovely.”

“Yes, my Mistress.  I would much rather worship your exquisite flesh.” Sister Huney sighed, before adding in a barely audible whisper, “Flesh on flesh!”

“Such sexy flesh too.  Now look at your face as Mistress gropes your tits and pinches your erect nipples.  Now tell me, Huney.  How do you look?” Harley asked, whispering into Helena’s ear.

“Ahhhhhh!” Helena wailed desperately, when Harley pinched and twisted her painfully erect nipple and began to lightly slide her tits up and down her slave’s back.  She then opened her eyes once more and gave herself a long look in the mirror.  Her face was contorted into a look of sheer lust as she bit her full bottom lip as she simply leaned back into the wanton attention being brought upon her.  She was a perfectly happy willing participant as her newly appointed goddess molested her titties.

“I look…oh fuck that is gooooood!  I look like a complete slut dressed in a silly heroine outfit, Mistresssssss,” Sister Huney moaned, her lips curling in an odd smile, “And I am a slut now Mistress.  A wickedly depraved nun slut for your excellence!  I love watching how my Goddess plays with fat titties.  I love my new life!!!!!”

Harley laughed an over-the-top cackle at the former Huntress’ admission.  Her eyes devoured Sister Huney’s voluptuous form in the mirror, her head swimming with the possibilities of how this beauty was going to look after she was done with her.  She giggled madly when she saw the large stain that had formed around her pussy through the tight fabric of her pants.  Giggling lightly to herself, Harley pointed down at Huney’s pussy and feigned surprise by pressing her open palm to her pursed lips.  Huntress’s eyes, half-lidded and brimming with carnal lust, looked down and a delighted smile formed on her lips.  A week ago, the formerly pious woman would have gone directly to confession if she caught herself looking that way but now she got off on it.  Harley slid her hands from her slave’s tits and down to her sopping pussy, but stopped just short of rubbing Helena’s pussy and giving her the sweet release she so desperately craved.

“Awe, poor widdle Huney buney!  Your huney pot is all covered up!” Harley babbled, as Sister Huney gasped miserably.  “Your Mistress can’t rub your sopping, pretty lil’ pussy if it’s covered by those boring ol’ pants now can I?”

“Nooooo, my Mistressssss!” Huney whined, her hands shooting down to the thin fabric and she began to desperately tear away at it.  That was until Harley playfully slapped the fallen heroine’s hands away, causing Sister Huney’s eyes to go wide with the shock that she had disappointed her Mistress by her foolish, spontaneous actions.

“Naughty little nun-slut,” Harley scolded with a demented giggle.  She was getting off at the look Huney was giving her, like a child with their hand caught in the cookie jar being punished.  Harley sauntered around so they were now facing one another and the insane villainess snaked her tongue out and gave Sister Huney’s pouting lower lip a quick lick.

“Remember, Sister, as part of my growing harem of fuck-bunnies we have a former magician in our midst.  In fact, she’s your superior in my harem’s pecking order, so you better get used to serving her as well.  She’ll fix this problem right up!” Harley exclaimed, and all the anxiety left Sister Huney’s quivering body.  Harley flashed her slave a wide smile, before calling for Zee Zee.

“Coming, Mistress!” the corrupted magician cooed, looked up attentively from her reclining position, her legs spread lewdly with Sugah lapping away between Zee Zee’s creamy thighs.  She pulled Sugah’s face into her aching pussy once more before shoving the former Black Canary away and stood up on uneasy legs to make her way over to Harley.  She took a quick glance over to Sugah as the blonde bombshell began to scrape liberal amounts of Zee Zee’s juices that caked her face into her hungry mouth.

Zee Zee finally made her way over to Huntress and Mistress Harley and bowed her head.  “What do you request of me, Mistress Harley?”

Sister Huney blinked in awe as she saw in the mirror as Harley leaned into the other ghostly-painted woman’s face and whispered instructions into Zee Zee’s ear as the magician’s glistening red lips curled into a knowing smile.  Finally, Harley was done and Zee Zee’s eyes, burning with lust for Huney, fell to the former Huntress’ pussy.

She gave her lips a long lick before she purred to Harley, “As always, Mistress, you are right.  Her costume is SOOOOO boring, and the worst part about it…no easy access to her steamy little pussy!”

“We will just have to something about that now won’t we?” Harley giggled, turning to Zee Zee as she brought the magician in for a long, steamy kiss.  All the while Sister Huney gasped and rasped as she watched herself in the mirror, desperate to become whatever her beloved goddess had in store for her.

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