Onto the new Heist targets!

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Huntress Power Girl Black Canary Zatanna
Category F/F Corruption Female Dom Mind Control Masturbation Bimboization DC Change of clothes
Previous Chapter Sister Huney tells a stunned Harley that before her capture she was a virgin!

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"It's... wonderful Mistress." Sister Huney gasped, her hands following her eyes as they looked over her new holy vestments. "I'm so... so... hot... slutty... fuckable." The fallen Bird of Prey hissed in arousal, feeling the second skin of her leather gloves slide beneath the hem of her skirt and panties. Without inhibition or restraint, the tainted virgin plunged her fingers into her freshly moist pussy and fell to her knees as her eyes rolled back in her head from the sight of the horny, sex driven slut in the mirror in front of her. Mistress Harley had turned her into a mockery of all things pure and innocent, and that's exactly what Huney wanted to be. She was the first loyal & obedient Sister of the church of Harley Quinn!

Sister Huney's pussyjuice would flow from the very thought of serving Mistress Harley. Her greatest pleasure would be to drink from her Mistress' divine cunt in reward for her obedience, and she would not be alone. She would spread the word of her Goddess' love, of the pure sexual satisfaction that could be found under Harley's will. She would convert any & every heroine Mistress Harley desired to worship at her feet, and Sister Huney knew she would be rewarded with pleasure beyond imagination for her servitude.

"My Mistress!" Huney cried in ecstasy, her voice sore from her prior orgasmic screams. "My Goddess!" As she moved one hand from her snatch to her scantily covered butt, Huney decided she would try to impress her Mistress by doing something she had never once considered in her life before Harley had opened her eyes to the pleasures of the body, and dove her long middle digit all the to the knuckle into her anus. "I live to serve you!" Sister Huney proclaimed, turning her body so that she was now kneeling toward her Mistress. "I exist to love you as I bow at your feet!" The pattern of both her hands' thrusts increased to a chaotic frenzy as fallen Huntress double-fingered herself for her Mistress' amusement. "I will teach other heroines the error of their boring and restricted lives and show them a life of true freedom! A slutty slice Heaven, that can only be found under your divine will!"

'Damn, this is fucking HOT!' Harley silently mused, fighting back the urge to fondle herself as Sister Huney debased herself in front of the villainess and her old friends, who were now her new fellow slaves. The jester stood over her kneeling pet with a wicked smile of satisfaction for a job well done, with Huney's corruption complete, Harley could move to the next score and give Red the distraction she'd promise when the eco-terrorist had given Harley the improved mind control lipstick.

"I'm looking forward to it, Sister." Harley said with mischief in her tone, placing her gloved palm over the slutty nun's black veil, silencing Huney's declarations. "If ya impress me more by being creative, like ya were doing with that dirty lil' finger of yours, I'll take your cherry myself. How's that sound?" The clown mistress said, as if she were talking about something as innocent as holding hands in the park.

"Oh, that would be wonderful, Mistress!" Huney replied, throwing her arms around Harley's legs in a tight hug, giggling happily. However, the domme's attention was quickly caught by a faint whimper. Immediately, Harley's eyes turned to Power Slut.

The Kryptonian, like her fellow slut Sugah Canary, was lost in the thralls of an approaching climax from her resumed masturbation. Yet, while Starr's perfect alien body was more than eye catching in her new slut uniform, Harley's mad blue eyes focused solely on Starr's watery ones. With a knowing smile, and not just a lil' pre-emptive arousal from what would follow her next words, the mistress spoke over the chorus of moaning coming from her two blonde pets.

"If you impress me, Power Slut..." The teary blue eyes focused in an instant, as Starr heard her new alias being called by her Mistress. "... Your prize'll be Huney's ass cherry." Harley said with a wicked wink to her angel.

"RAOOOO!" Power Slut came as a wave of elated relief swept through her mind. She had felt an undeniable pain in heart when Harley declared she would be the one to take Huney's full virginity and not Starr. It had never crossed the blonde's mind to question her Mistress, but she couldn't deny what her heart felt, for it had been her Mistress who had let her embrace what her heart desired. How wrong her weak, selfish heart had been, Harley would never deny Starr something she yearned for without making it up to her. That was who Mistress Harley was; commanding and unquestionable, but also fair, loving and kind. It was why Starr loved her Mistress. "Thank you... thank you so much, Mistress."

"Hmmm." Harley shuddered for a long beautiful moment in delight at Starr's gratitude, and the feeling of Huney now planting grateful kisses on the crotch of her suit certainly helped.

"S-staaarrr." A breathy voice brought both Harley's and Power Slut's attention back into the room. Sugah was so horny! She'd cum countless times, well, more than she could count, but it just wasn't enough by herself! She needed attention! Mistress Harley was busy with Sister Huney and Mistress Zee-Zee had refused to play with Sugah's titties when the bimbo slut had pleaded with her second Mistress while Power Slut had cum just now. So, in desparation, the blonde bimbo had turned to the only woman in the room who might want to play with her titties and make Sugah's superhorny needs go away for a little bit. "I need someone to play with my titties, Starr." The formerly proud Canary moaned, her massive, soft breasts already freed from her corset and dangling over the blonde powerhouse's face. "Please play with my supersoft, superhot titties, Starr." Sugah's high tones begged like a sulking puppy.

Power Slut lay stunned for a moment, having been caught off guard by appearance of the diamond branded bust being offered to her as she was still riding the afterglow of her orgasm. "Go ahead, Power Slut." Harley's words broke Starr out of her breast induced daze. "Sugah's been neglected enough, she needs some TLC! So, suck and play with those bazoingas till she cums three times!"

"Yes Mistress." Power Slut obeyed, licking her black painted lips before latching her mouth onto her fellow slaves eraser sized nipples and fondling the sensitive flesh with a gentle vigour.

"Thank you Mistress!" Canary moaned, lacing her fingers on one hand in Starr's short blonde locks and letting the other trace the exposed areola on Power Slut's barely clad chest.

"Right-a-roonie you are, Sugah!" Harley said emphatically, a wide smile on her features. "But you need to remember something from now on!"

"Anything Mistress!" Sugah moaned, dropping her hand in Starr's hair to rub her own pussy through her bikini.

"Whenever you wanna play with one of my sluts you gotta ask me first!" Harley declared, her smile turning wild. "When I'm not around you ask Zee-Zee." The insane mistress added, pointing down to her first slave who sprawled happily on the floor next to the two blondes, content in just letting her arousal build from watching Harley play. Zee-Zee gave a clear shudder of euphoria when Harley reinforced her second-in-command status. "If we're both out, then that's when you ask the slut you wanna fuck for permission, and that goes for all of Harley's angels, got it!?"

"Yes Mistress!" All three of the new Harley-Quinnized heroine's answered, Sugah gasping her response as Starr added her hand to Canary's own in grinding against the panting bimbo's moist folds.

"Oh, and on that note, if you're invited to a fuck fest by another of my slaves when me and Zee-Zee aren't around, you gotta say yes! 'Cos all my angels love each other! And all my angels wanna fuck each other!" Harley laughed as she locked her pets in cage lesbian encounters they'd never want to escape.

"Yes Mistress!" Came the unison reply from the trio, in varied combinations of whispers and moans. "Thank you for giving us so much!" The villainess climaxed instantly from that line, Huney sucking on the crotch of Harley's suit so strongly that the naughty nun nearly gagged on the red & black material.

"Hey, Zee-Zee." Harley changed her focus to her sidekick slave. Zee-Zee had begun to dazily trace a finger over her exposed navel. Occasionally, the digit travelled south to fetch a sample of the witch's caked cum from around her thighs before lifting the evidence of Sugah's earlier ministrations to Zee-Zee's outstretched tongue, which then licked the forbidden substance from her fingertips like lollipop. "Hehe, you dirty witch." Harley grinned.

"Hehe, I'm not the only dirty one, Mistress." Zee-Zee replied, a devil's glint in her as she lifted her wand to point at the curious jester. "Tius 'ssertsiM ni seilf nepo." Harley's eyes bulged as she felt a conjured zip slide down the groin of her costume and allow the Sister between her legs access to her bikini clad snatch. Huney needed no invitation.

"Oh, you cheEEEEE--" Harley screeched as that Italian bred tongue invaded her. "--EEEeeeky whore! You are SO getting spanked for THIS!" The jester cackled, her hands gripping Huney's hair with an iron grip and thrusting her hips forward against her worshipper's face.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Zee-Zee pouted in fake innocence as she stood and walked to her Mistress' side. "I thought of a way to please you, and I couldn't help myself." The magician cooed in Harley's ear before nibbling hotly at the lobe.

"I forgive you, Zee-Zee." Harley groaned. Releasing the girp of one of her hands on Huney's hair, Harley wrapped an arm around her sidekick, resting her palm on the witch's firm ass. "But you're still getting spanked later!" The mistress declared, smacking Zee-Zee's buttock, causing the witch to stiffen and, in turn, rub her body against Harley's side.

"As you wish Mistress." Zee-Zee sighed, embracing her Mistress gently as Sister Huney continued to lick at Harley's pussy.

"I know, pet." Harley cooed, looking over her pets. "Y'know another thing I wish for?" She said, turning her face to grin at Zee-Zee, whom smiled knowingly in return. "MORE PETS!" Harley screamed, announcing both her desire and the fact her cum was drenching Sister Huney's face.

"Who do you wish for Mistress Harley?"



The new unholy power couple make their debut!

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