The dwarfs' house and the huntsman' fate

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Characters Snow White
Category Disney Mind Control
Previous Chapter Getting out of the forest

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Snow White runs for what seems like eternity in that forest, passing throught every obstacles, her legs and arms being nails by small and big thorns, but she doesn't feel them as this pain is nothing from the unbearing fealing to have lost her wild protectors. And when she was about to collapses on the ground, she sees a small house. Night was coming, she was still nake, so coldness would eventually possess her, and without the recomforting presence of the wildness, she prays God that this will be a safe haven.

She knocks on the door, ready to flee at the first sign of life, but there was no one in there. Or so it seems. She open quietly the door and enter with much precaution in this small but net and clean house. She sees a small table with seven chairs, and on the table was seven plates with vegetables and bread in there and seven mugs with red wine. She got hungry. She approaches the table and pick some food in each meal plate, drinking a little, and she sees seven beds in an other room and, since night is well advanced now outside, she doubts that their owners will come here for the night. So she tries the first bed, but it was to small, then the second was too soft, and she goes on, as the seventh bed was just perfect. She lays there, warm blankets on her, and falls quickly in a peacefull dream.

She was so tired from both her first journey in her life and the wandering that she doesn't hear the joyful whistle from outside as seven shadows was closing by this house. Seven dwarfs enter and, as they prepare themselves to eat, they each see that the bread as been bitten. They look at each other, awkward, when one dwarf mid-closed his eyes, seeing a shade in a bed. And as every dwarf asks to each other :

  • Who drinks in my mug?

  • Who eats my vegetables?

And so on, the seventh one close by his bed, quietly, and only from the candle lights of the main room, he sees her, first her enchanted purity, then her face, white beautiful, she is so peacefull, calm, and he sees a gift from heaven for every honest hard day of work that he and his fellows do. He whistles softly to his mate and waves them to come, and they do so and each of them fall in a amazed stated.

    • Who is she?

Then did not wake her, they whisper to not awake her, and they sleep, the seventh one doing it with each of his friends, one hour for each.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Snow wakes up, feeling well-rested, and she gets up of the bed, going in the main room. She startle. Around the table was seven sitted dwarfs. She feels scared as she steps back and ashamed as she is without any protection for her vertue before those little men, putting a arm accross her breasts and the other one between her leg. The owners get their faces red as they turns their heads away from her, shameful to have seen so much beauty. Snow hides herself in the room.

  • I... I'm sorry, I didn't know.

  • That's all right child. What is your name?

  • I'm Snow White.

  • And how did you find this house.

And she explains her story, and they feel pity for her, still not yet beleiving how a pure angel may comes from the most depraved kingdom ever. They know that the more smelly manure is, the more beautifull roses hatch. But still.

They assure her that they mean no harm, that she can live in here. One of them goes out to a trip of two weeks to find proper cothing for her while the others do their best to make her feel like home. In exchange, when they will be out, she will have to keep the house clean and cook meals.

She agrees with all her heart and, until the lone dwarf comes back, everyday, she does all the housework properly, being in bed before they arrives and getting up after they go looking for ore and gold, and she was happy as she feels safe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is left of the wild boar is piece of meat and bones scattered all around the huntsman as he holds the heart. For the princess, he manage to resist the wildness growing in him and he feels that once he will have complete his promises, his human part will forever disappear from his lost soul.

He goes then to the castle, the tempting flesh asking him to just swallow it, never mind the rest, but it holds down, its body shaking in a state of lack, having its drug in his hand, so near but so far.

The queen receive it with majestuous cold calm and take off the heart. Now, she has other plans for it, but she wants to savor her victory, so she lies to it that if he waits for some hours, she will let him go with two more pure beings, as a token of goodwill. Of course, meawhile, he will have girls at his disposal.

At these words, his cock stiffen and he accepts.

  • Did she suffers a lot? Snow White?

  • Yes, lies the monster just to get a hold on those promising flesh.

The queen satisfaction was unbearable and, while guards escort this inhuman being to its designed room, she goes straight in hers, put the heart on the magic desk, which is now full of flask with dark ingredient, and begin to read an incantation from an already open book while she sprinkles a product on it. The heart rotten before her voracious eyes and, as soon as she finishes her magic spell, she roughly take the last remain of her rivale and gulp it down, sliding her hands along her body with an anticipating chill. She then takes of her dress, going slowly, erotically toward the mirror, masturbating her vagina with tenderness while her second hand fondle merciless her breasts, licking her lower lips from the upcoming desire, an eternity of three years without any satisfaction. She kneels in front of the mirror.

  • Mirror, oh my dear mirror, who is the fairest of all.

  • My Queen, it is still Snow White.

She stands up, looking straight at the mirror while pointing her finger at it.

  • Lyer, why have you...

And as she turns around, pure evilness in her face, dark magic emaning from her skin, she begins to walk out her room.

  • … deceive me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The huntsman is no more. There is only the beast now. And in front of him, three young woman, smelling delicious fear, her body on the wall, shaking. They have long lost the hability to either scream or cry, as it it a way to evacuate all the bad feellings. So they tremble, accentuate their loss into madness, and as it takes his first step, mind-blowing pee runs down from one of its prey. He takes two more large quick steps and he is on the like-drug girl with hurting wide, round eyes as it takes her by her feet and flip her over, licking the sweetness from her already overuse cunt. And it sticks its rough tongue in it, penetrating her merciless with each lapping. The little woman is so afraid, her face inch away from this enormous precum dribbling log, and still, as she as been pervertly educated, she stretches herself to lick the tip like a kid who cannot resist the sight of candies, and it drives the beast madder, its claws getting into the smooth leg flesh. Mindless as they are, the two other girl kneel under the beast, licking the huge cumbags of its soon to be ravisher, inhaling the perverted animalistic scent, their hips moving like wanton slut, which is what they truly are, and, still drunking themselves with craziness, they glue themselves on the muscular legs of the monster then grind their body on it, pussy juice covering and sliding all along those members.

It flips again its captive and, with one thrust, it impales her, excitation and her so much abused cunt being no obstacle to that shredding shove as she open her quiet mouth in a perfect O, and she lets it devastate her as she is a body without any will of its own. As it berseck state, only a few pump is enough to let out a geyser of brown jizz, for the excitement of the two whorish-like women who can now taste its foul cum dripping out of her lucky slutmate, doing it with a mindlessly eagerness. The orgasm was just an aperitif, as the beast continue its non-stop intercourse, having lots of reserve in its constant stimulate balls. And as he cums for a third time, the door behind him is throws out from its hinge.

At the entrance, the queen stands fury in her face, launching a snake at the beast. But for it, it doesn't matter, having only one thought, and it's on his shaft. It didn't realized the bite of the reptile, nor that it encircles its neck until it changes itself into a leather collar, ever increasing its squeezing, nor the pressure in its head, nor the ever increasing thickness of its tongue, its ears growing bigger, its eyes popping out of its skull, and even as its head explodes in a shower of blood and flesh, it came one more time before falling down.

The girls are unsteady, as they wanted to lick this nauseating cum still coming out of the now lifeless body, but are too scare to do any moves as the raging queen stands there for a moment, looking toward the beast, then she turns around and gets out of the room. The woman than goes by the beast, licking and swallowing every drop of sperm that they can find.

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