The bodice lace

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Characters Snow White
Category Bondage Corruption Disney
Previous Chapter The dwarfs' house and the huntsman' fate

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The evil queen is sitted on her throne. Before her, in a proof of total allegeance, ten emotionless men masturbate the base of their cock in front of her, suffering. Their cock are in a small metal case with spikes in the inside, and the more the flesh stiffen, the more deep the metal spine goes. This device is attach to ass-inserted butt plug that feels the excitement of those men and therefor, make the the toy sex grow wider and other. And right now, steam is coming of of theirs back.

But she doesn't see it, all she can think is how to kill Snow White. And as burning flesh smell invades the room, she gives a looks at her toys, and she knew how to deal with her. She stands up, goes straight in her room, those poor men being burn from their inside until they collapse one by one to the ground.

Killing doesn't get any power to the queen. Corrupting, transforming those pathetics soul into ever lasting empty shell is what make her powerfull. If she knew how to corrupt Snow White, what a formidable asset that she would be. Just the thought of it make her wish about her downfall and the following orgasm that she will enjoy.

She goes next to the nanny, a chubby, overweight flashing red not so looking woman anymore, laying on a black ebony table, legs hunging apart. Her breasts pass throught, and they are disgustly huge, touching the floor, two hoses of dark flesh sucking from her sick-greened cock-sized nipples grey milk that is being pourred right in her throat, those two tubes merging with two other in a single one just before her also green lips, as the two other comes from her slack, loose pussy and ass, pumping whatever is getting out of those hole. Her eyes are blank since at least two years now. But if she had any consciousness, she would feel, like she did when she was still sane, creatures insides her moving in her flesh, piercing hole in her organs and fat tissus. But the queen is not heartless. Oh no. She has, in her proper generosity, allow her body to constantly regenerate.

She pats coldly her head, the princess confident vaguely groaning, milk bursting forcefully with each touch, making it hard to breathe as she must endlessly swallow this mixture with her putrid love juice.

  • I begin to understand why you were unable to corrupt her. If a mighty beast can't how could you. Since flesh alone can't do anything bad to her, black magic should do it.

She then goes to her closet and takes off a dark bodice.

  • This should to the trick.

She evilly laughs with anticipation as she goes by her magic desk, put down the clothes and does what she has to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Happy, the dwarf who goes out looking for Snow White clothes, has made a miracle. That's because she is so beautiful, so pure and other marvelous quality, and instead of doing the trip in seven days, he made it in six days. What an achievement! And so he was looking for clothes.

Alas, he's been told that due to the upcoming war, all material are requisition by the army. Maybe he would have better luck at the next town.

So he goes for the next one, trying not to think about the malaise of his fellows at the think of her naked body. And two days later, he's been deceive again, so, from deception to holessness, this little man try unsuccessfuly to find some decent clothes for his home beauty.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The remaining dwarfs were worried as Snow culpabilize herself, fearing the worst. It has been five weeks now that he was gone, and no news from him. The thin men continue digging by day and sleeping by night. Snow is wondering if she should not sew clothes by herself.

One day, by noon, she heards someone knocking at the door. She was a bit confused. Should she refuses any form of answer, therefore hospitality, because she is nude? Or should she answers and being shameful about her apparence? Then, she's got an idea.

  • One moment please.

She grabs a sheet, put it around herself, than, throught the door, ask :

  • Who is this?

  • I am sorry to bother you, answer a young high pitch voice, I got lost and I need direction.

Having a huge feeling of compassion, she opens slightly the door, a pretty young woman in a green hood and cape standing in front of it.

  • I'm sorry, I can't open wider, I was taking my bath and I am not properly. Where do you want to go?

  • To the nearest town.

Snow gives the direction as she had heard it from the dwarf and the young woman smile, thanks her, turns on herself, her smile getting more fiendish, than takes back her composure as she is turning back to face the door and propose :

  • Oh! I got stuff in my bag that I sell and, for your help, I am willing to offer you this.

From under her cape, she let down her bag, open it and begin to take of the bodice.

  • Thank you, but it was... oh my God.

She opens the door wider as she sees the bodice with all the rainbow colours on it. It was so... appealing. She slip throught the door, looking, no, mesmerized by this fine piece of clothes, and she touches it, the silk fabric is really of high quality, and pleasant to touch.

She shake her head, than take a step back.

  • This feels great, but I have nothing to give to you.

  • You have already help my, my dear, and as you have been fair with me, so am I to you.

This is what honesty brings, thought the entralled woman. She accepts it, takes that fine piece of clothes, thanks the young woman again, bids farewell as she goes away, a tear of joy running on her cheek from such kindness, goes back in the house, close the door and almost ran to the mirror. She drops off the blanket and affix the bodice right on her skin, holding it while she is admiring herself on the mirror, looking at every angles, smiling like she did it eons ago.

The young woman comes back and, looking throught every windows until she sees her, giving in a little from this black arts.

  • Come on, if you really want to thank me from your stupid naivety, put it on, put it on, murmur the disguised witch.

And her wish comes true as the naked woman put on the bodice, lacing it as thight as she can, and she notice how it greatly enhanced her breasts.

  • What am I thinking?

At that thought, she blushes, crossing unconsciously her legs in an attempt to suppress the tingles between them. She finds herself beautiful, even marvelous, she could not break her own look, still posing her body and she realized that it stops just above her pubic hair, and she finds it obcene, blushing more. Curious, she poses herself on the side and she see how great her ass looked. She bows her head, looking up at her, a evil grin on her face. And as she stares, she put her hands on her waist,then make it crawl its way to her breasts.

She shakes her head, falling on the ground from a sudden urge of dizzyness and a huge headache and she lays down a moment.

  • What I'm I doing? What have gotten me. I have to take it off.

Witnessing all of this, the queen is unpleasantly surprise on how she can resist her magic. She change back in her true form while going a the door, open it and goes straight toward her prey who tries with her useless shaking hands to undo the lace.

  • I think that you are right, it is not lace enough tight.

With a hand, she pins down Snow's head while with the other one she unlace the girdle. Unable to move, she shockly sees in the mirror her stepmother.

  • Please, whatever I've done to you, please, forgive me, I'll be better, I swear.

  • No, I want you worst.

And she stands up, putting a foot on her victim's butt, the heel scrathing it, and she pulls the strings, the queen getting satisfaction by hurting her, Snow gasping for air for a moment as she wasn't ready for this kind of compression. One row at the time, the queen make sure to enjoy her prey's tourments as she looks more like a fish out of water than a human being. And when she finishes with her, she stands her up, facing the mirror, still searching for her breath, eyes wide open.

  • Now look, look how it make your tits sluttier.

And she believes it, she has a cute nice pair of breasts, but tits sounds nastier, no, sluttier, and she feels her vagina deliciously prickles, and she crosses her legs.

  • No, open it wide, feel the hornyness taking place within your slutty body.

She obeys, staring at her reflection, finding herself sexy, nasty, slutty, it is not her, no, she has never ever think of being this kind of girl, but now, she feels bad as her stepmother kisses her neck, jolts possessing her as she let out a long moans as she seems like she can't seize her breath. Her shaky, weak legs doesn't let her fall on the ground only due to the hold of the witch.

  • Now, you will be a bad whore, you will give yourself to your feelings, you won't be able to resist your urge, your needs, and you will do anything to fulfill them.

She slaps her little ass, making her moans again, release her grip, Snow falling on her knees, hands on the floor, legs spreaded, and she sees in the mirror her face, looking depraved, wanting, needing pleasure and, just under, her tits hanging, firmly hold by the bodice, and she finds herself sluttier, and she is drunk by the requirement to lost herself in a total and, more than all, lustful abandon.

She put herself on her knees, caressing, fondling her ass cheek with both hands as the queen reach the door. She feels the need to caress her tits, so she moves it there, squeezing them with rage for two seconds, then she slide them on her cheeks and throught her hair in a quick move, her body shivering more, she is desesparate, she wants to touch herself everywhere at the same time, the goes for her thights, give a quick stroke with one hand at her clitoris while she presses in a mix of pain and pleasure with her other hand her tit again, and her hands are like possessed, her body is on fire, lust fills her eyes and she like it, she desire it as an evil, sensuous grin take place. And just before the queen close the door, she advices the oversex crazed girl.

  • Oh, By the way. The more you get arouse, the more my gift tighten. And it is worst when you cum.

She was in no state to understand the meaning of these words, but the heat grows up at the word arouse and she mindlessly orgasms at the word cum, her tongue out of her mouth, saliva dribbling on the floor, but still smiling in a evil-minded way.

    • That's my bad cumslut. The way I figured it, before sunset, you will be dead. So cum, my slutty child, cum.

Each dirty words either make her feel hornier or make her cum as she is delight by the evil laugh of her stepmother that she wishes it will stay in her mind forever, accentuating the whirling of pleasure that make her feel dizzy. And so she caresses herself, touching in a way she never think about it, and she remember the beast, those sluggish worms, and she hates herself for being so good, so pure. Isn't is more fun like this? Yes it is and she swear she will act like this for the rest of her life, giving herself to every single lifeform that will show any sign of desire for her. No more nice Snow White, no more the innocent, pure, kind and other terrible words for her, so she is fill by lust, and she gives herself entirely.

As the witch told, the bodice is constricting her waist and she had more difficulty to breath as time goes by, but all that she sees is the illusion of her increasing tits and that she has continually her mouth open to moan like the whore she is.

She never touch the same place more than five seconds, as everypart of her body require its attention. And since she has never been penetrate, the don't think about fucking either her pussy or ass. And when the door open around four p.m., she's probably the virgin to had the most orgasm in all time.

Happy drop off the clothes and start going near the girl on the ground, than stops dead as he hears her roaring demand :

  • Make me feel good, fuck me, I'm gonna suck you, I want you cum, oh, cum...

And right before him, she cums, gasping for air, falling on her side, her hands still possess, her eyes wild. Happy goes right to the ustensil cabinet, takes a knife and, as he approaches, Snow, who still sees him by the mirror, begs with a ever fainting voice :

  • Yes, please, stick it in me, make me cum.

And she moans once more as another orgasm shakes her, her body squirming uncontrolly on the ground. Happy kneels beside her and cut off every lace, than he tries to take it off, but apart the still frenzy girl, the bodice is so thight that it has enter between her ribs. Happy has no other choices. He sticks the blade in the skin just over her hips and, carefully, he cut this clothes, pulling it hard when it is too much sink in her flesh, making her scream with terrible pain. She then try to take the wrist of the dwarf.

  • No more, no more, I want bad pleasure.

At the look of her eyes, he jumps back, letting the knife fall down. It was hard enough to support her scream, to go against her will, but this, this is something coming straight from the neighbouring kingdom. Wath we she becomes if he does nothing, with all ihis might, he kneels down, take the knife and continue his work of liberation, countering the febble attempt of the young woman to throw him away until he takes of the source of this madness and throw it away.

Instantly, Snow scream of despair, her eyes large but seeing nothing except blackness, her mind is fill with pleasure, pain, innocence, and it makes her suffers.

And as the night is well advanced, the other dwarves, approaching their home, could hear this frightenen scream. They hurry up, goes in the house and sees Snow in her bed, full of torments, a wet towel on her forehead, Happy looking sadly at his fellowmate. Doc goes immediatly beside her, all of them starts to cry at this devastation as Bashful swears :

- Who ever has done this, it will pay dearly.

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