Getting out of the forest

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Characters Snow White
Category Disney
Previous Chapter She succeed, but her torments only begins.

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Snow White awakes several hours later, not without much trouble opening her over weight, swollen eyelids, her head feels like she is being hammered by a stone giant, ash may be wetter than the driedness in her mouth, she feels weak, dirty, not just because of the mud, still tired. At least, she is warm.

She is in what's looked like a cave, lying on a bed of dried straw, two wolf cubs sleeping tight on each side of her, several skunks encasing her legs and feet while young foxes do the same for her thights as cute white rabbits are resting on her body to keep her warm. A young dear lick gently the cheek of the awaken beauty.

The entrance is packed by animals of all kind, keeping away any hostile lifeform.

Snow begins to stand up, with much difficulty, the rabbits jumpings off of her naked body, and she lays on her elbows, sickness taking place in her. She closes her eyes, breathing slowly until this desagreeable sensation vanishes, open her eyes, looking at all her protectors.

- Thank you.

But do I deserve it? What has gotten to me?

She looks down at her body that she thinks she knew it, her body that gives her these foolish, perverted and odious feeling, it that make her acts like... like... she doesn't know, she never heard of anything about this... this...

And she cries, remembering the joyful moments with her nanny until she has been call by her family, never seeing her again, and something drastic has changed since then, something that she never could put a finger on it, but there was no worry, people were always nice with her, and she was wandering in the garden, watching vegetables and fruits growing up, their colour bringing joy in her everyday moments, listening to the song of the birds. She then study in her father's huge librairy, her father that she never saw in my life, nor her stepmother, because they were really busy, but her nanny telling her everyday that they loved her, and that is the most important part. Love. To love someone truly, with her heart. And one day, she will meet someone who will truly love her. True love. She looks around her, sobbing silently, than sits straight as she grabs a rabbit and hug it in her arms, savouring its soft warm fur on her cheeks. True love. That is a beginning. She put down the bunny, jumping on the ground, so cute, so magically beautiful.

And I have experienced bad love, a mad, a so... is that evil love? Animals don't do this, don't jump on human beings to molested them. And still, I have accept it. Did I? I saw myself, I was like imprison in my own body, acting like I did, being unable to do anything but endure this ongoing unwanted rapture. And in some way, I think that I want it. Which is awful. Is that the price to pay to lost my innocence? Did I lost it... was it today? Yesterday? Eon ago? I've save my purity for when I'll get married. Am I still pure? A bunny place itself under my arm and I can't resist to pat it. Such a wonderfull animal, so cute, so nice, covered with an imaculate white fur. Now I'm smiling. The little deer caresses with its head mine. How can I be sad when such wonderful beings surround me. I Stand up, happy, fill up with energy. I must reach this forest.

As her mood improved, the remnants of her torments heals up, looking once again the pure good little girl. The bambie kneels before her and she ride it and, all together, this thight pack of mammals, insects, reptiles and birds was moving. Except some birds, every living has been throw down in this unatural downfall, even the rabbit that she founds so beautifull has been a troublemaker with no fur but instead a skin full of leaking pimple. Those animals know, remember what they have been and do not want to live that again, so they stick together, hoping to find a promising and peaceful land.

Alas, until now, it was small beings that were involded as greater, malefic creatures was being attract by this lighthouse of unstained soul. The pack was constantly under attack and the escort protect with all their might and strenght this evilness. They have to protect this pure girl. Even if they had to die. It's better to die for her than lost her and falls back in their fiendish form. And everyday, for the next week, animal were being killed for her, and Snow witness this heart breaking sacrifice that they did for her, and she was desesperate to end this crushing journey.

And one day, as they finish to climb a yet devastated hill, they see the other side, first the ground, covert here and there by spot of yellowish grass, and then a huge plain, greener as they look further with, all over the horizon, a slendid and majestuous forest.

They were there. At last. Many pets let out scream of happiness, rabbits and foxes turns around each others with joy, Snow has tears, joyful tears in her eyes, and a deep howl is heard from behind the flock. And as she look behind her, she see, hurrying down from the sky, as a huge, ugly, monstruous vomit greened dragon appears, spitting its overheated flames throught the masses of panicked pets who burned instantly with a smell of carrion. The bambi springs itself forward, leaving the herd that try ineffectly to stop the winged beast as it pasts throught this feable obstacle, flying up, than stand in the air, looking down at its marvelous prey, than dive toward her.

And as Snow focuses on the forest, resisting herself from looking back behind her, repeating in her mind -so close! So close!- darkness wraps her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This green forest was the now extinct dwarf kingdom. And due to its unaccessibility, no other nation annexes it, so it was a free land, which explain in part why it has not been corrupted by the evil queen, as her main prerogative was the entire submission of her own land. Alas, or, for her, fortunately, corrupted beings was crossing from time to time those frontiers, scattering destruction in those purest territories before going back where they came, as they only withstand the recomforting emptiness.

In that forest, a knight division was in a recon mission, and maybe in a killing mission too while at it. They have to know exactly as much informations as they can get.

Seventeen years ago, this now rotten land have cut all diplomacy with every friends that then had, as a new queen was ruling with the recently mourning king. Over the years, they send diplomats who never came back, corrupted to the core before even seing the castle, so it has been left alone, as other more threatening matters where ongoing. But now, with peasants threatened from these new attacks, the magical kingdoms where uniting to give a mighty blow to the source of this madness.

And so they are galloping in this forest when they hear a mighty howl, and, without fear, they change their course to see what it is. And they saw it. A dragon and, only by its sight, two proud knights open their visor and throw out their breakfast.

One of the knight, who had a great range sight, ride down his horse as he witnesses the dragon diving to the ground, and he, the only one of his group, sees her, a woman, naked, as it seem, and it sees her beauty, not her physical beauty as he is too far to see her properly, but the nobility of her soul and he freeze, he focuses on her, and his heart beat with... with... horror, as he witnesses the dragon crashes to the ground, were she was just moment ago. Without any more tought, he turns back to his mount, takes a powerfull bow and a ore arrow, the one kind that kills dragon, and turns aroun himself, targeting the now flying dragon, howling once more, something under his powerful feet grasp, but it can't be her, there is no purity coming out of her. Unless. No, she can't be dead. He takes it aim, and let got the arrow, going throught the thick skin, diving in its heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She runs as fast as she can. The dragon as bump into her and she flies in the air, hitting hard the grassy soil, laying on the ground, eyes close as dizziness is getting her while the deer rolling over. It stands up with at least a broken leg as the fire beast crawl toward her, its footstep making Snow to roll over herself and to lay on her back, she sees this animal crawling closer, eyes burning with desire. And why is its cock trobbing, why is everything want to abuse her, she wonders. The dragon jumps ahead, his clawed feet in front of it, wanting her, and, freezed by this upcoming doom, she close her eyes, rolling on the ground, then she hears a flap with a thorn distressful scream as the bambi is now in its grasp instead of her. She feels devastated, but if she doesn't reach the cover of the woods, the deer sacrifice, all those sacrifices would have been in vain. So she stands up and run once again, barefoot, terrorized.

Then, she heards a huge impact, the ground trembling, her heart racing as furiously as her, letting out a despairing scream, hands in front of her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The knights approach the unmoving beast and the one who shoots it rides down first of his white horse. He goes straight at its feet to discover a dead young dear. He then looks all around him, looking for the presence of the girl while all aroung him, hiw fellowmate cheerfully congratulate him.

Was she a ghost?

- Sir, are you all right? Are you all right, Prince charming?

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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